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Chapter 67 – A Lucky Hit

Chapter 067 A Lucky Hit

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Grandfather Tang’s eyes bulged out in surprise, his face, which had been a mask of gloominess, had now turn into one of excitement, and his hands trembled agitatedly. Both his eyes glinted as Grandfather Tang who had been a calm person for nearly half his life burst out: Oh, my God! There is actually a connection between them! In fact, this might be the jackpot!

Screw that son of a bitch! How could I have guessed that Tang Yuan could actually make a contribution this time around? Who was the one who said that a blind cat could not bump into a dead rat? This senior will have to properly reward him when I return later! After thinking such, Grandfather Tang’s face suddenly became awkward. He glanced around, just like a thief that had committed a crime: Uh, I should not have called Tang Yuan a son of a bitch, that is my daughter-in-law…

Northern City Clan’s reaction made it clear that it has a connection with the Tang Family’s theft case. Otherwise, would a mere Northern City Clan dare to fight against a Duke of the kingdom and the family of the Minister of State Revenue? This family is a first grade family in Tianxiang Kingdom! For them to offend such a family was akin to a cat licking the tiger’s nose, a standard example of one trying to court death!

Seeing the members of Northern City Clan who rushed out getting thrown to the ground and tied up before being tossed over to his side, Grandfather Tang coughed a few times, his arms straight. His gaze were similar to a falcon, his face as clear as water, his beard fluttering, an image of immovable might. He exuded an aura of seriousness as he dispatched his men to eliminate a source of calamity for the people.

“Peng!” A member of the Northern City Clan was beaten up into the air. Before he could do anything, a rope shot out to encircle his waist. It continued to fasten around him a few times until he became a big ‘dumpling’ and fell to the ground. The person was then greeted with a fist to the face and his teeth fell out as a result. Before he could scream out, a smelly mass of red cloth was stuffed into his mouth. Then, he was picked up and thrown some several zhangs(3.04 m) away. The entire process was conducted in a smooth manner. When the person fell down, he realized that he was not alone and that everyone around him were acquaintances…

“Peng!” Another one!


The two hundred and forty plus experts of the Tang Family slowly advanced from the outside into the inner area, not letting a single member escape, keeping a careful eye over every detail.

Three Gold levelled Xuan Qi experts were surrounding the Northern City Clan Leader Qin Hu. No matter which direction he took, no matter how much he tried to fight, no matter how hard he tried to run, he was unable to escape; his face was filled with despair. Not far away, an Earth ranked expert stood by, watching with his hands behind his back. Qin Hu was unable to escape or retreat, he could not even kill himself! If not for the fact that the three of them were aiming to capture him alive, he would have been sent off to the Yellow Springs a long time ago. Qin Hu felt himself going crazy!

As all the areas were swept clean, the experts from the Tang Family began to gather here. Some of them rushed into the residential yard and started searching meticulously, not missing out on even the smallest detail. If they suspect that a place was hiding a secret passage, they would dig three feet down to verify their suspicion.

After a while, a sound rang out. “Found it!” Grandfather Tang’s face became joyful as he moved forward into the courtyard. Inside, he saw the experts from the Tang Residence dragging out several people. It was none other than Qin Hu’s son, Qin Xiaobao and several gorgeously dressed women. Qin Hu had placed them within the clan’s most secretive hidden chamber. He thought that if his attempt to break out were to fail, then at least he could keep his son safe. Unexpectedly, the men from the Tang Family would be so professional and the hidden chamber that was located one zhang below ground with a highly secretive exit location was found.

Watching his son being captured, Qin Hu despaired and totally lost the courage to resist. If not for fear that Qin Hu would disregard his life and fight to the bitter end, the three men would have captured him by now! As of now, he had lost the will to fight. The three Gold level experts moved forward simultaneously. “Pa! Pa!” Qin Hu’s body fell, like a piece of soft mud. Control over his body and authority over his own life and death no longer belonged to him.

A complete victory!

Grandfather Tang slowly walked before Qin Hu. Glancing down at Qin Hu’s depressed face, he waved his hands. The surrounding men all retreated to the side, leaving an empty space in the middle of the land.

“Where is the item?” Grandfather Tang asked in a low voice, his gaze keeping a close watch on Qin Hu’s eyes. He went straight to the point, not letting Qin Hu have any chance of denying!

This question from him was one that could create a false impression for Qin Hu: I already know that you are the one who stole the Xuan Core! I have already obtained undeniable proof towards this matter! All that is lacking now is your cooperation. As long as Qin Hu was involved in the theft of the Xuan Core, hearing such a question while being rendered prisoner would lead to a ninety per cent chance of causing his mind to collapse!

Sure enough, Qin Hu’s mouth gaped as he became tongue tied, a look of complete despair escaping from his eyes! Grandfather Tang who had been keeping a close eye on Qin Hu’s reaction became ecstatic, the suspense he felt in his heart finally abated.

It truly is a jackpot! Tang Yuan oh Tang Yuan, this grandson had finally managed to accomplish something! In addition, this is a great accomplishment, looks like there could be some hope for him! Wait, this matter seemed to have been brought up by that Jun Family’s debauchee, Jun Moxie. Grandfather Tang suddenly had another thought: It seems having a bunch of debauchees together is not necessarily a bad thing. At least they had proven useful at the most critical of moments. Back then, didn’t everyone constantly say that I am just a debauchee? But, right now…

Realizing that his thought process had started going off the tangent, Grandfather Tang collected himself. In his heart, he decided that regardless of whether he could find the Xuan Core today, his Tang Family now owed the Jun Family a great favour! It seemed that he will have to improve their relationship with the Jun Family…

“I… I do not know anything about the Xuan Core, Tang… Boss, why would you suddenly do this to us? I…” Qin Hu answered in a fluster, his eyes flashing, hoping that he could get lucky.

“You little brat sure can talk, when did this senior ask anything about a Xuan Core? Hehe… It is all right if you do not know. I will let you remember soon enough,” Grandfather Tang laughed out in a compassionate manner as he waved his hand. An expert from the Tang Family came forth carrying Qin Xiaobao’s body. Throwing Qin Xiaobao on the floor, he turned around and left.

“Qin Hu, I hear that this is your only son. I promise you, as long as you tell me everything, no matter what happens to the Northern City Clan, your son will not be harmed. I will protect this last remaining heir of your Qin Family and ensure that no harm befalls him,” Grandfather Tang Wanli laughed affably, giving off a very amiable attitude. “Naturally, if you are still unable to remember anything at all, I believe you will have to witness your own son’s suffering soon. But, when that happens, everyone would not have a pleasant ending. You understand what I am saying, don’t you?”

“Father, save me…” Qin Xiaobao cried out miserably. This year had proven to be a very disastrous one for him. Back then, he had chanced upon a beauty in the streets and only spouted out a few flirtatious remarks. But in return, he was captured, his dantian broken and his xuan qi cultivation destroyed. After his body was better and he could finally move again, he went to a wine shop only to have a snot smack him on his face. Back then, he only let out a few curses but was rewarded with a beating and even had his leg broken. After having cried his way back home, he thought he would finally be able to start nursing his injuries. Unexpectedly, something like this happened instead. He was carried out and thrown on the ground despite his broken legs. Qin Xiaobao was currently drowning in a whirlpool of fear, nervousness and pain, sinking deeper into a pit of sorrow…

Grandfather Tang slowly extended his hand, his withered hands gently stroked Qin Xiaobao’s neck, just like how one would try to placate a frightened little puppy. However, everyone knew that if Qin Hu’s answer could not satisfy Grandfather Tang, those withered hands would transform into the token of command from the King of Hell!

Qin Hu suddenly let out a sigh and lowered his head. “You win.” Grandfather Tang smiled proudly and replied. “Qin Hu, you are truly worthy of being a Clan Leader. You understand how to grasp the situation properly, not bad.”

The sarcastic comment stabbed deep into Qin Hu, his face turning red. This humiliation caused his face to turn extremely ugly. After mumbling to himself for a bit, he finally said. “I believe that Senior Duke already understand that this matter was done under someone else’s orders. Otherwise, even if I had a sky piercing courage, I would never dare to steal something from the Tang Residence. That would be no different from courting death. Even if we wish to do so, we do not have the capital to… we really could not.”

“Continue talking,” Grandfather Tang’s eyes flashed.

[TL: Yellow Springs = Afterlife.]

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