Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 400 - In-Name Disciple (1)

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Sparks flew. The hammering sound pounded on everyone’s mind. The few blacksmiths’ lips twitched as they watched Ye Qingtang hammer carelessly.

The Tower Sky Sword is a divine weapon. Does this girl’s heart not ache when messing around with it!

Elder Mo frowned slightly. If not for the fact that others could not repair the Tower Sky Sword, he would definitely not allow Ye Qingtang to act recklessly.

Amongst everyone, only the elderly and the incharge watched intently. Energetic, they came together and pointed at Ye Qingtang’s actions while discussing relentlessly.

“This girl indeed has skills. This hammer was at the right spot.”

Seeing that Ye Qingtang flattened the blade with a hammer, Elder Mo’s brows twitched, and he could only try his best to ignore the elderly’s unceasing praises.

As Ye Qingtang hammered, the originally-broken blades merged with the melted materials.

Upon seeing that the broken blade was slowly polished sharp, the blacksmiths, initially scornful, became increasingly shocked immediately.

How could it be?

Unknowingly, those blacksmiths straightened themselves, and they watched Ye Qingtang with full concentration.

When Ye Qingtang was done polishing, she placed the Tower Sky Sword into the water to cool, and a sizzle could be heard.

Ye Qingtang removed the Tower Sky Sword and drew a stroke with it. Water droplets scattered around as she danced with the sword, but everyone’s eyes never left the Tower Sky Sword an inch.

“Really… repaired?” The dumbfounded blacksmiths rubbed their eyes in disbelief. If they had not personally witnessed it, they would never believe that such a young little girl actually had the ability to repair the Tower Sky Sword that even the incharge was unable to repair!

After confirming that the Tower Sky Sword was finished repairing, Ye Qingtang wiped off the water and placed it back in the box before handing it back to Elder Mo.

“Your sword, Elder Mo.”

Astonishment flashed across Elder Mo’s eyes. Looking at the flawless Tower Sky Sword in the box, he fell into a trance.

The elderly at a side laughed. “I really did not judge you wrongly, little girl. Your forging skills are amazing!”

Ye Qingtang smiled but did not claim any credit. She bowed to Elder Mo and the rest and was about to leave.


“Hold on.”

Elder Mo looked at the Tower Sky Sword in the box and hid the surprised expression in his eyes before turning to face Ye Qingtang.

“Do you have anything orders, Elder Mo?” Ye Qingtang asked.

Elder Mo watched the young girl before him. He had his doubts when conversing with the elderly earlier, but at that very instant, he witnessed her skills himself, and it verified that the elderly was not lying. He took a breather secretly and said, “Ye Qingtang, I am willing to accept you as my in-name disciple. What do you think about it?”

Elder Mo’s words brought the blacksmiths back to reality. The astonished expressions in their eyes were replaced with smiles as they looked at Ye Qingtang.

Elder Mo had a rather high position amongst the inner sect elders, and being his disciple was unimaginable to many disciples.

Although it was only an in-name disciple and not an official disciple, she would receive guidance from Elder Mo as an in-name disciple under him. With Elder Mo’s state of cultivation, it was already an extremely great favor to obtain just a few words of guidance. This was an opportunity that others would not have no matter how they prayed!

Even the incharge and elderly had a smile in their eyes.

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