Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 228 - Acting

Chapter 228: Acting

As soon as they left through the backdoor, Mrs. Ouyang suggested. “Mrs. Song, our main purpose is to enjoy ourselves, and picking fruits is secondary. Why don’t we leave our bodyguards behind? In that case, when we encounter other people, it would not cause them to feel awkward.”

Ouyang Yu smiled and said, “Mom’s right. We’ll each take a basket and pick as many fruits as we can. If Mrs. Lu’s basket gets too heavy, I can also help you with it.”

Song Lingluo noticed that they treated her particularly enthusiastically today. It was evident that they had some plans.

Thinking of how Ouyang Yu fawned over her during this period of time, how could she be oblivious to her intentions?

She thought that it was better not to bring along bodyguards. After they reached the mountains, she could easily separate from them.


Song Lingluo nodded and Ouyang Yu took the initiative to grab three baskets for herself, her mother and Song Lingluo.

As for Zi Yi, she had directly ignored her.

For some reason, Song Lingluo was unhappy with her actions.

Zi Yi was someone she had brought and how dare they ignore her so blatantly?

Just as she was about to speak up, Zi Yi went over to grab a basket for herself.

Song Lingluo could only swallow the words that came to her mouth and said, “Let’s go then.”

The four of them walked along the path towards the mountain together.

After walking for a while, their bodyguards standing at the backdoor could no longer be seen.

The number of fruit trees around them had also increased.

Song Lingluo said to Zi Yi, “Little Yi, there are different varieties of fruits here. Go and pick whatever you feel like eating.”

Zi Yi nodded and said, “I glanced at the map of the back mountain earlier. There’s a cherry forest at the mountain bay over there. I’m thinking of heading over.”

The mother and daughter pair were elated the moment Zi Yi said that.

That area was very far from the backdoor and it was the best spot for the kidnapping to happen.

Song Lingluo nodded and looked at the duo.

Mrs. Ouyang smiled and said, “Coincidentally, I love cherries too. Let’s go together.”

As such the four of them headed there together.

After they walked for some time, Mrs. Ouyang suddenly cried out and immediately after, her foot turned and she fell to the ground.

Ouyang Yu threw the basket away in fright and hastily squatted beside her. “Mom, are you alright?”

“I sprained my ankle.” Mrs. Ouyang had an expression as if she was enduring the pain. “Little Yu, help me stand up. I’m alright.”

Ouyang Yu looked like she was about to burst into tears. “Mom, don’t move. A sprain is no small matter. I’ll immediately get the bodyguards to pick you up.”

“There’s no need. It’s a rare opportunity for us to have made a trip here…”

“Mrs. Ouyang, it’s better for you to make a trip back to the temple. There are old monks there who are skilled in medicine. Let them have a look at your injury. It’s the same if you get someone else to pick the fruits in your stead.

“That’s right. Mom, you should go back first and get the old monks to check up on your injury. I’ll pick the fruits for you.”

In the end, Mrs. Ouyang relented under Song Lingluo and Ouyang Yu’s persuasion. Very soon, the bodyguards had helped her away and Ouyang Yu had tagged along.

After they left, Zi Yi and Song Lingluo suddenly met gazes and they continued heading for the cherry trees.

Upon reaching their destination, what entered their view were ripened cherries. Those that made one swallow their saliva unconsciously.

“This year’s cherries have ripened well.”

“It’s my first time seeing a cherry tree.”

The both of them smiled at each other following that.

With tacit understanding, they entered the forest, found a tree that they liked, and started harvesting the cherries.

However, the joy of harvesting did not last long. When Zi Yi sensed danger in her surroundings, she immediately threw away her basket, pulled Song Lingluo, and ran away.

“Little Zi, what’s wrong?”

“There’s danger”

She knew that the danger emitted was not something the Ouyang Family’s bodyguards were capable of. The men Lu Jingye had sent ought to have stopped them.

They did not manage to run far when they were stopped by several men in front of them, who radiated a murderous aura.

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