Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 68 – In The Night

Chapter 068

… In The Night

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Grandfather Tang is a veteran in the matters of the world. Considering the strength of Qin Hu’s Northern City Clan, there was no way he would have dared to act presumptuously against a great power like his Tang Family. At this moment in time, it was also highly unlikely for him to say any form of lies that would erode the trust he needed to gain from them. But if what he said was true, then there was a deeper layer of unknown factors within all this.

Grandfather Tang’s reaction caused Qin Hu to feel that Grandfather Tang had chosen to trust him. He felt hope blooming within him. Even if he could not be spared, at least his son would have the chance to live on. He continued. “I do not know the origin of the person who instructed me. What I know is that this person has eyes and ears everywhere. The layout of Senior Duke’s residence, the hidden location of the treasure; every aspect of the plan including the timing of our movement was decided by that person. I believe that the person in question must be one of the capital’s…” Having said that, Qin Hu’s eyes suddenly widened, a look of horror appeared in his eyes as he shouted out in fear. “Senior Duke, please save me!”

At this moment, a sharp sound suddenly rang out and a great yellow radiance rose forth; a great pressure converged upon them from all directions. It was as though the skies were suddenly filled with several small suns as an earthly yellow light completely illuminated the night skies!

Earth ranked Xuan Qi experts!

Three lithe figures descended like lightning, charging towards Grandfather Tang from three directions. Every one of them were masked and wearing black garbs, revealing only their yellow coloured eyes.

The experts from the Tang Family all cried out in surprise, all of them rushed forward without a care for their own lives. Unfortunately, with their limited level of strength, they were unable to stop the Earth ranked Xuan experts!

Grandfather Tang sneered and shouted. “Which rat dares!” With his white beard fluttering about, his entire body emitted an even heavier glow of earthen yellow light and he walked forward, keeping Qin Hu protected behind him.

The opposing faction’s intention was obviously to silence the witness! But Qin Hu was currently the only clue that Grandfather Tang has in his quest to recover the Xuan Core. How could he allow them to succeed? No matter what, he must stop them and preserve Qin Hu’s life.

Only with Qin Hu alive could he have any chance of finding out who was behind the theft; if he could find out who was behind the theft, he could recover the Xuan Core! Only by recovering the Xuan Core could his Tang Family build a foundation to preserve the Tang Family for the next hundred years!

Grandfather Tang’s eyes have turned red.

“Hong! Hong! Hong!” Tang Wanli charged forward alone, blocking all three attacks by those experts who were cooperating. He attacked without defending, just like an insane tiger!

For these men, killing a mere Qin Hu was not a problem. However, if they were to kill Grandfather Tang, that would be an act of declaring war with the entire Tianxiang Kingdom! This type of consequence was not something that any ordinary person could casually accept! Thus, Grandfather Tang had nothing to fear! For one moment, he was able to hold back three Earth Xuan ranked experts who were at the same stage!

The four of them came together, circling one another as they attacked. Everyone in the yard became unsettled as the dust rose around the four of them. The other two Earth Xuan experts from the Tang Family immediately joined in the fray to support the House Master. These six men exchanged killing blows while those below Earth Xuan were simply unable to interfere in the fight.

“Bring Qin Hu to safety first!” Grandfather Tang shouted out.

It was at this moment that a pale blue light shone out and a masked man in white suddenly appeared. In the darkness of the night, his contrasting white clothes made him particularly conspicuous. His demeanour was casual, as though he was simply taking a stroll, but his speed was quick to the extreme. The blue light flashed out and four wretched cries sounded out in unison. Four of the Hall Masters of Northern City Clan had their heads burst open, their bodies then falling down onto the ground!

Beginner stage Sky Xuan! A Sky Xuan expert!

The two hundred experts from the Tang Family swarmed around him, forming a heavy defensive line. However, it was completely disregarded by this man who simply moved forward as though he was unhindered. His body floated three zhangs (9.12m) up in the air. With a flash of blue light, Qin Xiaobao who was lying on the ground could only cry out once as the area between his chest and abdomen was smashed to pulp!

Grandfather Tang Wanli howled out. He turned and charged towards the man in white. The man in white looked at the incoming Grandfather Tang, his eyes which were filled with contempt flashed with a dazzling blue light. His palm shot out to greet Grandfather Tang’s attack, causing Grandfather Tang to retreat several paces. Grandfather Tang gave out a “heng”, his beard trembling. The man in white swirled in the air as he moved forth, repelling all the experts from the Tang Residence by simply using the domineering might of his xuan qi. Without looking to his back, he suddenly delivered a backhand strike.

The one behind him was none other than Qin Hu!

Qin Hu sprayed out mouthful of blood, hissing and crying out. “How… ruthless! Senior Duke Tang, this is the one who…” Before he could continue, he suddenly cried out miserably, his body falling softly onto the ground, not a single piece of his bones were left intact!

“Hehe…” The man in white lightly laughed before shouting in a low tone. “Let’s move!” The blue light burst out, causing all the men from the Tang Residence to stagger backwards. The three Earth Xuan ranked experts moved quickly towards the wall. With a flash of yellow radiance, all three men leapt over the walls and disappeared.

The man in white however remained standing on the wall, his white robes billowing gracefully in the wind. He cupped his hands and said in a refined tone. “Senior Duke Tang, I had no choice but to offend you today. Your nobility is renowned; I hope you will not take today’s incident to heart. May we meet again.” He laughed out. With a flash of blue light, his body rose to the skies and the night sky regained its dark tone.

Grandfather Tang clutched his chest and coughed out a number of times. He could feel that the man in white’s strength was truly impressive and had been going easy on him. Otherwise, the earlier palm would have been sufficient to deal a serious internal injury to him. Even though he realized this, Grandfather Tang could not help but tremble with fury!

Observing the corpses of Northern City Clan’s Qin Hu and his son and that of the four Hall Masters’ whose heads were burst open, Grandfather Tang felt his hands and feet turning cold.

A Sky Xuan expert like this should have appeared in my own family!

I am unable to accept it!

It was not easy for them to find this major clue. And yet, during the moment of success, someone suddenly appeared to cut it off. He had assembled the strongest two hundred men from the Tang Family. However, they could only stand and watch as their witness was silenced. Grandfather Tang himself had to accept a humiliating act of mercy from the enemy!

This was simply intolerable!

Watching Grandfather Tang gasping for breath, the surrounding men from the Tang Family all lowered their heads in shame.

Suddenly, a deep, imposing yet mournful pounding sound reverberated out throughout the sky from somewhere far away! It was like the billowing waves of the horizon, the muffled sound of thunder from the edge of the world; it slowly spread out with each beat bringing an image of storm crushing and world trampling momentum!

As this sound rose out, the atmosphere throughout the world seemed to have transformed into one of grievances and bloodshed! Even the darkness of the night was no exception, as it became even heavier!

The towering sound that had appeared so suddenly did not became slower due to the passage of time. It instead became louder and louder, eventually the sound resonated out from all four directions within Tianxiang City. It had begun as a slow deep pounding before growing in intensity, again and again until it turned into a huge flood, drowning all of the world within its rampant sound!

This is the thunderous sound produced from the drums of war! A prelude to a scene of carnage and bloodbath!

This is a ground splitting, sky shocking sound! It served as the spark that would bring forth the fires of war!

Generals Summoning Drum!

After decades of silence, in this quiet night, the highest form of command from the most powerful military family in Tianxiang Kingdom had suddenly begun rumbling again!

Whenever the Generals Summoning Drum was heard, it could only result in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood! Ten thousand cavalry and thousands of soldiers would begin rampaging, causing the demise of countless lives! It also meant that a portion of these soldiers would close their eyes forever while a small number of them would traverse the sea of blood and climb the mountain of corpses to claim a position of power!

Everywhere within the Tianxiang, countless soldiers woke up from their sleep with a start and they quickly get dressed. Within the eyes of these soldiers, a bloodthirsty flame burned brightly!

“This is Grand Marshall Jun’s Generals Summoning Drum!” One of the Earth Xuan experts from the Tang Family shouted out, causing everyone to become startled.

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