Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 219 - She’s a Treasure

Chapter 219: She’s a Treasure

After Song Lingluo and Zi Yi went separate ways, Song Lingluo could not calm down. In the end, she called Lu Jingye.

When the call connected, she asked in a complicated tone, “Jingye, do you know what kind of person the young lady you fancy is?”

Lu Jingye was currently at work. He stood up and walked to the windows upon hearing her question. Looking at the descending sun, he said with a gentle expression, “She’s a treasure.”

Song Lingluo did not respond. If she hadn’t spent the whole day with Zi Yi today, she would immediately refuse his words. However, she did not know what to say right now.

But even so, she did not intend to tell him of her meeting with Zi Yi today, and not to mention, they spent the whole day together. “Don’t work until late at night. You should rest when it’s time to rest.”

“Mother, I understand.”

Upon hanging up the phone, Lu Jingye glanced at his screen which had dimmed. He did not immediately bury himself in work but instead, suddenly recalled the young lady.

He wondered what she was doing right now.

He recalled the day they confirmed their relationship, and he informed her that he had to work overtime every day. Thinking of the young lady’s discontented expression, the corner of his lips curved up.

Zi Yi was currently driving when she suddenly sneezed and muttered to herself, “Could it be that Lu Jingye misses me?”

Having said that, she changed the car to automatic driving and gave Lu Jingye a call.

Zi Yi immediately asked when the call went through, “Lu Jingye, are you thinking of me?”

There was a few seconds of silence from the opposite end before Lu Jingye responded with an affirmative.

Zi Yi was elated. “Are you coming back to the villa near the university?”

She did not wait for his response before she discontentedly said, “It has been 3 days and 22 hours since you agreed to be my boyfriend. If you don’t show up, I’m about to forget that you’re my boyfriend.”

Lu Jingye: “…”

“Therefore you should show up in front of me from time to time. Therefore, since it’s about time for dinner, I’ll treat you.”

Lu Jingye’s voice contained traces of a smile. “What do you want to eat?”

Zi Yi was elated. “What’s there near your company? We’ll eat someone nearby.”

“Ok, I’ll get my secretary to make the booking. I’ll send you the address shortly.”


After hanging up the phone, Zi Yi happily drove towards the direction of Lu Jingye’s company.

Soon, he had sent her the address of the restaurant.

She was only two streets away from his company. When she arrived at the address, she discovered that it was a private restaurant.

After parking the car, she walked over. Seeing that the door was unlocked, she directly opened it.

What entered her view was a courtyard. At that moment, Lu Jingye was currently conversing with a tall and bald man wearing a sleeveless black vest.

When they saw Zi Yi, their conversation stopped and the bald-headed man asked, “Ershao[1], this is the guest you’re waiting for?”


“Then make yourself at home. I’ll head to the kitchen to take a look.”

Having said that, he headed towards the kitchen.

After the bald-headed man left, Zi Yi checked out the courtyard for signs of other individuals. Seeing that it was empty, she directly ran over and jumped into Lu Jingye’s embrace.

With that jump of hers, her curvaceous figure pressed against his chest.

Lu Jingye’s expression stiffened. A second later, he hugged her waist.

Her body was as soft as jade, and there was a faint fragrance at the tip of his nose. A few moments later, Lu Jingye gently patted her back and his voice was slightly deep.

“The owner has already prepared the dishes. Let’s go in.”

Zi Yi looked up at the prim and proper Lu Jingye with her bright and twinkling eyes. She then stood on tiptoe and stole a kiss from his lips, before withdrawing from his embrace. In the end, she did not forget to hold his hand with a smile and walked inside.

[1] A more intimate way of calling Second Young Master

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