Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 668 - Over-Emphasis on Trivial Matters

In actual fact, Qiao Nan felt more troubled than Shi Qing regarding that small sum of money that Qiao Dongliang gave to Qiao Zijin.

As she felt that she could no longer continue to attempt the questions, Qiao Nan simply went to bed. If she continued to sit around, she would only space out. Hence, she might as well lie in bed and sleep, replenishing her energy.

Qiao Nan was troubled that Qiao Zijin would use the money that Qiao Dongliang gave her to deal against her. On the other hand, when Qiao Zijin, upon boarding the car, opened the bag of items and saw the money inside, her eyes were full of disdain. “He doesn’t even feel ashamed to give me so little money. It’s so easy to be a father. No matter what, it’s better that I spend it than leave it to Qiao Nan.”

Having said that, Qiao Zijin happily put away the money and no longer minded the quantity of it. As long as she was spending what belonged to Qiao Nan and took more of it, Qiao Nan would have less. She would feel happy then.

‘Qiao Nan, do not be anxious. I would be taking the college entrance examination in half a year’s time. When that time comes, the two of us sisters would then ‘bond’ with each other.’

Time passed by as quickly as the blink of an eye.

“Qiao Nan, it’ll be our turn to take the college entrance examination during this time next year. What are your thoughts on this?” It was now July and the weather was hot. Most were reluctant to go out at the sight of the vicious-looking sun outside.

Shi Qing was not worried about other things. She did not wish for much but she was hoping for more storms and rains so that the weather would be cooler when it was her turn to take the college entrance examination next year. If the sun was so bright, she was afraid that she would suffer heatstroke and not be able to concentrate on the examinations.

“Any thoughts?” Qiao Nan raised her brows. “What kind of thoughts can I have? Just take the exams properly.” Time passed so quickly. It was already July. Qiao Zijin would be having her college entrance examination during this time.

At the thought of Qiao Zijin’s grades in her previous life, Qiao Nan did not harbor much hope for Qiao Zijin. Whether she scored well or badly, that was Qiao Zijin’s own matter.

“Furthermore, we still have another half a year to go anyway. We have basically finished learning the contents of the core curriculum. Thereafter, we’ll have to see how the teacher conducts the revision.” During this period, Qiao Nan strictly followed her study plan. She not only successfully completed the core curriculum of high school but also memorized all the contents of the Oxford Dictionary.

She dared not say that she had it all at her fingertips but she had certainly memorized most of the knowledge and content.

“You’re the greatest pervert.” At the thought of that exaggerated study plan of Qiao Nan, Shi Qing expressed that Qiao Nan was not a human being. Even if it was a machine, there would be times whereby it would be broken and needed repair. Qiao Nan did not seem to have any such moment. That persistence and motivation of hers were truly frightening.

Nevertheless, her father kept saying that someone with a character like Qiao Nan would attain success easily. Furthermore, if Qiao Nan was not someone that was strong-willed and determined, she must have suffered very badly before. Otherwise, a child of Qiao Nan’s age would not have been able to do what she did.

“Thank you for your praise.” Qiao Nan was very used to the one or two words of pervert that popped out of Shi Qing’s mouth. “Right, ever since you transferred to Ping Cheng High School, your results have been quite good. Your name should be on the list of students who are guaranteed admission to college,


“Yes, but I rejected.” Shi Qing was yawning. “Even you’re not willing to be guaranteed admission, so why would I be eager to do so? Whoever is interested can go ahead. However, I heard that the students from your class one are very grateful to you.” During the year, the reputation of Teacher Xiao Qiao had been rising.

In the past, only the second-year class one’s students would address Qiao Nan as such. Now, almost all the students from the second-year cohort addressed Qiao Nan as ‘teacher’.

The revision materials that Qiao Nan came up with would definitely be treated like the bible by the students of the second-year cohort. They would revise it thoroughly. That enthusiasm and importance that they placed on the materials exceeded that of the main pointers and summary given by the teachers.

Fortunately, the teachers were not petty. Otherwise, it would be embarrassing to have their limelight being stolen by their own student.


The most amazing thing to Shi Qing was that the third-year students did not address Qiao Nan as their junior. Instead, they addressed her by her name, Qiao Nan. It was as though Qiao Nan belonged to their cohort.

As for the first-year students, they treated Qiao Nan’s notes as treasures. They would cherish any belonging of Qiao Nan that they could get hold of. They would then pray with it and believe that they could certainly receive some luck and influence from the top student. They were simply going mad.

It was good that, although Qiao Nan wished very much to earn money, she would never harbor these ideas.

Otherwise, Qiao Nan only needed to sell everything that she had used before. Perhaps she could even gain enough profits to pay for half the medical expenses of Qiao Dongliang’s surgery and hospitalization.

With such a situation, how could Shi Qing not call this amazing?

Which school were they studying at? They were studying at Ping Cheng High School, the second-best high school in Ping Cheng. They were comparable to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China now.

Everyone knew that the principals of the two schools were looking forward to next year’s college entrance examination. Principal Meng was hoping that there would be a swap of the school ranking between the top and second places.

Regarding this, everyone was aware. However, the outsiders did not know that, in actual fact, the competition had already begun this year.

The reason Qiao Nan had been cramping books during the period when the third-year students were having their college entrance examination was that Qiao Nan had been ‘forcefully recruited’ previously.

In the past two years, Qiao Nan had been very famous in the school for her ability to spot questions. Even the principal and teachers had heard about it.

The questions for the monthly mini examinations could be set by her own teachers. However, everyone would attempt the same papers for the middle school examination and final term examinations. Hence, Qiao Nan could not possibly be aware of the likes of the teachers who set the questions. Furthermore, she did not even know which teachers would be setting them.

Despite that, Qiao Nan’s accuracy rate in spotting questions was still very high.

Hence, Principal Meng decided to ‘cheat’ a little for the college entrance examination this year.

In other schools, the revisions for the third-year students were all conducted by the teachers. But not for Ping Cheng High School. Last week’s revisions at Ping Cheng High School were conducted by Qiao Nan for her seniors.

As such, although the third-year students addressed Qiao Nan by her name, she was steadily assuming the position of ‘Teacher Xiao Qiao’ in Ping Cheng High School.

There was only one week left. The teachers had long completed their normal revisions according to schedule. The principal thus handed this last week to Qiao Nan for her to ‘mess around’.

Qiao Nan had initially wanted to decline. This kind of matter would put her in great limelight. Furthermore, it was too unbelievable.

A second-year student conducting revisions for the third-year students would be a laughingstock to outsiders. It was enough that the third-year students could not be compared to the second-year students. Would the revision materials prepared by the teachers be worse than that of a student?

Qiao Nan, who had been forced to do this, spent three days, suffered panda eyes, and came up with four test papers for her third-year seniors.

The tragedy was that there were also science subjects. Four papers for humanities and four papers for science. In the end, Qiao Nan had to come up with eight papers in total to help spot the questions for the third-year students.

The only requirement that Qiao Nan had for the four test papers was that everyone had to attempt the papers on their own. No discussion was allowed. Subsequently, they could not compare answers with one another. The strict regulations were no different from that of a formal examination.

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