Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 57 – Assassins!

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Chapter 057 Assassins!

Princess Ling Meng is the current Emperor’s most beloved daughter, someone whom His Majesty would pamper greatly, treating her as though she was a part of him. If Princess Ling Meng were to be assassinated, who could imagine just how furious and saddened His Majesty would become?

These people were actually capable of taking on the fury of His Majesty, the Emperor?

Jun Xie did not have any time to further consider this as Princess Ling Meng’s entourage had arrived before him. The two waiting ladies at the front saw Jun Moxie standing before them without any movements whatsoever, their faces turned into an expression of extreme disgust. They lightly moved towards the sedan chair and whispered a few words into it.

The person within the sedan chair said a few words and the entourage stopped. Then, the curtains of the sedan chair were opened. The face of a beautiful girl wearing light yellow palace clothing was revealed through the window. The face showed some impatience, but the impatience was restrained as she asked. “Jun Moxie, why are you standing in my way today?”

Standing in your way? Jun Xie was shocked. He then looked around and found that he was standing in the middle of the street. It was impossible to expect such a big entourage to make a detour for his sake! Besides, this was the princess’ entourage. It made sense to say that he was the one standing in their way!

From Jun Moxie’s memories, Jun Xie had known of Princess Ling Meng’s existence, but had never seen her in person. After seeing her for the first time today, he could not help but give an applause. It was no wonder that Jun Moxie would become obsessed with her. She was a heavenly beauty, one that could rock the world!

A soft white complexion, arched eyebrows, crystal clear eyes like the clear surface of autumn waters, an oval face, flowing black hair, her entire being exuded a noble and holy aura. She seemed to be an existence beyond the realm of mortals, a beauty like none other, just like a pure water lotus flower.

“Your Highness, where are you planning to go?” It was then that Jun Xie realized that before him was the Imperial Palace. Princess Ling Meng had only just exited the Imperial Palace, only to bump into assassins.

What does this mean? Something was obviously not right!

After realizing this, Jun Xie immediately felt the need to move his legs and run away as far as possible. With the current state of the Jun Family, it would be unwise for them to interfere with the royal family’s internal strife. Looking at Princess Ling Meng’s protective detail, Jun Xie judged that their ability to keep her alive was minimal.

It appeared that this incredible beauty was about to perish in the hands of the assassins. Even though Jun Xie found it to be unfortunate, he did not feel any form of reluctance. After all, protecting himself and his family comes first.

“Oh, I am going to the Dugu Residence to find Xiaoyi. Third Young Master Jun, please make way for me,” Princess Ling Meng’s face remained calm as she replied. As it turned out, after being duped into losing the Meteoric Iron by Jun Xie, Dugu Xiaoyi became more frustrated as she kept recalling the incident. Feeling sad, she went to find her good sister, Princess Ling Meng to let out her feelings. Unfortunately, Princess Ling Meng happened to be together with the Empress in the sleeping chambers of the palace. Thus, Dugu Xiaoyi was unable to meet with her.

When Princess Ling Meng returned, she found out that her dear sister came over and left while crying, she became worried. Fearful that something big had happened, she quickly arranged to leave for the Dugu Residence and find out what happened. What exactly could cause this unruly, yet cute and intelligent little sister of hers to become so sad? Who could have guessed that she would end up meeting the culprit right here: Jun Moxie.

Naturally, Princess Ling Meng did not know of this. Otherwise, she might even have this bastard tied up and sent to the Dugu Residence.

Jun Xie was currently feeling puzzled. He could not feel any commanding and dominating aura of a noble from her. Instead, he felt a peaceful atmosphere. For this gentle atmosphere to appear from a royal princess was something of an unusual occurrence.

“Understood. Moxie will not disturb Your Highness anymore, please go ahead,” Jun Xie decided that it would be better for him to have one less problem and went to the side. However, he decided to give her a warning. He gazed profoundly at her and spoke in a deep voice. “Be careful along the way.”

In fact, Jun Xie’s heart was puzzled by an even greater mystery. For a dignified princess of a kingdom, especially considering Princess Ling Meng’s status, how could her protective detail be so small? Furthermore, there was no expert accompanying her at all! It was at this time when her level of protection was at its weakest that an assassination attempt would take place.

Could there be such a kind of coincidence in this world? The more he thought about it, the more Jun Xie felt that there was a huge conspiracy hidden beneath this situation!

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A gentlemen does not stand below a crumbling wall, an outstanding assassin would flee as far away as possible. Jun Xie is not a person who cherishes beauty or a sympathetic human. Not to mention, he would need to risk his own life for this. He would firmly reject such a kind of deal. Especially considering how this woman only have feelings of disgust for him. No matter how beautiful she may be, even if she is a celestial beauty, so what?

Princess Ling Meng was somewhat surprised as she looked at Jun Moxie. From what she recalled of this Third Young Master Jun, whenever he saw her, he was bound to stalk and annoy her, calling “sister, sister”. For him to be speaking in such an accommodating manner today was truly rare. However, his actions would allow both sides to maintain their reputation and could be considered a good thing.

The princess returned to her seat and the curtain was put down. Looking at her now, one would only see the hazy figure of an extreme beauty, a fleeting dreamlike existence.

Within the shadows, someone spoke out urgently. “Boss, the Jun Family’s debauchee brat, Jun Moxie has suddenly appeared. What do we do now? Do we wait for him to leave or…”

A masked man lied upon the roof, his eyes shining with a golden light. “Perfect! Do not miss this chance and finish him off as well! We will let that old Jun Zhantian go crazy as well! This will be a good thing!”


Jun Xie moved to the side as he murmured to himself: Even if one is an aromatic beauty of stunning proportions, they will still rot after death. In the end, all that remains would be a pile of bones, just another part of the soil below. Jun Xie ah, do not be soft hearted, standing out now would only bring harm to yourself. Jun Xie finally shook his head and began to leave this dangerous place.

It was then that several chilling aura locked onto Jun Xie!

Oh, my God! As of now, he could no longer escape even if he wished to. Jun Xie could feel the killing intent directed towards him becoming thicker, how could he not understand that they have already included him in their target list?

How could I end up provoking everyone I meet? What an unpredictable calamity! Is this what you people consider collateral damage? I am just someone who happened to pass by!

Following the ‘raise the sedan chair’ order, the entourage began moving forward slowly. A number of the bodyguards from the group were extremely courteous as they bowed ceremoniously towards Jun Xie before moving forward.

At this moment, Princess Ling Meng who was seated within the sedan chair was pondering Jun Xie’s last words. “Be careful along the way!” This sentence of his was somewhat nondescript. Suddenly, she felt a chill in her heart. Could it be that Jun Moxie knew something? Could he be trying to give me a subtle warning? The chill in her heart grew as she thought about this; she opened her mouth to give the order to stop so that she may ask Jun Moxie about this.

It was then the sky turned dark as the endless shade of night enveloped the ground!

Behind the darkness of the night, several masked men in black clothing akin to great crows descended from the skies. Even before reaching the ground, tens of sharp blades shot straight towards the sedan chair. Whizzing through the air, the blades emitted golden and silver radiance.

Wretched screams could be heard in successions, while the black clothed men descended upon the bodyguards. Several of the bodyguards reacted by shouting in unison. “Protect the Princess!” Each of them stood defensively around the sedan chair, their swords gleaming in the air. The sound of clashing swords resounded non-stop, causing the commoners using the street to scream and run for their lives.

Another two masked men in black descended from the roof and headed straight towards Jun Xie. Looking at the colour of their bodies’ xuan qi, they were both Silver levelled Xuan Qi experts! The current Jun Xie had no way of defeating them, especially when considering their identity as assassins!

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