Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 224 - Doubts

Chapter 224: Doubts

After they finished their discussion, Lin Jianlin’s expression suddenly became stern. “I don’t care if you have someone you like, but remember. You are shouldering a huge responsibility now and you might ruin the entire Lu Family with the slightest bit of carelessness. Don’t let a woman restrain you.”

Lu Jingye slightly restrained himself and said, “I am able to make a sound judgment on this matter.”

“As long as you have discretion.” Lu Jianlin knew that it had been hard on his eldest son by pushing everything onto him. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “Go take a rest. For matters at work, pass it to your subordinates as much as possible… As for Elder Lu, I’ll make arrangements. Don’t let your mother catch onto things.”

“I understand.” Lu Jingye nodded. “Father, you should rest early too.”

Following that, he turned and left the study room.

After he left the study, he headed for his room.

The moment he returned to his room, he took out the two balls Zi Yi gave to him.

Before this, he thought they were merely gadgets similar to drones. Unexpectedly, these two balls seemed to have detected danger when a powerful shell was about to hit the car. It immediately released a strong light wave, which instantly formed a protective barrier and covered the whole car.

To his greatest surprise, the protective barrier had redirected the trajectory of the bomb so that it had flown diagonally past the car.

Thinking of the scene, Lu Jingye tightened his grip and whispered, “Who are you and how are you capable of creating such powerful items?”

No matter who she was, he would not allow others to take advantage of her abilities and bully her.

Early the next morning, Zi Yi immediately went outside. It had rained all night yesterday and the scent of lotus entered her nose upon opening the window. She intended to check it out.

As soon as she walked to the door, the housekeeper came in from the courtyard.

“Miss Zi, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

Zi Yi was pleasantly surprised at the lotus pond. “The lotuses that were planted have blossomed!”

She went closer to the pond.

The housekeeper followed her with a smile upon seeing her fondness for it. After waiting for her to appreciate it for a while, he said, “Miss Zi, the orchid you brought back previously has withered.”

“Oh?” Zi Yi furrowed her brows. She had yet to spend time appreciating it.

“Miss Zi, don’t worry. Second Young Master has ordered people to get various species of orchids, and I’ll get someone to plant them in the yard here in a few day’s time.”

“Okay!” Zi Yi’s mood recovered at his words.

After breakfast, Zi Yi headed to the racing club.

There were many things that had to be changed and she planned to renovate the control room to one that is fully AI operated.

Halfway through, Dou Xiangling gave her a call and asked her to come and hang out.

However, Zi Yi was too busy and so, she rejected her invitation but before hanging up she invited her over. “After the renovation at my house is completed, I’ll invite you over to play.”

Dou Xiangling happily accepted the invitation.

In the end, Zi Yi stayed in the racing club for an entire day.

Early in the morning of the next day, she went to the club as usual. However, at just past ten in the morning, she received Song Lingluo’s call.

“Little Zi, are you available now?”

Song Lingluo was Lu Jingye’s mother and she would definitely have time for her. “I’m free, do you need me for anything?”

Song Lingluo was a little embarrassed as she explained. “I came to the temple at Biluo Mountains today to burn some incense, but I didn’t expect the car to break down at the mountain. My family members aren’t available to pick me up and my bodyguard has tried repairing the car for quite some time but to no avail. Can you come over and give me a ride back?”

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