Otherworldly Evil Monarch

Chapter 70 – Rising Thunder

Chapter 070 Rising Thunder

The Housekeeper, Old Pang stretched out his hand and pulled a thin wire behind Jun Zhantian’s chair. An ear-piercing bell sound suddenly resounded through the Jun Residence’s courtyard. After that, he followed Jun Zhantian silently, his face cold and decisive.

He had already deduced what Jun Zhantian would do next, but he did not intend to stop him. Moreover, he had decided to accompany him! No complaints! No regrets!

Downstairs, a wheelchair was resting quietly. Jun Wuyi was seated upright upon it; his pair of sword like eyebrows exuded a murderous aura, which soared through the skies. His face remained expressionless as he watched his father walk down the stairs. Their eyes revealed the same determination as they turned around without speaking.

At this point, there was no need to say anything.

Tens of dark figures rushed over from all directions, standing quietly in rows of three in the courtyard. They calmly looked at Jun Zhantian. No matter what it was that Jun Zhantian planned to do, they would follow him… until the very end!

Within the shadows, countless others appeared like ghosts, assembling and awaiting their orders. All of Jun Family’s hidden forces have at this moment, been deployed without reservation…

Grandpa Jun stepped forward and said a few words in a low tone. The men within the shadows suddenly disappeared without a trace, just like blood being scattered across the skies. The whistling sound of the wind on the other hand seemed to have increased in intensity…

Jun Zhantian stood silently for a moment and inhaled deeply, taking in the fresh night air. However, he felt as though the air he inhaled was filled with a thick stench of blood, causing his heart to suffocate! Turning, he got up on a horse, his face was cold as iron, his red cape fluttering about in darkness, seemingly infused with blood.

The rest of them remained silent; each of them climbed up their horses and followed him. Jun Wuyi slapped his wheelchair with his hands and flew up into the air, landing on top of his horse. Flicking the reins, he urged his horse forward and followed them.

Moments later, Jun Zhantian was seated upon the stage of the military grounds. Outside, the sound of forty drums were slowly on the rise…

As the drums boomed out, men constantly donned their military uniforms, armours and helmets. Picking up their weapons, they galloped towards the military grounds on their horses! Once they reached the military grounds, they dismounted and stood as straight as a spear!

The number of men on the grounds increased, but none of them said a word. They all stared attentively at Jun Zhantian who was seated upon the chair of the Grand Marshall, their eyes exuded an unmatched blaze of fanaticism!

Old Marshall! It has been too long… too long since we have heard the pounding sound of this Generals Summoning Drum! The raging fires of a hundred battles… we have missed it!

The sound of drums stopped!

The many generals stood attentively on the military grounds. On both sides, dozens of banners flapped about in the wind, creating “hula” sounds, resembling that of the mournful weeping of a thousand people!

Jun Zhantian stood up, walked to the front side of the stage and asked as he gave everyone a sharp gaze. “Is anyone absent here?”

“Everyone has arrived! We are all awaiting Senior Marshall’s orders!” The hundreds of them chanted simultaneously.

“Very well! Tonight, this old man will move the land and shake the skies!” Jun Zhantian’s sharp eyes burst out with murderous intent.

“All captains, listen up!”


“Chen Zhounan!”


“You are to marshal your forces and hold the West Gate! Without my orders, no one is allowed to leave the city! Once a riot is discovered, send out your troops to suppress it!” Jun Zhantian placed a great emphasis on the words “no one”.


“Jun Nianfeng!”


“You are in charge of the East Gate!”


“Zhan Jitian!”


“North Gate!”


“Chan Linyu!”


“South Gate!”

“The rest of you will follow me…”

A series of commands were issued. Every one of them stepped forth to accept the token of command before turning and leave. Not a single one of them asked for a reason! All of them had served under Jun Zhantian before and made up the backbone of the Jun Family’s military power. They would obediently obey any orders from Jun Zhantian without question!

Even if it meant their deaths!

This was especially true for Chen Zhounan, Zhan Jitian, Chan Linyu and Jun Nianfeng. The four of them were Grandpa Jun’s most competent great generals! They are also a group of wild, prideful iron blooded war maniacs. The only one who could give orders to them is Jun Zhantian. Regardless of right or wrong, they would execute the commands to the end! These four form the backbone of the Jun Family’s military power!

As the generals received their commands one after another, Jun Zhantian’s eyes turned colder.

Moxie, just watch as grandpa takes revenge for you! Tonight, those that were your enemies, those that are suspects, all of them must pay…

As the sound of the drums was resounding…

Within the palace, the Emperor of Tianxiang Kingdom, Yang Huaiyu woke up from his sleep with a start, and asked. “What is that sound?” His Majesty, the Emperor who is at the prime of his life and had once been plagued with many military problems felt an inexplicable sense of crisis! It felt as though a sky-shattering event was occurring.

Outside, a feminine voice replied. “Reporting to Your Majesty, it seemed to be… the sound of war drums.”

“Sound of war drums?” The Emperor frowned, but suddenly became shocked. “War drums? Generals Summoning Drum!” His face turned pale! He rolled out of bed and draped himself with only a cloak over his inner clothes before walking out of the room. He stopped and listened attentively, his face turning heavy.

Jun Zhantian!

With just a moment, the Emperor was able to deduce that this was the sound of Jun Zhantian’s war drums! Jun Zhantian’s Generals Summoning Drum was the only one within the city that could produce such a spectacular, yet tragic sound! It was also only Jun Zhantian’s war drums that could produce such an imagery of power and influence; enough to shake the entirety of Tianxiang Kingdom!

“What happened today? What do I not know?” The Emperor’s face turned sullen as he slowly asked. At the current, no matter what he chooses to do, he must maintain a state of tranquillity and not become anxious. Only by first finding out what had transpired would he understand why Jun Zhantian would drum the Generals Summoning Drum at this time! It was only after knowing all these would he be able to take the appropriate measures to resolve the problem.

“This one does not know,” The six palace attendants went on their knees, none of them able to answer the question.

“Go find out!”

“Reporting to Your Majesty, this one remembers that one long hour ago, Princess Ling Meng had requested an audience with Your Majesty. I am uncertain the reason for her request,” An eunuch stepped forward from behind the Emperor and answered in a feminine manner.

“Ling Meng? What happened to her? Ling Meng have always been well behaved. Unless something major had happened, she would not disturb me at such a late hour! Why didn’t anyone report it to me? Who was so presumptuous to the point of interfering with my matters?” The Emperor realized something out of place here.

“…” The eunuch remained silent, his eyes drifting towards the bedchambers.

“Quickly summon Ling Meng over!”


“Concubine Meng! Get out here now!” The Emperor shouted out in fury. A beauty whose body was covered only in a layer of translucent cloth came out and knelt on the floor.

“Answer me, why was Ling Meng looking for me? Why did you stop her?” The Emperor’s eyes were like ice, devoid of warmth.

“The Princess… she said that someone tried to assassinate her, but I, I saw that she was not hurt and was able to talk in her usual manner, so I believed that she was only being mischievous. In addition, Your Majesty was already asleep, this concubine… dared not disturb you,” Concubine Meng answered as she trembled.

“My daughter suffered from an assassination attempt and you stopped her from meeting her father, and you had the gall to say that she was being mischievous? Hehe… You are quite the considerate concubine,” His Majesty said in a gentle voice, seemingly undisturbed by everything that had occurred. But Concubine Meng who was kneeling on the ground started trembling all over. She knew that once His Majesty used such a kind of voice to speak, it meant that someone’s head was about to roll!

The Emperor moved forward and gently whispered into her ear. “I know that someone like you would not have the guts to do something like this. However, whatever it is that your master had promised you, it would never be accomplished. I will also ensure that he fails to accomplish it!” Concubine Meng was suddenly overwhelmed with fear and stared with wide-open eyes, her body slumping onto the floor.

“Men, bring Concubine Meng away and have her sent into the Cold Palace! No one is allowed to come in contact with her!” The Emperor’s face remained calm as he declared the fate of Concubine Meng who had once stood above thousands.

“Imperial Father!” Princess Ling Meng rushed towards the Emperor; her hair was still in a bit of a mess.

“Do not be nervous, just tell me what had happened today. Come, talk to your father, make sure you tell me every detail,” The Emperor smiled kindly as he looked at his daughter, as though nothing had happened earlier; the chilling coldness within his eyes was already completely concealed.

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