Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 66 – Northern City Clan Under Siege

Chapter 066

Northern City Clan Under Siege

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Grandfather Tang’s face was sullen as he stood before the main door, his eyes flashing with a faint trace of hope. He finally found a trace of something, which may or may not be a clue. However, Grandfather Tang could no longer wait. Sending forth his forces in the day would cause too much of a ruckus, but now that night had fallen; he had assembled all of Tang Family’s experts!

Two hundred and forty six men!

Two mid-stage Earth Xuan ranked experts, four Jade levelled Xuan experts, twelve Gold level, thirty-six Silver level, with the rest at the pinnacle stage of Ninth level Xuan Qi cultivation. For this time’s movement, Grandfather Tang Wanli had assembled the Tang Family’s forces from inside the city and out!

Within the short time span of one afternoon, Grandfather Tang had mobilized these men, who were the strongest within the Tang Family. These were the foundations of the Tang Family!

No mistakes were allowed in this operation!

“For today’s operation, the objective is the Northern City Clan!” Tang Wanli addressed everyone present with a sullen face. “Keep in mind that no one from Northern City Clan should be allowed to escape, especially those with the position of Hall Master or higher! Do not kill, do not be rash, capture them all! Understood?”

“Understood!” The crowd answered in unison. They do not know the reason for going against the Northern City Clan, they also felt that this level of mobilization to deal with a mere Northern City Clan was somewhat of an overkill, but seeing the grim expression on Tang Wanli’s face, none of them dared say anything!

“Today’s operation will be directed by this senior, if any of you were to let slip a member of Northern City Clan, then just send your head to see me!” Grandfather Tang gave out a strict command, then slowly scanned everyone present. Seeing everyone became more alert, he waved his hand. “Move out!”

Two hundred and forty six men in black garbs silently headed out the door. Grandfather Tang’s cloak billowed in the night wind as he strode towards the door. Although he was old, he was still robust; his every step exuded intensity and signified his indomitable determination towards tonight’s operation.

“Wait! … I will go as well,” Following the voice, a figure in black rushed out from the inner courtyard. This figure was wrapped in black cloth and resembled a human shaped black meatball. Even though Tang Yuan do not have the required body shape for ‘nocturnal’ activities, he still wanted to join in the fun. However, due to his body shape being overly ‘that’, he finally decided to simply wrap himself in black cloth before rushing out.

“Roll back to your room!” Watching the human dumpling rolling towards him, Grandfather Tang became furious. He performed a flying kick, which resulted in the four hundred over jin (241 kg) body of Tang Yuan to shoot back from the courtyard into the room, breaking the door of the room in the process. With a tearing sound, the black cloth tore open, revealing white buttocks and thighs. His round stomach resting upon the ground, his hands and legs were hanging in the air; just like a tortoise that had fallen upside down, he waved his limbs in the air several times with nothing to leverage himself off the ground. After rolling over twice, he finally managed to stand up by grabbing the door. He looked out with a disheartened expression, the courtyard was black and empty, not a soul in sight…

A grand residence in the middle of the dark night. Within the residence was the leadership of the Northern City Clan.

Grandfather Tang’s beard fluttered about as he arranged his men. Over a hundred high level experts were arranged here, causing the huge residence to become filled. Everyone remained breathless as they waited quietly for Grandfather Tang to issue his command.

As for the other hundred men, Grandfather Tang had them separated into four groups, each assigned to cover the four doorways of the Northern City Clan, their subordinates, the casinos, brothels and all other places that were connected to the Northern City Clan, even the houses of all the leadership of Northern City Clan!

Grandfather Tang intended to sweep them all up from the outside to the inside, leaving not a single one! The leadership of Northern City Clan would be left for the last! With over a hundred high level experts surrounding the residence, the people inside were completely trapped with no hope of escape.

Anyone who came out would be captured!

In addition, he could utilize this type of ‘blunt knife’ attack to probe the attitude of Northern City Clan. If Northern City Clan remained passive, placing themselves at his mercy, that would mean that Northern City Clan had nothing to do with the Tang Residence’s theft case. Even if there were some connection, it would likely be a trivial one. However, if Northern City Clan were to fight back desperately to the point of death in order to break out, Grandfather Tang believed that would signify him catching a big fish.

Even now, Grandfather Tang felt doubtful towards this information provided by Tang Yuan. It would be more accurate to say he was very sceptical towards it: A clue found by the renowned debauchees, Jun Moxie and Tang Yuan… no matter how I look at it, the credibility is simply too low! If I were to say it out, who would believe it?

Alas, I can only blame myself for getting too carried away. After all, I am simply too desperate right now! I will just consider this an act of helping the common people get rid of some scourge. However, if I were to find out that this matter is a trick from those two debauchees trying to settle their personal scores… Even if Jun Zhantian tries to stop me, this senior will capture both Jun Moxie and Tang Yuan and give them a good beating. I will beat Jun Moxie until he becomes fat and beat Tang Yuan until he becomes thin! Let their body shape change, heng!

Grandfather Tang’s face was a mask of volatility as he gritted his teeth.

Watching the alley before him, he saw sacks of tied up captives increasing one by one like dumplings. Grandfather Tang let out a sigh, having made up his mind to return home and give those two debauchees a good lesson: Those two debauchees have grown too daring. It had been half a long hour since this residence was surrounded. All the people coming out of this place were caught one after another, their inner qi sealed, their limbs tied up, their mouths stuffed and were piled up here. The number of men caught had become quite significant and should have caused some sort of response. However, there were still no response from them. Thus, Grandfather Tang believed that Northern City Clan had nothing to do with the theft of the Xuan Core.

That actually made sense; after all what can this Northern City Clan amount to? Could they have the guts to disturb the tiger whiskers of my Tang Family?

Silhouettes appeared from all directions as the experts from the Tang Family all returned one after another, their hands carrying a few people, all of them captured and bundled. The raid against the outer side of Northern City Clan had concluded!

Grandfather Tang was greatly disappointed, his face twitching, his heart cursing: Tang Yuan! Jun Moxie! This senior will never forgive you two bastards! You dared to come together to trick me into acting as your pawn? This senior swear that…

Grandfather Tang did not have the time to consider what it was he intended to do because at this moment, countless dark figures leaped out from within the residential walls of the Northern City Clan. Each of them wielded projectiles which they let loose, creating a rain of projectiles to descend upon the experts from the Tang Family’s ambush team. At the same time, a shout was heard from within and people started charging out from the main door, back door and side door, akin to an exploding grenade!

They dared to wage war without declaring their intent and did not even show any desire to negotiate things with Grandfather Tang! In addition, all of them were desperately trying to run away, as though resenting the fact that their parents only gave them two legs.

What does this mean?

Holy crap! The reaction turned out to be so intense! Was there any difference between their current actions with those of rebels? Grandfather Tang stared with bulging eyes, his eyes almost popping out. This sudden change in scenario caused Grandfather Tang’s mind to lag for a bit. After a while, he fiercely slapped his own thigh. The pain caused him to exhale, his heart bursting with excitement: A show is coming!

Several shouts were heard from the members of the Tang Family’s ambushing team. The change happened too quickly, in addition to the fact that there were differences in their level of strength caused no small number of them to be hit by the projectiles. The injuries caused by this sudden attack were not light. The remaining men separated and charged towards the members of Northern City Clan that were rushing out. The sounds of swords clashing could be heard as the distance between both sides closed. The brilliant colours of purple, black, silver and gold flashed out upon the entire area, painting a breath taking view for the moment.

The interval of time between the moment Northern City Clan members threw out the projectiles until the moment they rushed out to fight was very short. It could be said to have occurred simultaneously.

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