Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 222 - Drone

Chapter 222: Drone

While the driver and the bodyguard were staring at the drone in her hands, she intended to open the window.

For fear that water droplets would splash onto her, Lu Jingye immediately stopped her. “Give it to me, I’ll throw it out from my side.”

He took the ball from her and asked, “How does it open up?”

Zi Yi subconsciously replied, “Just throwing it out will do.”

Lu Jingye nodded and lowered the windows.

In such a short period of time, the powerful storm outside caused a wave of water droplets to splash inside.

The driver and the bodyguard were startled.

Just as they were about to say something, Lu Jingye had already thrown out the ball and closed the window at the same time.

Upon seeing his drenched shoulders, Zi Yi finally understood his intentions. She hastily swiped away the water droplets and said, “Quick, take off your outerwear. Else your inner shirt will get wet too.”

Lu Jingye originally intended to say it doesn’t matter. However, looking at her concerned expression, he took off his outerwear.

Following this, Zi Yi made him move closer to her side. “Your seat is also wet. Move over to my side.”

And so, Lu Jingye heeded her instructions and sat closer.

Only then, was Zi Yi satisfied and she took out her phone while quickly tapping on it.

Lu Jingye tilted her hand and looked at her screen.

Sure enough, it was the view transmitted by the drone.

Very soon, the drone had flown to the location of the car accident. Two cars had collided and several other cars that did not break in time had crashed into each other, one after another, which resulted in a series of traffic accidents.

The ambulances had yet to arrive and the vicinity of the accident site was in chaos.

Zi Yi muttered to herself. “Such a severe traffic accident had happened just because of the current weather… The quality of these cars is really bad.”

Lu Jingye turned towards the young lady upon hearing her mutters.

Her disdainful expression caused his eyes to darken and he said shortly after, “It is currently pouring with rain and the visibility is low. Also, some people might have been in a rush and it’s unavoidable for a traffic accident to happen.”

Zi Yi turned to him and just as she was about to speak, Lu Jingye’s phone rang.

Upon answering the call, his expression returned to normal and said, “A traffic accident occurred on XX road. Prepare another car for me on another street, I’ll be making my way over immediately.”

After that, he hung up the phone and looked at Zi Yi, and said in an apologetic tone, “I have to head out of the city and fetch someone. Go back first.”

Zi Yi knitted her brows. “You’re going out of town at this time?”

“En, that person is very important.”

Zi Yi did not ask further. She took out two balls from her bag and passed it to him. “Bring them with you. If anything happens, just pressing the buttons and throwing them out will do.”

Lu Jingye looked at her in surprise. Thinking of her capabilities, he nodded, took the balls, and said to the driver, “Send Yiyi back. Drive slowly.”

“I understand, Second Young Master.”

The bodyguard passed Lu Jingye an umbrella.

Following that, he and the bodyguard alighted and headed towards another street.

Zi Yi pursed her lips as she looked at the disappearing figure in the rain.

Twenty minutes later, the road was finally cleared out.

The driver directly drove back to Zi Yi’s villa. When the housekeeper heard a car driving in, he went out to welcome it with an umbrella. “Miss Zi, you’re back.”

After which, he opened the other umbrella and passed it to her.

Zi Yi took the umbrella and just as she was about to go inside, an alarm sounded from her phone.

Her expression changed at once. The alarm was from the two balls she had passed to Lu Jingye and she immediately ran towards the backyard afterwards.

The housekeeper was unaware of what happened as he shouted in concern, “Miss Zi, slow down. Don’t accidentally trip yourself.”

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