Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 227 - Mrs. Lu Felt Somewhat Awkward

Chapter 227: Mrs. Lu Felt Somewhat Awkward

Before Song Lingluo managed to come up with an excuse, the mother and daughter sitting in the canteen had greeted her warmly. “Mrs. Lu, what a coincidence. Quick, come in, and let’s have lunch together.”

Song Lingluo did not expect to encounter an acquaintance here. If Zi Yi knew that she was Lu Jingye’s mother and that she had been testing her all this while, she would definitely get angry.

As a result, Song Lingluo felt somewhat awkward.

However, Zi Yi’s phone suddenly rang at that moment.

Zi Yi took out her phone, took a glance and said to Song Lingluo, “Sister Song, I’ll go out and take this call.”

She turned around and walked outside immediately afterwards.

Song Lingluo breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of Zi Yi heading outside.

From her reaction, she shouldn’t have noticed that Mrs. Ouyang was calling out to her, right?

But at the thought that her plans of testing Zi Yi might get exposed, she regretted asking Zi Yi over today.

While Song Lingluo was in a dilemma, Ouyang Yu’s expression had changed at the sight of Zi Yi going elsewhere to answer a call. She then whispered to her mother, “Mom, that woman is Zi Yi. What should we do? Why did she come here with Mrs. Lu?”

Mrs. Ouyang’s heart had dropped at the sight of Zi Yi. She did not expect Mrs. Lu to bring a young lady along with her and thought that her plans were in vain.

But upon hearing the name Zi Yi, she suddenly became confident. She patted Ouyang Yu’s hands and calmly said, “Don’t worry. It’s not necessarily because Mrs. Lu is fond of her that she brought that woman here.”


“We’ll know after we shortly test the waters.”

In the end, Song Lingluo decided to greet the pair. She felt that it was not good to suddenly be exposed.

Thinking of this, she stepped forward and entered the canteen.

The call Zi Yi answered was from the energy company she had bought previously. The transfer of the company had already been accounted for over the net, but there were some things that had to be discussed face to face.

The person on the other end asked if she had the time to pay a visit in person.

Zi Yi would definitely make a trip down, but she did not have time in the oncoming days. Therefore, she informed them that she would be sending someone over and hung up the phone afterwards.

She remained standing there for two to three minutes after hanging up the phone, before heading for the canteen.

At that moment, Song Lingluo was not sharing a table with that mother and daughter pair.

However, Mrs. Ouyang was currently conversing with her.

Song Lingluo implicitly mentioned to them not to reveal she was Lu Jingye’s mother and Mrs. Ouyang immediately got the gist of what her plans were.

This aligned with her intentions. Just moments ago, she was thinking of how she was going to trick Song Lingluo to the back of the mountain. Now that Zi Yi had come in, she deliberately said, “Mrs. Lu, if you have nothing on in the afternoon, why don’t we head over to the back of the mountain? The fruits there are more or less ripe and it’s rare to eat such freshly picked fruits. Why don’t we go there together?”

There was a large fruit forest at the back of the mountain and it was a season where there were many fruits ripening. The area was within the scope of the temple and there was nothing dangerous.

Song Lingluo was thinking that it would not be so awkward if they went separate ways at the back of the mountain.

And so, she nodded and said, “Sure.”

When Zi Yi walked in, their conversation ended.

Song Lingluo said to Zi Yi who just came in, “Little Zi, the temple only serves vegetarian food. Have a taste. Even though the taste might be on the bland side, it’s healthy.”

Zi Yi nodded and sat down to eat with her.

As for the secretive glances from the mother and daughter pair, she pretended not to see them.

After lunch, the four of them headed towards the back of the mountain.

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