Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 218 - Shocking Mrs. Lu With a Painting

Chapter 218: Shocking Mrs. Lu With a Painting

After the group of masters described Elder Lu’s favorite style of painting to her, Senior Bai said to her with a chuckle, “You’re quick at painting and we wanted you to complete yours first before we slowly complete ours.”

In fact, their real intention was to let Zi Yi quickly rise to fame in their circle.

They had already decided beforehand. As long as Zi Yi’s style of painting was suitable, they would choose hers. At that time, they would not have to come up with another painting.

Zi Yi was oblivious to their plans. While the group of masters each prepared their paint and paper, Zi Yi walked over to the canvas. She merely pondered for ten minutes before she started to paint.

Song Lingluo could not stay still. She walked over to the masters who were spectating Zi Yi painting and softly asked Senior Bai, “Why did Little Yi immediately start painting?”

Based on her past experiences, painters were very particular when they painted. In particular, coming up with an idea took ages, not to mention the other steps.

Senior Bai had a proud expression. “Yiyi is a genius in the circle. She doesn’t need to do much thinking when she paints.”

“Could she produce the desired painting this way?”

“You’ll know when she’s done.”

Once Zi Yi started painting, with the expectation of going out for lunch with everyone in the middle, she continued painting until just past four in the afternoon.

When the victory scene of the most famous ancient Emperor, conquering a vast territory, appeared in everyone’s line of sight, they were all shocked into excitement.

“T-t-this… this is truly mind blowing!”

“Little friend, exactly how good are your painting skills? Why do I think that your paintings get better every time you paint?”

“I think so too.”

Having said that, everyone was staring at Zi Yi with a burning glint in their eyes.

Zi Yi planned to write an ancient poem in the blank space she specially reserved. But when she heard their question, she answered honestly, “I haven’t painted for a long time and I was a little stiff in the previous paintings.”

Everyone present: “…”

Zi Yi quickly wrote the following words on the painting. ‘An old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop a thousand miles, and the old hero still retains his high aspirations even in old age.’

She turned to the masters after she finished writing. “What do you think of this poem?”


“It’s great.”

The group of masters encircled her painting and praised her.

As for Song Lingluo standing on the side, she was stunned to the extent of not reacting.

Zi Yi looked at Song Lingluo and walked over to her. “Sister Song.”

Song Lingluo recovered her senses and looked at her with a complicated gaze. “Little Zi, I didn’t expect you to paint so well.”

She very much wanted to ask her when did she learn painting? Why was she so different from the information about her?

Where was the useless and idiot young lady?

Why was the young lady before her so talented?

Song Lingluo was confused.

Zi Yi turned towards the masters who were still checking out her painting and said, “As for the framing…”

Before she completed her sentence, Senior Bai immediately waved at her. “Little friend, don’t worry. We’ll do the follow-ups.”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s been hard on you today. The other matters are trivial.”

The other masters echoed, but no one had shifted their gaze away from the painting.

Zi Yi smiled in silence. “Alright then, I’ll be leaving with Sister Song.”

“Oh, then we won’t send you off. After the painting is framed, we’ll give you a call.”


After settling everything, Zi Yi and Song Lingluo went outside.

While they walked, Song Lingluo looked at Zi Yi. When they were about to exit the gates, Song Lingluo asked, “Little Zi, you’re very skilled in painting. I wonder who your teacher is?”

“I don’t have one. I only paint as a hobby.” Having said that, Zi Yi felt that Song Lingluo might not believe her and added, “I will also draw when I’m bored.”

Song Lingluo: “…”

She felt that this child was different from the rumors, but why did she become dishonest so soon?

Just then, Zi Yi said, “If Sister Song likes it, I can gift you a few paintings.”

A few paintings?

Song Lingluo eyebrows twitched and she asked, “Little Yi, you’ve never placed your paintings on sale?”

“That’s correct.”

“Then where are the paintings you completed in the past?”

“They’re…” Zi Yi nearly said that they were in her spatial warehouse, before she recalled that she was on ancient Earth right now. And so, she lied with a serious expression. “I don’t know, I casually throw them aside after I’m done. I think they’ve already been ruined?”

Song Lingluo: “…”

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