Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 62 – Professional And Non-Professional

Chapter 062

Professional And Non-Professional

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The assassin leader saw that Ye Guhan was temporarily unable to catch up to him and let out a sigh of relief. As he was running away as quick as he could, he looked around and noticed that the debauchee, Jun Moxie had at some unknown time shifted his position to instead lie on the ground with his face facing the sky. Jun Moxie’s eyes seemed to be slightly opened as well. He could not help but felt surprised: Could it be that this brat is still alive?

Turning his head, he saw that Ye Guhan had already pressured his partner to the road of death. Judging by what he could see, Ye Guhan was trying to catch his partner alive; and was unable to spare any attention towards him. Considering all this, he felt himself getting somewhat more courageous.

We failed to kill Princess Ling Meng. But if Jun Moxie were to die, the capital would fall into chaos as well, right? The assassin leader suddenly slowed down as he moved in to deliver another sword strike into the body of this debauchee!

Just as he was about to act, he suddenly saw the debauchee brat before him opening his eyes, spit out with his tongue, made a sly face and cursed in a whisper. “I will screw your mother!”

The volume of his voice was very low. Amidst the incoming rumbling sound of hooves, the other people who were situated several zhangs (3.04 m) away were simply unable to hear anything. Not to mention, none of them were currently paying any attention to this place as they were closely watching Ye Guhan’s battle. Thus, only the assassin leader who had fled and was close to Jun Xie could hear his words clearly. Instantly, he became enraged, his eyes bulging out!

Just because this senior was not able to deal with a Sky Xuan expert, did you think I cannot kill a prodigal debauchee like you? Someone like you actually dare to curse at me?

He charged down, his sword stabbing viciously as his heart cursed inwardly. “This senior will take you down!”

It was then that a jade blue colour flashed outward, as though the azure ocean had appeared before his very eyes. As though in a dream, a deep blue flying dagger mysteriously appeared before the assassin leader. Its aim was the assassin’s throat!

“Sky Xuan… eh…” The assassin leader became shocked; his hands and feet became frozen all of a sudden. Under the extreme shock, in addition to his earlier action of rushing downwards, he lost his composure and fell. However, before his body reached the ground, the deep blue flying dagger had already struck into his throat, penetrating inside by at least three inches!

Even at his moment of death, the assassin leader remained confused. Ye Guhan was clearly thirty zhangs (91.2 m) away from him, so why did the flying dagger appear here? What was going on? This question caused the Gold level assassin leader to remain confused; his eyes bulging widely in death, just like a scholar in seek of knowledge…

The injuries Jun Xie suffered earlier were not light, causing his movements to be less nimble. Even though the sword wound had been wrapped up, there were still the two kicks from the Silver level assassin! Now, Jun Xie watched as the Gold level assassin fall to his death with a puzzled expression on his face. However, what was alarming was that even in death, his hands remained tightly gripping onto his sword…

“Screw your granny! You unrepentant bastard!” Jun Xie cursed inwardly. Going all out, he forced his body to move, barely budging away from the lethal strike.

Peng! The assassin leader’s corpse fell right on top of Jun Xie’s little body. With a “chi” sound, the sword in his hands slid into Jun Xie’s thigh in the area with the most flesh!

If this sword had gone slightly to the left, Jun Xie would have to gloriously become an ‘employee’ within the palace…

“Sss …SSSonofa!” Jun Xie had already been knocked down and was unable to rise up at all. Then, the sword slid into his thigh, causing him to hiss in pain. In the end, Young Master Jun cried out in his heart: Who could have guessed that even a dead man could use a sword to harm others? This world is simply too freaking fantastic!

The sword pierced straight through Jun Xie’s thigh and into the ground beneath him. Any movement would aggravate the wound. In a worst-case scenario, it might even bring harm to his tendons. Under these circumstances, Jun Xie was simply unable to move. The same was true for the assassin leader’s corpse pressing down on him. The both of them were like a human pyramid, the assassin leader’s hands gripped the sword tightly, and the sword had pierced through Jun Xie’s thigh. This image was unspeakably peculiar!

Son of a bitch! Jun Xie was on the verge of tears: Since I came to this world, this would already be the second time that I was pressed down on by a man! First time around, even though the fatty was nauseating, he was still a living person. This time, I am actually being pressed down upon by a dead man, and I cannot even move…

A living person and a dead person, both their faces were directly opposite one another, their eyes staring at each other. It was then that Jun Xie realized that this bastard had died with his eyes open. Feeling curious, Jun Xie observed carefully. The more he observed, the more he felt that this person’s eyes did not seem to express resentment or malice, but rather… doubt and confusion!

Son of a bitch! Are you telling me that you cannot find your way to the Yellow Springs*? Do not look at me, I do not know! Jun Xie viciously cursed him.

When pressed down upon by a dead person whose eyes remained bulging out in a stare, most people would be trembling regardless of how courageous they may be. However, Jun Xie was a freak who could even start a conversation with the dead. In one word… powerful!

With a “pa”, Ye Guhan disarmed the other assassin leader; his blue sword flashed out and was upon the man’s throat. “Who sent you? Speak up!” Ye Guhan was enraged; if he did not ferret out the person behind this assassination attempt, who knew if this would happen again? He could protect Princess Ling Meng once or twice, but he may not be able to protect her forever. The next time this happened, what could he do if a Sky Xuan expert was sent to hold him down?

The assassin leader coldly stared at Ye Guhan, the colour of despair evident within his eyes. Suddenly, he laughed out. “Ye Guhan, did you think I would talk? Hahaha… What a joke! I did not expect that the world renowned Solitary Star of The Horizon, Ye Guhan, a dignified Sky Xuan expert would actually turn out to be so naïve!” As he talked, black coloured blood suddenly flowed down from his mouth and he stopped breathing. His eyes was fixed upon Ye Guhan, a look of ridicule remained in his eyes.

The moment he was captured, he had bitten down on the poison pill within his mouth!

Sealing the throat and purging the blood, what a vicious poison!

Ye Guhan sighed, his face revealing a look of admiration and murmured. “You can be counted as a real man! I will not make things difficult for your body!”

Presently, all the assassins have been killed off and the area had turned silent. Even though the words uttered by Ye Guhan was low in tone, it could clearly be heard by Jun Xie. At that moment, Jun Xie suddenly had the urge to laugh loudly: What nonsense! Under these circumstances, you actually call him a real man? If that were the case, then the value of real man would no longer be of any worth!

If he does not commit suicide, would you let him live? Even if you let him live because he is a ‘real man’, would the chief assassin let him live? Will the mastermind of this incident allow him to live? I have seen stupid before, but I have never seen someone so stupid. And you are a Sky Xuan expert to boot! Idiotic Sky Xuan expert!

Jun Xie’s heart welled with a great amount of contempt: Since you have decided to take him alive, the first thing you need to do when going against these kinds of people is to knock out his teeth while he still has the ability to move! This is the absolute basic! As for the blocking of acupuncture points, breaking the inner qi and all those… Hey! Do I really need to elaborate for you?

NOOB ah! Simply too unprofessional! The professional assassin within Jun Xie was greatly upset.

Amid the field of blood, Princess Ling Meng frowned, seemingly unable to stand the thick scent of blood. She walked forward. “Uncle Ye, when did you learn this wonderful flying dagger technique? Once we go back, you must teach me, please!”

Once the flying dagger was mentioned, Ye Guhan suddenly recovered himself. He immediately cupped both his hands ceremoniously as he faced the sky and spoke in a clear voice. “Thank you senior for extending your aid today, this Ye feels highly grateful! Princess Ling Meng’s experience is shallow. If she somehow offended senior, I hope senior would be benevolent and not pay it any mind. If senior have any request of me, please say the word. This junior would certainly endeavour with all my might to accomplish it in order to repay senior’s favour!”

In his heart, Princess Ling Meng was like his own daughter, and had become the one reason for him to live. For the mysterious expert to save Princess Ling Meng was equivalent to saving him! Thus, he did not mention whom it was that have been saved. Regardless of whom, he still felt grateful.

[TL: Yellow Springs = Underworld.]

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