Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 61 – Ye Guhan

Chapter 061 Ye Guhan

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Ye Guhan, he is a solitary top rate expert who travelled alone, and a Sky Xuan expert.

Everyone knew that he had never become close to anyone. He possess a solitary nature and is ruthless. Once his sword is drawn, those he fought against would usually end up dead. However, they do not know something. This solitary swordsman was once a handsome and passionate Young Master.

There is an even bigger secret that no one knew of. Ye Guhan and the current Empress, Murong Xiuxiu were childhood sweethearts. However, for some unknown reason, Ye Guhan’s family declined overnight, his family name removed from the capital henceforth and Ye Guhan became a penniless nobody. Back then, the Murong Family was a sky-encompassing powerhouse. Naturally, they would not allow their family’s daughter to be married to a penniless nobody with only a cultivation of Silver level Xuan Qi. The Murong Family flagrantly obstructed them and finally caused the two lovers to part ways!

Dejected, Ye Guhan left while Murong Xiuxiu was left in distraught. Murong Xiuxiu attempted to commit suicide several times but was saved from the brink of death. Eventually, there came news of Ye Guhan’s death, causing Murong Xiuxiu to fall into an abyss of despair. Under the constant persuasion of her parents, she finally decided to accept her family’s arrangements to enter the palace and marry the Emperor. A few years later, she became the Empress of the kingdom.

Ye Guhan left for ten years, his pursuit of swordsmanship was successful and his Xuan Qi cultivation had advanced to the Sky Xuan rank. Feeling that he was finally qualified to marry Murong Xiuxiu, he rushed back in excitement. Unfortunately, his lover from back then had become an Empress, and Princess Ling Meng at the time was already seven years old! Standing opposite one another, tears flowed down from both of them, an unspeakable feeling of pain ripping through both of them!

Entering the ocean-like palace gates, since the day Ye entered the way!

Heaven’s will is unpredictable, yesterday is not today.

Heaven toys with the will of men; such is the decree of time.

Ye Guhan became disheartened, his hair turned white overnight and his character was greatly altered, becoming heartless and extremely ruthless. However, he remains affectionate and loving towards his former lover’s daughter. Princess Ling Meng. Since then, he vowed not to see Murong Xiuxiu again. But he would frequently visit Princess Ling Meng to play with her. His frozen heart would only melt when he is with Princess Ling Meng.

Ye Guhan had become Princess Ling Meng’s bodyguard! It did not matter whom, even if the current Emperor wanted to chastise Princess Ling Meng, Ye Guhan would still wantonly unsheathe his sword! Princess Ling Meng is the one thing sustaining his soul and this cold-blooded swordsman’s most sensitive spot!

This matter is a royal secret known only to a select few. Thus, the one behind these assassins’ too had no clue. If they did, they would not have sent merely two Gold levelled Xuan expert for this assassination. In fact, there may not even be any assassination attempt! If they really wanted to kill her, then they would need at least two experts at the Sky Xuan rank or higher in order to succeed.

Ye Guhan had already determined that the mysterious expert would not come forth, but he was unwilling to allow these assassins to leave. Thus, he had revealed himself.

In Ye Guhan’s eyes, anyone who wished to bring harm upon Princess Ling Meng must be killed! No amnesty would be given!

Slowly turning his body, he unsheathed his sword! The long sword quivered, like a serpent, an undulating blue colour rose from the sword. With a grim face, Ye Guhan said. “Go die!”

The nine assassins remained silent: We had previously asked in earnest if senior had any instructions for us. The reason we asked that was to probe your intentions, and yet you remained silent. Now that we wanted to retreat, you decide to come forth and stop us. Aren’t you just messing around with us?

Naturally, they were unaware of how wrong they were. Those two were simply two different person!

“Ye Guhan! If you want to kill people, you need to use swords; mouth alone will not cut it!” The two assassin leaders became enraged as they recalled what happened. Even if your strength is far stronger than us, do you really need to toy with us? They were aware that they have no luck in winning, but their courage were ignited and they taunted him verbally.

Ye Guhan remained motionless, his appearance as cold as ice, his gaze as intimidating as an incoming arrow. His straight body loosened, the light on the sword grew colder and he suddenly made his move with ruthlessness. The pale blue light exploded like fireworks and enveloped the area, signifying Ye Guhan’s agreement with the assassin leader’s words to use sword to kill them.

It was pointless to waste his strength on words. After all, talking nonsense with a bunch of people who were about to die was probably a stupid idea!

The sword shone brilliantly, bringing with it a pale blue radiance. When the sword struck out, it created an illusory dreamlike feeling. However, within this wonderful radiance was a rich flavour of heart breaking sadness. The awe-inspiring sword radiance exuded the same atmosphere as Ye Guhan, bleakness and solitude!

Ye Guhan turned his body and struck out with his sword! A light line suddenly appeared on the throat of the Silver Xuan assassin closest to him. A mist of blood gushed out, blending with the pale blue radiance that covered the sky. The blue and red colour suffused with one another, creating a beautiful yet heart breaking imagery within this scene of carnage!

The sword breaks the heart; the horizon remains elusive! Loneliness…

The corpse of the assassin slowly fell down. Ye Guhan maintained his mournful expression; his figure appeared before two other assassins. These two assassins that had seemed so impressive just moments ago now appeared to be no more than a pair of defenceless chicken and dog in his eyes!

Just as how the Silver level expert could look upon those at the Ninth level and below as ants, the same applied to a Sky Xuan expert when facing Silver Xuan experts. These two men were but little babies in face of a Sky Xuan expert!

Two more jets of blood sprayed out, Ye Guhan’s face retained its grimness. Amidst the blood-filled skies, he brought a dream like pale blue light with him as he moved about, just like a ghost!

For a group of Gold and Silver level experts to go against a Sky Xuan expert was no different from smashing a rock with eggs. There were no hope for them to emerge victorious at all. Moreover, their opponent was Ye Guhan, who is renowned for being a murderous cold-blooded maniac.

“Move quickly! Scatter and run!” The assassin leader shouted out, his body was the first to rise to the skies, akin to an arrow flying back the way it came from. The remaining five assassins scattered out just like an exploding grenade, every single one of them fleeing for their lives!

There was no need to think of the outcome. The only question here was: Among these nine assassins, who would be able to successfully escape?

Ye Guhan let out a lengthy howl, his voice containing a dense feeling of loneliness and melancholy. His murderous aura reverberated with the endless feeling of loneliness as his pale blue sword rose into the air, just like a huge sapphire flying through the skies at a rapid speed. Each time the pale blue light flared out, an assassin’s wretched cries could be heard as he fell to the ground.

Just a moment after the order was given, four of the assassins that were trying to escape had already been killed, though their bodies have yet to descend onto the ground. As for Ye Guhan, he was engaged with one of the Gold level assassin leader. The two assassin leaders possessed the highest level of strength amongst the assassins. One of them fled to the north while the other fled to the south. Even with Ye Guhan’s ability alone, after killing off the other four Silver Xuan assassins, he could only stop one of the leaders. As for the other one, not even he could do anything about it!

Jun Xie who was lying on the ground had his eyes slightly opened as he enjoyed the show. Witnessing Ye Guhan’s superhuman might, he could not help but feel fascinated. In an open battle, not even the original Jun Xie in his past life could hope to defeat Ye Guhan! This caused Jun Xie to have a higher evaluation towards the Xuan Qi cultivation of this world.

Naturally, this was only if they were to fight openly. However, if this was an assassination mission, Jun Xie was confident that he has at least N number of ways to murder Ye Guhan. After all, an open battle to the death is not Jun Xie’s forte!

A pale blue colour, he is probably only a Sky Xuan beginner, and yet he possessed such a kind of power. How would a pinnacle Sky Xuan compare? How would a Supreme Divine Xuan compare? A strong feeling of delight at seeing such strong people rose within Jun Xie’s heart!

Fighting against the strong was the only way for one to enhance one’s strength! Unfortunately, the present Jun Xie simply does not have the strength to challenge the strong! Otherwise, he would probably have jumped to his feet and challenged Ye Guhan to a fight!


Jun Xie’s heart burned as it churned with endless desire! As it so happened, he suddenly realized that the fleeing assassin leader was heading in his direction. The killing intent within Jun Xie’s heart burst out!

Son of a bitch! After bringing a bunch of people and causing this senior to end like this, you want to leave? You think you could just waltz out of here?

His wrists quivered and his flying dagger slid down onto his hands. Jun Xie’s face, which was hidden beneath his body, showed a ferocious smile: Time to die, kiddo!

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