Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 221 - Why Don’t You Send Me Back?

Chapter 221: Why Don’t You Send Me Back?

After they finished dinner, the weather unexpectedly changed. Strong winds blew past and evidently, a heavy downpour was imminent.

Knowing that Lu Jingye still had to return to his office, she said, “I’ll go back first.”

However, Lu Jingye grabbed onto her when she turned around.

Zi Yi looked at him with her head slanted to the side.

“It’s not safe to drive a racing car in such weather. I’ll get the driver to send you back.”

Zi Yi glanced at his sedan, then at her racing car with an ultra-low chassis. Originally, she wanted to say that her car had been modified and there was nothing to fear, be it wind or rain. However, noticing his seriousness, she suddenly had a playful thought.

“No, I want to drive my car.”

Lu Jingye frowned at the young lady who was throwing a small tantrum and stared at her with a stern gaze.

Looking at his appearance, Zi Yi knew he was about to preach again and so she took the initiative to speak. “How about this, you can send me home. It’s getting late, so don’t work overtime anymore today.”

Looking at her expressions as if saying, ‘If you don’t send me home, I’ll drive my car’, Lu Jingye merely pondered for a few seconds before leading her to his car.

“What about my car?” Zi Yi deliberately asked.

“I’ll get the owner to send it back.”

Zi Yi passed him the keys after hearing that.

Lu Jingye then passed the keys to the bodyguard sitting in the co-pilot seat and gave him some instructions.

The bodyguard then alighted and went to deliver the key while Lu Jingye and Zi Yi sat inside the car.

After the bodyguard returned, the car drove off.

As expected, it started raining heavily halfway through the journey. There was also a strong wind as lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

Looking at the rain through the window, Zi Yi thought of that woman. She leaned her head to the side and asked, “Is that woman Silver Fox?”


Lu Jingye glanced at her and revealed his confusion as to how she had killed Silver Fox.

Zi Yi saw his confusion and said without concealing anything, “I have a robot with various skills that can imitate the opponent’s moves. He would execute the same attacks Silver Fox did. In addition, my car has the capability to gather large amounts of solar energy. At first, it just crippled her arm.”

Lu Jingye turned silent and Zi Yi grabbed onto his hand.

Lu Jingye looked at her and asked, “What else are you capable of?”

Zi Yi blinked and deliberately said, “You can slowly discover what I’m capable of in the future.”

Lu Jingye knew that she was different from the original Zi Yi. However, he could not find out her real identity.

But since she remained silent about this, he did not wish to force her.

He tightly held onto her hand and the sensation of a delicate touch spread across his palms.

Zi Yi glanced at Lu Jingye’s expression and thought that he was going to say something, but he ended up staying silent.

Her mood became even better.

Zi Yi leaned over, thinking of sneaking a kiss on his cheeks.

However, the moment she leaned over, the car came to a sudden stop.



When her body nearly fell forward, a strong arm held her waist and pulled her towards his broad chest.

“What happened?”

The bodyguard replied, “Second Young Master, there seems to be a car accident ahead.”

Only then, did Zi Yi stretch out her head from Lu Jingye’s embrace and check out the situation in front.

Due to the heavy rain, even if the wipers were turned on, the visibility was very low.

However, all the cars in front had indeed come to a halt.

Lu Jingye motioned for the bodyguard. “Go and take a look.”

Just as the bodyguard was about to open the door, Zi Yi called out, “Hold on.”

She took out a palm-sized ball from her backpack and said to Lu Jingye, “It’s raining so heavily. I’ll get my drone to check out the situation instead.”

All their gazes landed on the ball in her hands.

Before Lu Jingye had said anything, the driver and the bodyguard were thinking, “The round ball in Miss Zi’s hands is a drone?!”

Were drones spherical shaped?

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