Reincarnation: Multi-skilled Goddess Is So Beautiful!

Chapter 229 - Little Zi, My Youngest Son is Here

Chapter 229: Little Zi, My Youngest Son is Here

“Who are you?” Song Lingluo asked with a frown.

Those men remained silent and closed the distance between them.

Zi Yi held onto Song Lingluo tightly and said, “Sister song, they are probably killers.”

Song Lingluo became nervous and her complexion turned pale.

Zi Yi hastily calmed her down. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I will protect you.”

Having heard her, Song Lingluo looked at the calm-looking Zi Yi and inexplicably calmed down slightly.

Zi Yi had one hand grabbing onto Song Lingluo and the other in her pocket as she turned to look behind her while maintaining vigilant.

As expected, there were several men with a murderous aura behind them.

Song Lingluo had also stabilized herself very quickly and said to Zi Yi, “Little Zi, why don’t we run in separate directions? Whoever runs out first shall call for the bodyguards.”

She thought that these people were most likely here for her and she did not wish to implicate Zi Yi.

Zi Yi tightened her grip and said, “No.”

Just as she was about to take out her hand from her pocket, Ouyang Yu’s righteous voice suddenly sounded from one side. “Who are you? How dare you kidnap people in broad daylight!”

Zi Yi and Song Lingluo turned towards Ouyang Yu who was accompanied by a few bodyguards, while she pointed over towards them with an aggressive expression.

The both of them shook their heads internally.

Ouyang Yu did not sense danger descending and said to the bodyguards she brought along with her, “Go catch them.”

Upon receiving her order, a few bodyguards walked over in large strides.

Those men who radiated a murderous aura only sent out two people.

What followed after was an indescribable bloody scene.


Ouyang Yu was enraged. She thought that they were men her mother had arranged and shouted in anger, “How dare you injure my bodyguards? Just you wait, I’ll get someone over and beat you to death!”

Immediately after, she intended to grab her phone.



A bullet hit her phone and her eyes widened in shock with an expression of disbelief. “You… you have guns!?”



While Ouyang Yu was shouting, one of the men went over and directly sent her flying with a kick.

Ouyang Yu’s body rammed against a tree and she lost consciousness.

Taking advantage of this, Zi Yi pulled Song Lingluo’s hands and ran over to one side.

At the same time, she threw out a spherical ball in both directions.

The balls instantly exploded and sent out powerful energy waves and shocks.

After they ran for some time, footsteps that appeared to be chasing them could be heard.

Song Lingluo was so worried as she said, “Little Zi, what should we do now? We should think of a way to request help.”

“Let’s continue running for a while. Someone will come and stop them soon.”

If her guess was right, the men Lu Jingye dispatched were in the vicinity. She had caused such a great commotion earlier that they must have noticed it.

Sure enough, sounds of gunshots and fighting could be heard not long after.

When she listened carefully, there were also whistling sounds of a whip.

The moment Song Lingluo heard the whipping sounds, her footsteps stopped and she revealed an expression of great surprise on her face.

“Little Zi, my youngest son is here. We can stop running.”

Immediately after, her legs went soft and Zi Yi hastily held onto her.

“Sister Song, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, it’s just that we were running too fast earlier and my legs feel tired.”

Zi Yi supported Song Lingluo to sit down on a rock that was nearby.

Song Lingluo was concerned about her youngest son and wanted to check on the situation. However, she knew that she could not burden him. In the end, she felt extremely uncomfortable just sitting there.

Seeing her appearance, Zi Yi took out a ball and said, “Sister Song, if you want to check on the situation over there, I can help you.”

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