Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 664 - Bristled with Anger for a Beauty

Chapter 664 Bristled with Anger for a Beauty

Qi Minlan thought for a moment. “Chenxi, have you gotten into any trouble?” 1

“I, even if I did something, it was nothing.” Qiu Chenxi was confident. Yes, she had hired a group of people to give Qiao Nan a thrashing, but Qiao Nan escaped unscathed.

Furthermore, those people had already left with her money. Even if Qiao Nan reported to the police, it would be useless. A night had passed. The police officers would not come all the way to their house over such a small matter.

“It’s good that it’s not you.” Qi Minlan trusted her daughter. Since she had said so, she did not ask anymore.

“But what is the situation now? Mom, should we go down and take a look?” Qiu Chenxi felt uneasy. Given the Qiu family’s status, the police officers usually would not come to their house.

“Of course we have to take a look.” Qi Minlan sneered. There were only a few of them at the Qiu family. Since Chenxi had not committed a mistake, and it was unlikely that it was her parents-in-law, the only person left would be Qiu Qin.

Thinking of Qiu Qin’s betrayal, Qi Minlan was not the least worried now that he was in trouble. In fact, she was thrilled.

She did not need to do anything and the Qiu family was already in trouble.

“Lan Lan, Qiu Qin has been taken away by the police officers. Call your brother now and ask what is going on. Qiu Qin has always been honest. How could this happen?” Her parents-in-law looked anxious and worried, at a loss. They grabbed Qi Minlan as if she was their only hope now, hoping that she could rescue Qiu Qin as soon as possible.

Qi Minlan shrugged her hand away. “Dad, what you are saying? I have no idea what Qiu Qin has done. I am not sure whether he is innocent. I don’t even know what happened, so how am I supposed to ask my brother for help?”

“Lan Lan, you are Qiu Qin’s wife. You must help him.” Grandma Qiu was at an advanced age. She had a terrible shock when she saw her son being taken away by others.

Qi Minlan sneered covertly. A few days ago, they called her by her full name, yet now, when they needed her help, they addressed her affectionately.

“Dad, Mom, as long as Qiu Qin is innocent, it will be alright. Even if he is asked to go to the police station, at most, it is only to aid in the investigation. Qiu Qin is your son. You should know him. Think about it. Has he done anything recently that could be used by others against him?”

“This…” Grandma Qiu hesitated.

But it would be impossible for everyone who worked in the government to be completely upright. They more or less had a few problems, but it was alright as long as it was not too much.

Therefore, whatever Qiu Qin had done was enough to warrant an investigation, but it would not cause much harm.

Apart from that, Grandma Qiu could not think of any other things that her son did that was wrong.

Grandma Qiu could not understand, but Old Master Qiu knew what Qi Minlan was referring to. His expression darkened. He never expected that Qi Minlan would have a change of heart now. She was such an ingrate. To think that both of them had treated Qi Minlan kindly! “Fine, I will handle Qiu Qin’s affairs by myself!”

Even if the country was strict on ensuring that the officials were upright and followed the code of ethics, he believed that whatever Qiu Qin had done would not amount to serious offenses.

Qi Minlan and the Shi family were unwilling to help?

He could not be bothered to ask them!

“Old man?” Grandma Qiu looked at Old Master Qiu helplessly. If he had a way, her son would not be taken away. “Old Master, don’t act in a fit of anger.” Nothing was more important than their son, Qiu Qin.

“Rest assured. I know what I’m doing.” Old Master Qiu refused to resign to circumstances. It had been so many years. He did not believe that the Qiu family had to seek the Shi family’s help when they encountered problems.

It was no wonder that Qi Minlan was ill-disciplined and out of control at their house. It was time to let Qi Minlan understand that they did not need to count on her.

As soon as Qiu Qin was invited to a drink by the police officers, Qiao Nan and Shi Qing were informed of the news by Shi Peng, who was about to be discharged from the army.

Though Shi Qing felt thrilled at the news, she had her doubts. “Dad, Qiu Chenxi was already shameless enough to find trouble for Qiao Nan and me before. Now that the Qiu family is in a mess, and Qiu Chenxi’s temper is similar to my auntie’s, will my auntie come to the Qiao family’s residence to make trouble for us?”

Once bitten, twice shy.

Shi Qing had a taste of Qiu Chenxi’s crazy antics. Hence, she was not hopeful that Qi Minlan would be rational. But it was not right of her to always implicate the Qiao family.

“Don’t worry, it won’t happen,” Shi Peng said with certainty. “Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi are not in the same situation. Alright, tell Qiao Nan not to worry. She may not be as worried as you. What happened to Qiu Qin… I suppose it’s Zhai Sheng who is standing up for her. But Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi failed to understand the seriousness of this matter.”

When the nest was overturned, no egg stayed unbroken.

Right then, Shi Peng fully understood that it was not a good thing that a person’s path was too smooth-sailing

Qi Minlan was the best example. Since a young age, she did not suffer any setbacks. Hence, she was rude and impetuous and would do things her own way without careful consideration. 1

“They certainly don’t understand. They probably thought that without the Qiu family, they still have the Shi family.” However, after her father left the army, the Shi family would no longer have any power and influence. “Dad, I won’t chat with you anymore. I will hang up now.”


“You have also heard that the Qiu family is going to be down on their luck.” Now that Brother Zhai had records of his wrongdoings, her uncle had no chance to start over.

“One’s successes and failures are both due to the same person.” Qiao Nan sighed. Qiu Qin had to attribute his successes to Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi. But right now, they were the reason he fell from grace. “What do you think Qi Minlan and Qiu Chenxi will do now that the Qiu family is down on their luck? Will they leave Ping Cheng?”

Qiao Nan was, in fact, wary of the mother-daughter pair that was rash and reckless in their actions and did as they pleased.

“God knows. Anyway, now that Qiu Qin is in trouble, the Qiu family will be affected badly as well. It will not be easy for Qiu Chenxi to continue with her arrogant and despotic ways and to hire people to ambush us. It has not been long since the Qiu family has gotten into trouble. My auntie and Qiu Chenxi will not have realized anything amiss. By the time they realize that everyone in their circle has steered clear of them, they will be fearful and regretful of their behavior.”

Shi Qing felt helpless to have such relatives.

“But then again, you should be happy. My dad said the reason why the Qiu family is down on their luck is because of Brother Zhai.” This should be the way. Brother Zhai should give them some warning lest the people in the Qiu family had an exaggerated opinion of their abilities, and regarded themselves as the ‘local tyrant’ of Ping Cheng. “What’s there to be happy about? I am worried sick. Hopefully, Brother Zhai will not get himself into trouble for what he did to the Qiu family. If so…” Qiao Nan smiled bitterly.

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