Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief

Chapter 669 - Heaven’s Wish to Perish Him at the School

Chapter 669 Heaven’s Wish to Perish Him at the School

The requirements were the same as the formal examination but there would be no separate examination halls or seats. Throughout the entire process of attempting the questions, one had to be independent and rely on their own integrity.

It was already an opportunistic behavior to spot the questions before the examination.

Qiao Nan felt that, as third-year students, it would be meaningless for her to help spot the questions if they did not even possess a sense of integrity.

Spotting questions might not be spotting the exact questions but the same kind of questions. If they relied on copying, they could copy for one question. However, if the description or measurement unit in the questions were altered, then the ‘copycats’ would simply be dumbfounded.

Initially, when the teachers heard of Qiao Nan’s plan, they were a little hesitant. The requirements were the same as that of the formal examination but the enforcement was not as strict. If they did not change classrooms and separate the tables, would it work out? After all, they were still a bunch of kids. There were both outstanding and poor students.

Nevertheless, Principal Meng gave an overriding decision and approved Qiao Nan’s arrangement.

This method of Qiao Nan had the same logic as the normal circumstances where the teachers taught lessons in class.

Regardless of how well the teacher taught and how greatly they appealed to the students, if the student was reluctant to learn or their heart was not into learning, the best teacher could have a student with poor grades. After all, there was no one-size-fits-all solution to teaching now. It was all customized.

The situation of a second-year student spotting questions for the third-year student was already unbelievable. If the third-year students did not even have this sense of self-awareness, then Principal Meng felt that these students were not deserving of the efforts put in by Qiao Nan.

Besides, to convince the third-year students, Principal Meng had made arrangements for Qiao Nan to participate in the final term examination with them in the first semester.

The difference was that the humanities and science students only needed to take the examinations for their respective subjects but Qiao Nan had to take the examinations for both the humanities and science subjects. She then had to put up her grades on the notice board.

It was only until that moment that the students in Ping Cheng High School found out how perverted Qiao Nan, the top student, was.

She was clearly a second-year student but her grades were actually not worse than that of the third-year students. She could even be considered as one of the top students in the third year. At most, it was just that she did not clinch the top place in the cohort.

Even though Qiao Nan was not the top scorer in the cohort, everyone dared not underestimate her. Those who scored better than her were fearful of her existence.

Qiao Nan was one year younger. That meant Qiao Nan had already self-studied all the curriculum of the third-year studies.

Qiao Nan relied on her own effort to study and participated in the examination of the third-year students. In the end, she scored better than those third-year students who had attended formal classes. Such a difference was akin to that between a genius and a fool.

Furthermore, all of Qiao Nan scores were rather perverted for both science and humanities subjects!!!

In other words, Qiao Nan had studied one year less. She could effectively skip to the third year and take the college entrance examination with them and then be admitted to a top tier university.

As seniors who were older than Qiao Nan by a year, they expressed that they did not even know for sure if they could be admitted to a top tier university, whereas their junior scored even better than them. They were thus very ashamed.

They were students studying in a single course, yet they did not even score well for the subjects. On the contrary, their junior received wonderful grades for both courses. As seniors, they were really ashamed.

As such, when the principal let Qiao Nan spot the questions for the third-year students, the students were more convinced and willing to accept it.

Initially, all the teachers who gave out the revision test papers to the students taking part in the college entrance examination were quite worried. They were afraid that the enforcement rules set by Qiao Nan was too forgiving and some ‘mischievous’ students would flout the regulations and carry out some ‘cheap tricks’.

Miraculously, it seemed that nothing of such happened in the entire third-year cohort of students. Everyone was conscientiously attempting the revision test papers set by Qiao Nan. That serious attitude displayed was comparable to that at the final term examination.

This outcome was something all the teachers did not expect.

From the students’ attitude, it was not difficult to tell that although the third-year seniors felt embarrassed to address Qiao Nan as Teacher Xiao Qiao, the respect they held for her was less than that for the form teachers.

As one would have imagined, Qiao Nan was the one who had the greatest limelight in the entire Ping Cheng High School this semester.

Because of this, Shi Qing simply laughed at Qiao Nan that the latter had become addicted to teaching since she taught in the army.

“I also rejected it.” Qiao Nan had the ability to be admitted to a top tier university. Hence, among all names in the guaranteed admission list, Shi Qing’s grades were comparable to that of Qiao Nan. After the streaming of classes in the second year, Shi Qing regained the position of the top scorer in the cohort.

In view of this, both Qiao Nan and Shi Qing’s names were in Ping Cheng High School’s list of students who were guaranteed admission to a top tier university.

The unexpected yet unsurprising thing was that, facing such a good offer, these two top scorers in the cohort adopted the same stance of declining the offer.

“I’ve guessed it.” Qiao Nan smiled gently. “Both of us rejected. There will be more chances for other students in the humanities and science courses to be on the list. Nevertheless, Principal Meng, and not these schoolmates, is the one that feels most happy about this.”

“That’s for sure.” Shi Qing snorted proudly. “Both of us will be taking the college entrance examination. There will be a chance for us to compete for the top scorer of humanities and science in Ping Cheng. If both the top scorers come from Ping Cheng High School, the school will definitely rise to fame and become a top tier high school in Ping Cheng. When that time comes, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China will drop to second place. It will be a fact that cannot be changed.”

Shi Qing was aware that Ping Cheng High School and The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China were competing with each other.

Previously, Shi Qing was spurred by Qiu Chenxi to come to Ping Cheng. Principal Wei of The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China heard about Shi Qing’s outstanding academic performance. He had pulled strings in the hope of transferring Shi Qing to his school instead of Ping Cheng High School. He warmly and formally invited Shi Qing to admit to The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

Principal Wei only intended for one thing. Qiao Nan’s cohort in Ping Cheng High School and Qiao Nan herself were really too brilliant.

To maintain the school’s current position in Ping Cheng, he had to find a student as brilliant as Qiao Nan to compete with her. Shi Qing was the one that Principal Wei had his eyes on.

To Principal Wei’s utmost grieve and resentment, regardless of how he persuaded and hold her back, Shi Qing would not change her mind and insisted to go to Ping Cheng High School to compete with Qiao Nan directly.

Toward the favorable conditions that Principal Wei offered to her, Shi Qing did not even care.

Given her birth status, she did not lack anything. She thus did not need the school to provide her with anything.

Principal Meng did not know that Shi Qing was transferred to Ping Cheng High School because of Qiao Nan. It could be said that Shi Qing was ‘brought in’ by Qiao Nan.

Initially, after Principal Wei missed the chance to admit Qiao Nan to his school, he consoled himself that although Qiao Nan’s grades were good, she had many issues. If she lost her usual ability to perform during the college entrance examination, it was still possible that she would flunk the examinations.

Having seen the behavior of Qiao Zijin and Ding Jiayi, Principal Wei had felt that it might not be peaceful for Qiao Nan when she took the college entrance examination. This saying was not exaggerated at all.

However, after Shi Qing went to Ping Cheng High School because of Qiao Nan, Principal Wei had to cry.

His school could not even find someone that could compete on the same grounds as Qiao Nan. Now, with Shi Qing’s presence, it was simply heaven’s wish to perish him at The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

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