Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor

Chapter 402 - In-Name Disciple (3)

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Ye Qingtang’s lips twitched slightly. At this instant, she dared to confirm that the old imp before her was definitely not the prestigious and respectable Grand Elder!

“What do you wish to ask for, senior?”

The elderly giggled. He suddenly took out a stack of blueprints from his space ring and pulled Ye Qingtang to the anvil by her wrist before spreading out the blueprint.

There was a drawing of an extremely sophisticated crossbow.

“Little girl, I’ve had the blueprint of this Daybreak Crossbow for a long time and could not find anyone to forge it. I see that you’re pretty gifted. Are you interested to study this with me and make the crossbow? If you can forge it, it can be considered that you’ve returned my favor,” the elderly said excitedly.

Ye Qingtang’s expression stiffened.

This old imp was prepared for this!

Even if Ye Qingtang did not want to waste time on it, she was not in a position to say anything and could only brace herself. “Since this is your wish, I am willing to try.”

“Good, good, good… Come here. Let’s see what materials are more suitable for this Daybreak Crossbow.” After obtaining Ye Qingtang’s promise, the elderly was like a child who gained a new toy and happily dragged Ye Qingtang to discuss.

The blacksmiths at a side turned pale from shock, and they looked at the incharge uniformly with nervousness filled in their eyes.

Incharge, why are you still not doing anything! How could His Excellency play around with a disciple!

However, the incharge shook his head at them, hinting at them to not say anything. Only after that did those blacksmiths retreated silently.

The incharge looked at the elderly who was studying the Daybreak Crossbow together with Ye Qingtang and could not help but let out a laugh as he shook his head.

Really… Since you admire Ye Qingtang so much, you could just make an exception and accept her as a disciple. Why must you persuade Elder Mo to accept her?


Reconsidering his identity, the incharge felt it was better for Elder Mo to accept Ye Qingtang instead. Otherwise, even if she was just an in-name disciple, as long as she was accepted by this man, the entire Xuanling Sect would be startled.

Speaking bluntly, the entire Sword Spirit Workshop was built only because of this man’s interest. In the world, perhaps not many would expect such a respectable person to actually be so infatuated with forging. Only an extremely few people knew about this.

At that thought, the incharge did not interrupt the elderly’s interest and went on with his work after looking for a while.

On the other side, the elderly was still selecting materials to forge the Daybreak Crossbow with Ye Qingtang. Then, the two of them began arguing.

“How about the black gold meteorite iron?” The elderly suggested. He still could not get his mind off the dagger that Ye Qingtang forged with the black gold meteorite iron that day and wished that he could forge one as well.

The corners of Ye Qingtang’s lips twitched. This Daybreak Crossbow was not small and had an intricate design. If black gold meteorite iron were really used to forge the armament, it would waste quite an amount.

You’re really speaking loudly and speaking loudly.

“It’s better to use Qingxuan Steel,” Ye Qingtang said patiently.

Ye Qingtang explained, but that elderly seemed to be smitten with black gold meteorite iron as he continued to mumble about it.

“No! We must use black gold meteorite iron.” Disapproval was written all over the elderly’s face.

Ye Qingtang felt a headache. “If you’re so insistent on it, I have no choice as well… However, I can only back out from the forging subsequently.” Although the black gold meteorite iron was good, it was not suitable for all weapons.

The elderly was anxious after seeing how Ye Qingtang was going to quit the job and said immediately, “Ah… Wait… Qingxuan Steel then Qingxuan Steel. Why are you so obstinate?”

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