Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 226 - As Long As You Seize the Chance, the Position of Second Young Master Lu’s Wife is Definitely Yours

Chapter 226: As Long As You Seize the Chance, the Position of Second Young Master Lu’s Wife is Definitely Yours

In the end, they entered the temple without waiting for the driver and bodyguards to arrive.

Song Lingluo was clearly a worshipper here. The moment she entered, she headed towards the lounge specially prepared for her.

With a weakened expression, she said to Zi Yi. “Little Zi, I’m going to rest for a while. You can go and play around first.”

Zi Yi nodded and said, “Rest well.”

Zi Yi started touring around the temple after Song Lingluo headed for the lounge to rest.

In the Interstella Era, such religious beliefs were already long gone.

This was her first time seeing the various statues and she felt amazed by what she saw.

She caught a glimpse of a familiar figure out of the corner of her eyes, after touring around for quite some time. She did not pay any attention to them and continued looking around.

Not knowing how long she had walked, Zi Yi walked to another corridor where there was another courtyard in front.

Just as she came up to the stone wall, she heard two women’s voices from inside.

The two voices belonged to a middle-aged lady and a young lady.

Middle-aged lady: “I saw Mrs. Lu entering the temple earlier. Little Yu, today is a golden opportunity and you must grasp it well.”

Young lady: “Mom, I wish to do so too. However, that celebrity that Third Brother was keeping last time, suddenly appeared and destroyed my image in Mrs. Lu’s heart. I’m worried she might not like me.”

The middle-aged lady was extremely angry. “Who gave a low-life like her such courage? Give Ah Xiong a call and get her banned. Why the need to argue with her?”


“How have I been teaching you? For people at our level, we should be strategic with everything we do.”

“However, that woman was too unreasonable and she immediately attacked me. In order to fake a chance encounter with Mrs. Lu, I didn’t even bring any bodyguards.”

“You! Hahh… forget it. This isn’t important anymore. As long as you seize the chance today, the position of Second Young Master Lu’s wife is definitely yours.”

“How am I to seize the chance?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already made preparations.”

“Mom, what did you prepare?”

“It’s none of your business. You only have to remember that no matter what happens, you have to prioritize Mrs. Li.”


After they finished their conversation, they headed outside.

Zi Yi walked out from the corner after their departure. She took out a few spare parts and assembled a mechanical dragonfly in a short period of time and had it follow the mother and daughter.

She then took out her phone and connected it to the dragonfly.

A minute or so later, the middle-aged woman called for a few bodyguards and said, “When Mrs. Lu heads to the back mountain to enjoy the scenery, pretend to be the Lu family’s enemies and hold her hostage.

Remember, when Little Yu rescues Mrs. Lu, injure her. Be hard-handed and run away when someone comes. Don’t get caught.”

“We understand.”

Zi Yi snorted in response. “You’re really good at creating schemes.”

After that, she sent the video to Lu Jingye anonymously.

Very soon, it was noontime.

Seeing that Song Lingluo had yet to wake up, Zi Yi knocked on the door.

Sometime later, sounds could be heard from inside and Song Lingluo opened the door shortly after.

Zi Yi then said to her, “Sister Song, it’s time for lunch.”

Song Lingluo felt refreshed after a short nap. “Little Yi, give me a moment. I’ll come over after washing up.”

The duo went for lunch after Song Lingluo freshened herself up.

Just as they reached the door, Song Lingluo saw the mother and daughter pair. For fear that she might get exposed, she paused.

Zi Yi deliberately asked, “Sister Song, why aren’t you heading inside?”

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