Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 225 - Sister Song, You Can’t Handle My Car

Chapter 225: Sister Song, You Can’t Handle My Car

Zi Yi’s lips curled up at her words but she didn’t expose Song Lingluo’s weak lies. “Sure, send me your location and I’ll be right over.”

Very soon, Song Lingluo sent her location.

Zi Yi checked out the location. The journey to Biluo Mountain from her current location were all high-speed roads and so, she arrived very soon.

At that moment, Song Lingluo was standing under the shade while the driver seemed to be repairing the car seriously.

Zi Yi calmly switched on the detection device installed in her car and discovered several bodyguards hidden behind the stones and trees. In addition, there were also several cars parked a kilometer away. She then drove her car over to Song Lingluo.

“Sister Song, I’m here.”

Looking at Zi Yi’s fiery red racing car, then at the woman who was seated in the driver’s seat, she thought, “My son’s taste is really good! I hope that her personality won’t be disappointing.”

Song Lingluo revealed a grateful expression. “Little Zi, I didn’t expect you would really come.”

Zi Yi smiled and said, “I like Sister Song. As long as you need me, I’ll definitely come right away.”

Song Lingluo was extremely elated deep down, but she controlled her expression. “Me too, I’m also fond of you. I just happen to be heading to the temple to burn some incense today, why don’t you tag along? You’re really pretty and you must have tons of suitors. You can pray for a good marriage at the temple too.”

Zi Yi nodded and was about to alight from her car.

Song Lingluo hastily stopped her. “Little Zi, why are you getting out?”

“I’ll help you repair your car.”

“You know how to repair cars?”


Having said that, she opened the door and walked to the car under Song Lingluo’s stare. She then said to the driver who was pretending to repair the car, “Let me try.”

The driver had been in a hunchback position and disassembling the parts for quite some time. When he heard what she said, he stood up straight and looked at Song Lingluo.

After Song Lingluo nodded, he moved aside for Zi Yi.

Zi Yi walked over to the car hood, glanced through the parts and the corner of her lips twitched.

She said nothing and assembled the parts back into their correct position in a short period of time.

“Little Zi, you’ve repaired it so quickly?”


Zi Yi wiped her hand with a wet towel and said to Song Lingluo, “Sister Song, you can go inside now. Even though there’s shade here, it’s still too hot. It’s much cooler inside the car.”

Song Lingluo suddenly felt guilty towards the young lady in front of her.

She felt that she was a bad person.

She suddenly turned to look at the racing car and said, “Little Zi, I haven’t sat in a racing car before. Why don’t I ride with you?”

Zi Yi’s expression suddenly turned strange. “Sister Song, you can’t handle my car.”

“Why can’t I handle it?” Song Lingluo did not believe it and directly made her way over and sat in her car.

Looking at the determined Song Lingluo, Zi Yi sat in the driver’s seat and told her, “My car has been modified and the lowest speed is faster than other racing cars. Sister Song, if you can’t take it, you have to tell me.”

Song Lingluo nodded and appeared to be determined. “Rest assured, I can handle it.”

She did not believe that the car would be faster than a plane.

However, after the car drove out, Song Lingluo immediately regretted it.

Her stomach continuously churned as she hovered between life and death. Just as she was about to puke, the car suddenly came to a stop.

Zi Yi looked at Song Lingluo who had turned pale and apologized in her heart. She then passed her a bottle of water. “Sister Song, drink some water.”

Song Lingluo’s head was buzzing and she ran to the trash can to vomit for quite some time before receiving the water Zi Yi had passed her to rinse her mouth. After she had recovered quite a bit, she asked, “Little Zi, where are we?”

She couldn’t take it anymore, she wanted to wait for her car to arrive before leaving.

“We’ve already arrived.”

Song Lingluo: “…”

It was clearly an hour-long ride, so how did they arrive so quickly?

“How can your car drive at such fast speeds? Can you handle it?”

Zi Yi nodded. After that, with a serious expression, she added, “My boyfriend can also handle it.”


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