Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 63 – Heartache

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Chapter 063 Heartache

With Princess Ling Meng’s level of cultivation, it was difficult for her to distinguish between a Sky Xuan rank and the one above it. Her words earlier may have offended the mysterious expert. Thankfully, the mysterious expert was open-minded and chose not to pursue the matter. This was a good thing because once such a powerful figure becomes enraged; the consequences would be most disastrous! Ye Guhan who understood the severity of the situation had naturally come forth to remedy the situation for Princess Ling Meng’s sake!

Naturally, considering Ye Guhan’s temper, he would never have spoken out such words if not for the sake of Princess Ling Meng. He would not do so no matter how grateful he personally felt!

Everything remained silent, seemingly indicating that the mysterious ‘pinnacle Supreme Divine Xuan expert’ had left…

Ye Guhan gave out a sigh. This was something that he had expected. Considering the person’s identity as a master from outside the kingdom, would he lower himself to stand before a mere princess?

“Uncle Ye? This is… what are you talking about?” Princess Ling Meng stared at him curiously with wide-open eyes.

“Meng’er, those words of yours were too careless. Those words are a great offense to the one who saved you. The senior who issued out the dagger to save you is someone else! In addition, this senior’s level of cultivation far surpasses mine. No, it would be more accurate to say I am unable to even compare with someone like him!” Ye Guhan told her in an imposing manner. “That dagger is the pinnacle of blessings! It is not something that I could send out.”

“Ah?” Princess Ling Meng cried out in surprise, her delicate hands covering her mouth. “Something like that actually happened? Since Uncle is already a Sky Xuan expert, then that would mean the senior is an even higher form of existence!”

“That is the absolute truth!” Ye Guhan nodded seriously.

Princess Ling Meng gathered herself, turned to face the skies and gave a deep salute of respect. “Princess Ling Meng here thanks senior for rescuing me. My nonsensical words earlier was a blasphemy against senior, and yet senior was generous enough to forgive me. I wonder if senior would be willing to come forth, so that Ling Meng could apologize and thank you in person?”

The space remained still, not a sound could be heard.

For someone who was a Sky Xuan expert or higher, why would they care for the thankful gesture of a mere princess? And if this was a pinnacle Supreme Divine Xuan expert, he may not be willing to appear even if the other person was the Emperor of Tianxiang himself. Princess Ling Meng were not aware of all these, however in order to express her gratitude, she must profess her thanks regardless of whether the person was still around or not! Since her Uncle Ye had told her that it was the truth, then it must surely be the truth.

“A pity, we have no chance to meet this person!” Ye Guhan sighed, his face returning to its cold form and he stood wistfully at the side. “Little Meng’er, Uncle Ye will have to leave now. It would be better for you to return to the palace. The Imperial Army is already on their way,”

In the distance, the thundering sound of hooves inched closer.

Princess Ling Meng looked at Ye Guhan with an expression of unwillingness and asked. “Uncle Ye, when will you return to visit Meng’er?”

Silly Meng’er, Uncle Ye would always be by your side. Ye Guhan sighed inwardly before softly replying. “I will definitely come to visit Meng’er. Earlier, one of the assassins managed to escape. That could end up causing some problems in the future. That is why Meng’er will have to be very careful in the next few days.”

Princess Ling Meng whispered “en”, her face showing reluctance.

The sound of hooves had reached the corner. Ye Guhan lifted his body upwards and skimmed through the air. Suddenly, he exclaimed in mid-air and changed his direction, moving towards Jun Xie. His sharp eyes analysed the scene before him. Seeing the small dagger inserted into the throat of the assassin, he could not help but feel grateful: It turns out that the senior had already helped me solve this problem. This is truly humbling.

Straightening his body, he left, floating up to the roof. With a blue flash, he suddenly disappeared.

From the corner of the street, a robust horse marched out towards them. A young military officer in blue with an urgent expression on his face rushed close by. Seeing Princess Ling Meng standing safely there, he gave a sigh of relief. He quickly saluted and asked. “Princess, are you all right?” His concern was evident within his voice.

Princess Ling Meng stared at him in a dazed manner. Slightly bending her body, she picked up the two flying daggers from the ground. Checking it in detail, the flying dagger was as thin as a layer of onion, exquisitely small and subtly curved with beautiful engravings. Princess Ling Meng became fond of it instantly. Her face revealed light traces of excitement: This is the divine weapon used by the master superior to even Uncle Ye.

What a lovable dagger!

“This is… dagger?” The young man asked in a stammer. “Princess, please be careful when dealing with these weapons.”

“If not for the senior expert who shot out these flying daggers, I would have been killed by those assassins! There would be no chance for me to wait for your arrival!” Naturally, Ye Guhan’s existence can not be revealed to those who were unrelated to her. Princess Ling Meng glanced at him briefly, her beautiful face showing traces of fatigue and a hint of sadness.

When she chose to leave the palace in the past, there would be at least a Jade level expert escorting her. That was His Majesty’s personal arrangement for her. Why would that expert suddenly be sent out on an errand? In addition, the several elite Gold level experts that usually accompanied her were all deployed elsewhere for some unknown reason. It was under such circumstances that she encountered assassins as she left the palace! What does all this meant? It goes without saying!

Princess Ling Meng was extremely intelligent and was well aware of what was happening, but she tried to force herself not to think about it. She was unwilling to consider it. She dared not consider it. That was because the resulting scenario would be too painful for her to bear! Pain! Heart breaking pain!

If you want to struggle for the throne, then just do it. Why do you have to turn me into a tool for your struggle? Is the throne really that precious? Could it be that in your eyes, I am but a tool for you to further your interests? We may not share the same mother, but we have the same father, the same flesh and blood! Why? Why? Could it be true that there can be no love within the Royal family?

She felt the two flying daggers within her bosom coming in contact with her skin, releasing a cold sensation, yet Princess Ling Meng felt warm and safe! The mysterious Sky Xuan expert saved her life and did not blame her for mistaking his deeds for others. This benevolent mind set, caused an endless amount of fascination to well up within her.

Ye Guhan was aware that the mysterious person’s strength was probably above that of the Sky Xuan rank, but Princess Ling Meng did not. She only knew what she saw, and that was the ocean like azure brilliance!

Saving lives without showing even his shadow, drifting back and forth, leaving not a trace of his existence. Uncaring of rewards from others, much less the ignorance of those he saved!

What kind of character is this? This is the character of a real master! A deep sense of trust was born within the heartbroken and frustrated Princess Ling Meng towards this mysterious figure. He is like a dragon that would show his head and not his tail! This created a belief that this person is highly dependable. In her heart, she felt that this mysterious person is just like her Uncle Ye, worthy of her trust.

With the flying dagger beside her, Princess Ling Meng suddenly felt herself becoming more courageous.

Indeed, with a pinnacle Sky Xuan expert and the Solitary Star of The Horizon, Ye Guhan as their protector, anyone would be able to sit back and relax.

She recovered from her daze, only to discover the young man staring at her. Princess Ling Meng became embarrassed and turned angry, her heart becoming depressed.

This person is the eldest son of the city’s Murong Family, Murong Qianjun. He is the rising star of his generation from the Murong Family where Princess Ling Meng’s mother hailed from. In terms of relationship, Princess Ling Meng and him could be considered as cousins. He is considered one of the renowned handsome talents within the city. Ever since meeting Princess Ling Meng though, he was smitten as though she had captured his soul. He had requested his family for a military leader position in hopes of meeting and staying close to her and at the same time allow him to launch a frenzied pursuit for Princess Ling Meng.

Since Jun Moxie stepped back two months ago, Murong Qianjun is now one of the top two suitors for Princess Ling Meng. The other suitor is the Grand Preceptor’s grandson, Li Youran.

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