Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 58 – Assassinate!

Chapter 058 Assassinate!

They mobilized two Silver level Xuan experts against me? You are giving me quite a high evaluation! Jun Xie laughed bitterly in his heart. To send this kind of expert against a mere debauchee, it seemed that the one who organized this assassination was quite the generous person!

Two Gold level experts and seven Silver level experts, a total of nine highly capable Xuan Qi experts. For this group of experts to go against the Princess’ defenceless entourage which had no experts accompanying them was simply as easy as breaking an egg on a stone.

Two swords, which shone with silver brilliance stabbed forward! The two pair of eyes behind the masks emitted blood thirst and cruelty, their strike was meant to kill in one hit!

Facing these two attacks, a variety of methods to deal with them flashed within Jun Xie’s mind. But no matter which method he chose, it would end up exposing his true strength.

Jun Family’s current state was one that gave the Emperor assurance. With the Jun Family in decline, Jun Wuyi paralyzed from the waist down, Jun Moxie an incapable debauchee, signified that the Jun Family had no successor. This in turn would mean that the aged Jun Zhantian could have no secret ambition! It was only due to this that the Emperor would be willing to leave the authority over the entire military in the hands of Jun Zhantian. But if His Majesty were to find out that Jun Moxie was actually a dragon amongst men, the trust within His Majesty’s heart would turn into an enormous suspicion! After all, Jun Zhantian’s position within the military was simply too terrifying!

If Jun Xie were to reveal his strength before the bodyguards of the princess, then it would be tantamount to forcing His Majesty to take action against the Jun Family!

Thus, he could not!

In an instant, Jun Xie made his decision.

Jun Xie showed an extremely flustered face as he retreated in a confused manner. Suddenly, his feet seemed to have tripped over something and he tumbled backwards. Seemingly unintentional, this action caused one of the incoming swords to simply graze off his scalp. At the same time, he channelled the Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune to protect his internal organs, and then forcefully twisted his body, allowing the other sword to pierce sideways into his chest!

The wound seemed serious, but in truth, it failed to hurt even his bones. The Art of Unlocking Heaven’s Fortune circulated through his body, the thick white mist immediately charged into his limbs and every meridians as it quickly restored his body…

At the same time, the other assassin delivered two flying kicks at Jun Xie. Two ‘peng’ were heard as it both landed upon Jun Xie’s chest, causing him to groan and cough out a mouthful of blood. Jun Xie fell to the ground while facing the sky, after which he rolled over causing his white robes to be speckled with blood. After rolling over once, he laid there with his face planted on the ground, showing no signs of movements or breathing.

The two assassins glanced at Jun Xie who was not showing any movement at all, then they rushed towards the besieged sedan chair of Princess Ling Meng.

In their minds, Jun Moxie who was the most renowned debauchee playboy in the capital could not possibly have any chance of surviving a sword attack through the chest, in addition to two all-out kicks from a Silver levelled Xuan Qi expert. As of now, all of his internal organs should have been crushed, leaving no hope for survival. Thus, neither one of the two men had any interest in him after giving him a glance.

Neither one of the two men noticed that as the two kicks landed on Jun Xie’s body, a strange pulse burst out from Jun Xie’s chest before he fell to the ground. When the two kicks landed, his chest area burst out with at least six pulses, dispelling a majority of the force behind the kicks.

Princess Ling Meng’s bodyguards today were the most common amongst the palace guards. Only the two leaders were comparatively stronger than the rest, but they were only at the Silver level. Under these unprepared circumstances, they had to deal with the attacks from two Gold level experts and seven Silver level experts; they could only become flustered. Even though the number of bodyguards outnumbered the assassins, they were of little use.

Strangely, the sedan chair had exhibited no movements or sound since the black swords struck into it. It was unknown whether Princess Ling Meng remained alive nor not.

The bodyguards standing before the sedan chair fell one after the other. The two masked men in black leading the charge leaped through the air as one, their body radiating a golden glow as they glided through the air akin to an eagle about to snatch up a rabbit, heading towards the sedan chair.

The bodyguards became alarmed and shouted loudly. They rushed forwards desperately without any consideration for their own lives, hoping to stop them with their lives. Unfortunately, their opponents were two Gold levelled Xuan Qi experts, how could they with their humble level of cultivation stop the two experts? The gap in strength between them were simply too high and the bodyguards were pushed back to the left and right, like a sea being parted in half. Instantly, the two masked men in black arrived atop the roof of the sedan chair. Four hands lashed out with a brilliant golden glow, its brilliance burst out in a flash. The magnificent roof of the ornate sedan chair was torn apart, strips of its colourful adorning cloth danced in the air. Under the night sky and the golden light, this scene was a remarkable sight, beautiful yet sorrowful!

A black glint flashed as the black swords that were fired into the sedan chair suddenly emerged like a poisonous dragon, shooting out towards the two men in black who were still hovering in the middle of the air.

With the flash of swords, the sounds ‘ka’ could be heard as the black projectiles were cut down. At this moment, a slim figure appeared amongst the strips of adorning cloth. The figure, wrapped in a glittering silver radiance moved with haste and grace. Within Princess Ling Meng’s eyes, anger and unwillingness could be seen. Both her hands were equipped with short swords glowing in a bright silver glow, which she used to stab towards the two men in black.

This princess which had the appearance of a weak slender woman was actually a Silver levelled Xuan Qi expert! Unexpectedly, the princess who was only so young could have such a high level of martial talent. In terms of cultivation, she was comparable to the other martial genius Dugu Xiaoyi!

The two men in black gave a snort as they unleashed their sword attacks. Two ‘peng’ could be heard before the three of them fell down towards different directions. Princess Ling Meng fell onto the ground, her beautiful face turned bright red momentarily before turning pale. It was obvious that she had suffered from internal injuries! No matter how talented she may be, she is still merely at the beginner stage of the Silver level. Even if the two Gold levelled Xuan Qi experts had exhausted their strength, a sneak attack by Princess Ling Meng would still end up with her suffering from a bitter loss!

An intrinsic difference in quality existed between the Silver and Gold level. It was not something which could be compared!

After enduring the recoil, the two masked men in black charged forth once more. With a step upon the ground, they caused a ‘hong’ sound and two indentations to appear as they shot forward, traversing through a pace of thirty feet. Their long swords radiated with a golden glitter as they flew mercilessly towards Princess Ling Meng’s tender body!

Princess Ling Meng had just emerged from the earlier fight with a considerable internal injury, but she had no chance to regain her composure. Having no other alternative, she squeezed out every last ounce of strength to dodge backwards but was still unable to escape the two incoming swords. In addition, as she tried to force out whatever strength she could muster, the xuan qi within her body became chaotic, going completely beyond her control. It all came together in a random manner, causing a pain comparable to having a sword skewering through her. This resulted in her having no more strength within her body. All of a sudden, she could not help but fall into despair: Could it be that this is how I die? A mournful look of confusion floated upon her beautiful face as she stood quietly, watching the two swords advancing upon her without even trying to dodge anymore!

She no longer possessed the strength to dodge!

A Silver levelled Xuan Qi expert going against a Gold levelled Xuan Qi expert, in this case two! Even if she was not injured, even if she was in possession of superb dodging skills, all would be in vain!

The swords had closed in on her to the point where Princess Ling Meng could clearly see the cruel expressions of delight upon the eyes of the two men in black. It appeared that those two feel highly satisfied to have the chance to personally kill such a divine beauty!

“Your Highness!” Several bodyguards howled loudly as they rushed out without a care for their own lives. Unfortunately, it was too late…

Was it truly too late?

As long as they kill off this beautiful woman, their assignment would be complete! Naturally, they would be able to enjoy an unimaginable amount of wealth and status! All that was required was for this sword of theirs to push forward a little more and everything would be over! Even if she was the daughter of the owner of Tianxiang Kingdom, even if she was a rare martial talent, she would be left without a single breath in her body!

The two men in black were well-trained first-rate assassins. As Gold levelled Xuan Qi experts, their hearts were poisonous and black; the act of killing was something they do without emotions. However, their current target was a princess, causing a look of ecstasy to leak out from their eyes.

As of now, everyone’s attention was focused onto Princess Ling Meng. As such, none of them realized that Jun Xie whom everyone had assumed to be dead on the ground made a slight motion. A flash shot forth from his fingers, moving upwards through the sky. After flying for a space of five feet, it made a one eighty-degree turn, and emitted a dazzling blue radiance as it whistled towards the space between the assassins and Princess Ling Meng.

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