Refining the Mountains and Rivers

Chapter 547B – The Beam of Light from the Skies

Before it could finish its thoughts, a stabbing pain spread through its entire consciousness. Like a blazing star that had reached the end of its lifespan, all of that light and heat and matter suddenly caved in fiercely, absorbed and swallowed away, leaving behind a black point that could not be seen.

A blinding white beam of light tore through space. It arrived from beyond the highest heavens, the dazzling pure white light making everyone feel just what lowly and humble creatures they actually were.

Those that gathered in the skies above the Endless Sea were all great figures of the Demonic Path. Many of them had stepped into the Calamity Immortal realm, overseeing the world below them. Now, these people suddenly felt something they hadn’t felt in a long, long time. It was just like when they first started walking down their road of cultivation and their souls trembled when they faced a superior powerhouse.

Of course, this low and humble feeling didn’t refer to just strength, but the disparity of standing on utterly different levels. This white beam of light that descended from above the highest havens made those present feel as if there were several boundaries of difference between them.

Pure white, brilliant, dazzling, radiant. It wasn’t too thick, but it seemed boundless and vast, as if this thin beam of light somehow covered the entire skies. Countless eyes watched as this pillar of white light crashed into the cold ice of the Endless Sea, thoroughly smashing it apart!


When Qin Yu suddenly stopped, Hai Lanlan felt a strength that left her frightened and in despair. Its terrifying strength was vast and limitless, as if the world itself was crashing down around her. Because of her own special characteristics, Hai Lanlan immediately understood that they were all going to die.

Let alone that it was only the four of them against such a formidable strength, even if the entire Holy Nether Guard were to appear here and resist with all their strength, they would still be completely killed off.

The road of Sea Burial…it was only a road of death where the Holy Nether Guard was to be buried. There had never been even the smallest chance of success.

This was ten chances of death and no chances of survival. Why use such a despairing and hopeless situation to give the Holy Nether Guard an impossible hope, constantly tempting them to their own death?

The fear in Hai Lanlan’s heart soon turned to anger. Her entire body shook. Then, she erupted. Her hair instantly turned clear blue and her ice cold eyes seemed to become a microcosm of the surrounding sea.

Layers upon layers of rippling waves suddenly appeared and surrounded her. It was like they were serving her as Empress, following her will to resist the destructive strength pushing against her from all around. But her cultivation was unable to support such a high level outburst of power to begin with. It continued for several breaths of time before it started to collapse.

Her cold eyes filled with despair. She didn’t fear death, but she wasn’t resigned to dying here, not yet. She wanted to leave the sea and ask those aloof figures in the Holy Palace why they were so cruel to the Holy Nether Guard. On what basis did they need to suffer like this?

Blood flowed out from her nose and mouth. Her field of vision started to blur and darken. Hai Lanlan forced herself to remain awake. She knew that once she closed her eyes, she would never open them again.

As her surroundings darkened, she subconsciously looked towards Qin Yu. This was a man she had never been able to figure out. She wanted to know what sort of expression he would make at the end. Did he regret his choice?

What Hai Lanlan saw was a calm face. Her eyebrows furrowed a little. There was dignity in his expression, solemnity, as well as respect. But there was no fear. Not even a bit.

She was surprised for a short period of time. She didn’t know why, but her dreary mood recovered a great deal. Perhaps she had been shaken by how calm Qin Yu was in the face of death.

Hai Lanlan couldn’t help but acknowledge that the current Qin Yu possessed a rare charm to him. What a pity, she had discovered it too late. As some regret lingered in her heart, she saw Qin Yu lift his right hand.

Was he thinking of struggling one last time? He was indeed worthy of being a man she admired. Even at this stage he could maintain his formidable heart that never gave up.

Of course, this was only because of her shift in mentality. If this were Hai Lanlan’s previous attitude, she might have secretly despised Qin Yu’s attempts at doing so. Hey, you want to struggle before you die? Don’t you think that’s tiring?

To sum it up, if you like what you see, it doesn’t matter what they do.

However, even if you want to put up a final resistance, shouldn’t you be using all your strength? What is the meaning of only lifting a hand? As confusion flashed in Hai Lanlan’s eyes, another thought popped up. Did he have another card in his hand? But she soon mocked herself for thinking this. She said she didn’t fear death, but when death truly arrived, it was still in her instinct to seek survival no matter how low the possibility was.

She thought to how at this moment, those in Holy Nether City were likely still able to see what was happening here. Hai Lanlan took a deep breath and tried to calm herself, telling herself that she couldn’t lose face.

While she hadn’t lived a long life, she had maintained a relatively good image. Did she have to ruin it all at her time of death?

As all sorts of random thoughts crossed her mind, Hai Lanlan’s field of vision darkened once more. But this darkness was different than the one before. It was like night in the deep of winter before the sun rose, when the endless dark was all around. It submerged her consciousness, constantly pulling her into the infinite abyss.

Was she going to die now?

Hai Lanlan suddenly felt as if she shouldn’t be wasting her time on such ridiculous thoughts. It would have been better to look at the Lord Commander for a few more moments, but it was clearly too late.

As her consciousness was about to be invaded by the darkness and torn asunder, a warmth suddenly appeared. Then, that endless darkness was torn apart by a white light. The light was clear and pure, emitting a flavor that caused her to wallow in euphoria.

In a stunned trance, Hai Lanlan opened her eyes and saw Qin Yu’s back. Above his head was a translucent scroll. Although her line of sight was blurry, she was able to recognize it. All people of the Holy Nether Guard studied this picture from their youth. What she saw was a complete sea map of the Endless Sea…and the index finger of Qin Yu’s right hand was touching the region of the sea map where they were right now!

In the next moment, a blazing white beam of light crashed down from the skies above, tearing into the Endless Sea and piercing through the water that wildly desired to kill. The beam of light continued straight down to the bottom of the sea, past the end of everyone’s sight.

Qin Yu’s body gently shivered. If it weren’t for the Emperor level Demon Body being tyrannical enough, he would have fallen down in his weakness.

When the Endless Sea Great Array’s consciousness made one final counterattack, in the moment when Qin Yu felt an intense danger he summoned the sea map without hesitation. If this didn’t work, he would have had Undying help him.

As his will stirred, the special memory in his mind was instantly activated. Strange syllables began to sing through the air. And what left Qin Yu surprised was that while he still didn’t understand these syllables, he knew what they meant – they seemed to be expressing a prayer…but at this time, Qin Yu couldn’t bother with investigating this too much. He looked up at the sea map that had unfurled above his head and pointed at it without hesitation.

His intuition told him that there would be a greater effect if he were to use his right hand’s index finger that had transformed into the Great Dao Body. Then, he did so without even thinking about it.

The moment his fingertip touched the sea map, Qin Yu’s field of vision instantly darkened. A terrifying swallowing strength erupted from the sea map, sucking in all his strength in the blink of an eye.

Luckily, this strength seemed barely enough. In the next moment Qin Yu sensed that beam of light tear through space as it came crashing down.

It was like an extension of Qin Yu’s body. Or, perhaps it could be described as the falling of his own finger. He could change the landing place to wherever he liked.

Similarly, Qin Yu also understood what sort of terrifying strength was contained in that beam of light.

Thus, the beam of light fell down from the heavens, ripping array the Endless Sea Great Array’s final counterattack and destroying everything in its way. There was not a single thing that could hinder it. It was like a burning hot knife stabbing into butter.

Even though he knew how strong it was, Qin Yu was still shaken by this terrifying might. Great waves rose up in his mind and he wasn’t able to calm them for a long time.

Long ago, Qin Yu realized that as long as he was in the domain of the sea, he could use the sea map to summon a strength that far surpassed his own power…but this kind of surpassing seemed a bit too exaggerated right now!

This beam of light could be called the strongest and most terrifying strength that Qin Yu had ever controlled or experienced.

In this world, there were no gains without reasons. Such a formidable strength wouldn’t come without a price. While Qin Yu was pleasantly surprised at this moment, he was even more restless.

He took a long and deep breath, suppressing these thoughts. From here on out, he decided that unless it was as a last resort, he absolutely couldn’t use the strength of the sea map.

When he turned around he saw the shocked looks of Tuba and Tutou. Even the normally cold and indifferent Hai Lanlan was looking at him with wide eyes.

He had been too astonishing just now!

Qin Yu lightly coughed. He cautiously said, “This is a lucky chance that I accidently obtained a long time ago. It only has a single use and I’ve been treating it as my life-saving card…”

Tuba hurriedly nodded, “We believe what Your Highness says!”

Tutou nodded like a chicken pecking at grass.

Qin Yu had a helpless expression. Please, even if you don’t believe me can you at least put on a better act?

Hai Lanlan looked deeply at him and said, “I won’t tell anyone what happened here today.”

Come on, it would have been better not to explain. Qin Yu bitterly smiled and shook his head, not saying anything further.

But there was one thing Hai Lanlan was correct about. Anything concerning the sea map shouldn’t spread out from here. As long as he stubbornly insisted on his story that this was a one-time trump card, he should be able to deal with it somehow.

After all, if he said he really could control such a terrifying strength, there likely wouldn’t be anyone that believed him.

Qin Yu turned and said, “Now, let’s leave the sea!”

Hai Lanlan lowered her head and stood behind him. She felt that his relatively normal shoulders now seemed like the largest and safest mountains in the world.

Father, do you see me? Your daughter is about to follow the Commander and leave this great sea that trapped you for your entire life. The tragedies you experienced with mother will surely disappear from the history of the Holy Nether Guard. But I…

Hai Lanlan looked up. When she saw Qin Yu’s back, brilliance flashed in her eyes before turning into a deep resolve. She seemed to have made an extremely important choice.

Since she had bet her hand, she would not regret!

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