Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 64 – Old Man in Grey

Chapter 064 Old Man in Grey

Looking at him, anyone would feel that this Young Master Murong is a talent in both civil and military affairs, extraordinary in every aspect, blessed with handsome looks, highly capable in the field of martial arts, a perfect match for any woman. However, Princess Ling Meng felt that this person is very hypocritical. Before her, he seemed to always be wearing a mask of being ‘deeply in love’. As someone who lived within the palace all the time, she had no way of judging whether this face of his is true or false: How much of it is the truth? How much of it is fake? What is the true face and character of this person?

Princess Ling Meng felt that she do not have the slightest grasp onto the answer for those questions.

The other suitor is the first heir of the Li Residence, Li Youran who holds the title of number one gifted scholar in Tianxiang Kingdom. Likewise, he is someone who filled Princess Ling Meng with uncertainty. Li Youran is handsome and well mannered, graceful but not showy, and rarely showed himself. He had caused countless ladies from the capital city to become obsessed towards him. However, no matter what he refused to show himself, causing him to be labelled as the number one refined gentlemen of Tianxiang Kingdom.

Li Youran would always show a warm and graceful countenance, never one to be either anxious or tardy, he seemed as though everything that was happening in the world was within the palm of his hands, that everything was within his expectations. However, Princess Ling Meng had always felt that it was impossible for there to be someone so perfect in this world. If this person’s external appearance was but a camouflage, then he would be an even more horrifying, more unpredictable existence. No one could hope to understand what he was really thinking. Whenever she was together with this person, Princess Ling Meng would often be visited with an inexplicable feeling of dread. This feeling warned her that this gentle looking youth before her is an extremely dangerous person!

By comparison, the original Jun Moxie is someone who wore the greasy countenance of a rogue. He did not attempt to hide his nature, as though announcing to the world ‘I am a rogue, and I am not afraid to show it’. Even though his character is somewhat unbearable, at least he was someone who committed bad acts in the open. Despite being a scoundrel, his bad actions were all done openly and there was no need to fear him taking sinister actions in secrecy.

Thinking about Jun Moxie, she suddenly recalled that this debauchee was just here not long ago, and he even gave her a warning. Regardless of whether it was on purpose or unintentional, it was at least a gesture of good will. However, it seemed that the assassins had already killed him off from the very beginning! When she considered this point, she quickly asked. “Quick, go find Third Young Master Jun and see how his condition is at the current.”

She could not help but feel anxious within her heart. Although her life was saved, she feared that Jun Moxie might have been killed off. That would cause Grandpa Jun to fly into a fit of rage. The resulting storm would likely be far worse than if she was the one killed. It appeared that the city was about to be plunged into a turbulent storm. Hopefully, her three brothers would not take advantage of the ensuing chaos by the angered Grandpa Jun and create an even bigger problem for the kingdom.

Although she did not witness it for herself, Princes Ling Meng believed that Jun Moxie was most likely dead. After all, two of the assassins had appeared from Jun Moxie’s direction. At that time, he had already fallen to the ground. If he had not died, would the assassin have left him alone?

Several bodyguards went forth to search but after searching all over, they were unable to find Jun Xie. That was because Jun Xie was currently being pinned down by the assassin’s corpse to the point where their bodies perfectly overlapped with one another, leading to the bodyguards’ failure to notice them. A rough looking bodyguard rushed to report to the princess. “Princess, we could not find Third Young Master Jun’s corpse. Perhaps the corpse stood up and ran away by itself.”

Listening to those words, Princess Ling Meng’s face turned black to the point of puking blood! What nonsense is this? You could not find the corpse, so maybe the corpse stood up and ran away by itself? A corpse can run away by itself?

Murong Qianjun’s face turned dark. “What are you talking about?”

The guard panicked and started stammering. “I meant, I meant, we fail to find… Third Young Master Jun’s corpse, maybe it left… nono! I meant…”

“Enough! Stop talking!” Murong Qianjun’s face turned black. “If you cannot find the corpse, that means you cannot say that he is dead! Even more so, you cannot call it a corpse. You should have said, the Third Young Master Jun’s body had disappeared! Understand?”

The bodyguards all complained inwardly: Weren’t you the one who said that he is dead? To think that you still have the face to lecture us. What a despicable person!

Princess Ling Meng felt helpless and said. “Go search again in detail. If you find Third Young Master Jun’s… body, quickly send it to the Jun Family.” Under their influence, Princess Ling Meng almost blurted the word ‘corpse’ herself.

After searching again, they were unable to find anything. Thus, Princess Ling Meng arranged for a bodyguard to report this matter to the Jun Family. Not long after the bodyguard had left on horseback, a grey figure rushed out before them. This figure turned out to be a small, thin and withered looking old man.

Murong Qianjun unsheathed his sword and asked in a stern voice. “Who?”

“I am looking for someone,” The little old man’s face was a mask of depression, as he looked everywhere. His face filled with anxiousness, he turned a deaf ear towards Murong Qianjun’s question.

Murong Qianjun was greatly infuriated and shouted. “Take him!” Considering that an assassination attempt had just been carried out against the princess, this weirdo’s appearance was a very suspicious event.

The surrounding soldiers voiced their affirmation and was about to rush forward when they saw the old man suddenly becoming exulted. “I finally found you! Haha! Why don’t you run now? Your grandmother’s little bastard! You have a sword piercing through you, huh? Let’s see if you still dare to run away again!” He shouted out in a gloating tone.

All they saw was him kneeling down before an assassin’s corpse and was in the process of pulling out a sword.

“He is in league with the assassin’s, take him down!” Murong Qianjun became overjoyed. He felt that this person was really stupid. All the assassins here had already died and yet he chose to enter this place, which was surrounded by the army to find a corpse.

Surprisingly, the old man threw away the sword after pulling it out. Then, he lifted the corpse of the assassin and casually flung it away, just like how one would throw a sack, without a care in his actions. Bending down, he picked up a bloodied body.

Princess Ling Meng hastily restrained Murong Qianjun before observing the body in detail. It turned out that it was Jun Moxie. He was covered in blood on both head and body, looking as though he was about to lose his life in a moment’s notice. Suddenly, Jun Xie’s eyes moved about, causing Princess Ling Meng to become shocked: It turns out that this bastard is still alive.

“May I ask this senior’s identity?” Princess Ling Meng asked.

“I do not have time to chat with you, little girl. This old bag need to hurry up to help him take care of his injuries. Otherwise, he might really kick the bucket,” The old man picked up Jun Xie’s body and with a flash, appeared before Murong Qianjun. Staring at Murong Qianjun, he scolded. “Little bastard, next time, watch your language!” Pulling back his head, he disappeared like a puff of smoke.

Murong Qianjun was about to retort in anger when the old man before him suddenly disappeared without leaving a trail, causing him to fume in rage. However, with Princess Ling Meng here, he needed to maintain his graceful image and could only grit down heavily on his teeth. In his heart, he had successively cursed the old man’s eighteen generations of ancestors!

“This is bad!” Princess Ling Meng’s face changed. “I have just sent someone to report to Senior General Jun. Now that Jun Moxie has been taken away, things would turn ugly if the Senior General becomes furious!”

Murong Qianjun stepped forth to comfort the princess. “Princess, please be at ease and just return to the palace. I will immediately arrange for someone to go to the Jun Family and report that Jun Moxie, this usele… this person is still alive.”

Princess Ling Meng let out a sigh of relief. “That would be for the best.” Turning her gaze, she suddenly noticed the flying dagger inserted into the throat of the assassin leader. She gave a cry of surprise: It turns out that the senior had already helped me take care of this future problem, and here I was being ignorant about it. She walked over and pulled out the dagger. Checking it, she found that it was indeed the same as the other two. She could not help but wonder: This person is a true peak levelled master. I wonder when I will have the opportunity to meet him in person to give my thanks.

Princess Ling Meng turned her head to see the miserable state of her team of bodyguards. She sighed: With things as they are, how could I hope to go to the Dugu Residence? Recalling Ye Guhan’s advice for her, she spoke out. “Return to the palace. List down the name of those who died, report it to the inner palace and ensure that their families are compensated generously.”

No longer able to bear the sight of carnage before her, Princess Ling Meng closed her eyes and slowly shed two drop of tears. These men all died… for her sake!

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