Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 905 I’m Not A Man If I Don’t Avenge This Enmity!

Tang Xiu acted irresponsibly and directly set off with Xue Yu after treating Luo Yu. The only thing he left was a prescription with a few simple explanations.

Inside the spacious hall, Li Qiang wanted to cry yet no tears came out. It never occurred to him that today’s encounter would lead to bizarre and strange events that eventually ended up with his wife getting surgery. The series of sudden changes caught him by surprise and, for a time, he didn’t know what to do to cope with the aftermath.

‘Should I call the cops, or call the ambulance?’

The thoughts kept swirling in his mind, but Li Qiang couldn’t make up his mind at all. He didn’t dare to rashly do anything against Tang Xiu’s words either. It would be very troublesome if his wife’s life fell into danger if he were to pull out those silver needles.

‘What should I do?’

Without him realizing, he took out a cigarette before he recalled that his wife would be exposed to the second-hand smoke. Then he threw the cigarette down with a vexed expression.

‘It’s all my fault for not having power nor ability. If I were to be just like those from the Liu Family who possess such power, this fucking Tang punk couldn’t have easily… Huh? The Liu Family’s people…”

He seemed to recall something and quickly grabbed his smartphone and took out a business card. He dialed the numbers on it, quickly contacting the owner of the Green Lake Agricola, Song Donglai. From him, he smoothly obtained the cell number of the Liu Family’s Patriarch, Liu Pinxin. Of course, he could get the number smoothly because Tang Xiu made Song Donglai think that he was Tang Xiu’s man.

“Hello, may I know who I am speaking with?”

After his call got picked up, Liu Pinxin’s voice came out from the phone. This man seemed to have not been resting given the tone of his voice.

Li Qiang took the handset and cautiously said, “Hello, Patriarch Liu. My name is Li Qiang who dined with Tang Xiu in the Green Lake Agricola tonight. Did I… not disturb your rest?”

“You are… Mr. Li?” asked Liu Pin from through the phone. He sounded surprised.

“That’s right, that’s me,” replied Li Qiang quickly. “I really apologize for disturbing you so late, but I have something I need to ask you, so…”

“Hahaha… Brother Li! Please say it freely. I won’t hide anything from you as long as I know the answer,” Liu Pinxin’s hearty laughter came out of the phone.

…B—brother Li?

Li Qiang couldn’t help but shiver inwardly. Given Liu Pinxin’s identity, wealth, power, and influence, his existence was probably nothing but an ant in this man’s eyes. Never once did it occur to him that such a famous bigshot would address him as ‘Brother Li’ one day.

‘This should be because of Tang Xiu, shouldn’t it?’

A complicated expression filled Li Qiang’s eyes. Then he asked again, “Patriarch Liu, I don’t understand something here. Why did you give such respect towards Tang Xiu tonight? It wasn’t only you, but even your mother seems to attach great importance to him. Even if he is the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, I think your family is comparable to his Tang Family. Even if he’s indeed an expert in Chinese medicine, he can’t be as good as the experts and professors in the big hospitals, can he?”

Liu Pinxin fell into silence for several seconds before he slowly asked, “Are you not very familiar with Divine Doctor Tang yourself?”

Li Qiang’s heart thumped and his eyes gleamed with intelligence as he said, “I’m really not familiar with him. The reason why we got acquainted today was due to a very special reason. However, he wants me to work for him in the future. He said that he wants to train me into his confidant, so I want to ask you about him more.”

Liu Pinxin’s shocked voice came, “Divine Doctor Tang wants to train you to be his confidant?”

“That’s right,” replied Li Qiang with a dry smile.

The reply brought intense envy in Liu Pinxin’s voice as he sighed, “Brother Li, I didn’t expect you to have such good luck and be able to make Divine Doctor Tang favor you. If I were in your shoes, I’d take his offer to work for him even if I must resign from my position as the Liu Family’s Head. I can answer your question, but you must not forget me after you’ve grown with him, Brother Li.”

LI Qiang was frightened by his reply. It took him a long time to reply, stutteringly and with hesitation, “No… no problem. I won’t forget you if I really get riches and honor by working under him.”

Liu Pinxin was very happy with the reply. He cleared his throat and said, “Since Divine Doctor Tang wants to train you as his close confidant, it means that you have something extraordinary in you, Brother Li. Nevertheless, I believe you’ll also find out his true identity sooner or later, so I’ll tell you about it in advance. It’s under one condition, however. You must never disclose it to anyone else.”

“Please tell me. I’ll never disclose it to another soul,” replied Li Qiang quickly.

“Divine Doctor has another title—Grandmaster Tang,” said Liu Pinxin. “He’s a Daoist cultivator who has mysterious powers. Someone who possesses a very formidable strength and extraordinary power. I’m afraid that we, ordinary people, are probably nothing but ants in his eyes.”

“What’s Daoist cultivator? Is it the likes of Daoist Priests in Taoist monasteries?” asked Li Qiang, confused.

Liu Pinxin’s tone sounded forced as he replied, “How can the Daoist priests in the ordinary Taoist school compare with Grandmaster Tang? He’s a true Daoist cultivator, a great figure who pursues strength on the path of cultivation. From the perspective of mortals like us, he’s practically a living celestial immortal. That’s right, you also know there are a lot of Xianxia novels on the internet too. Search and read about it. He can be said to be such an existence.”

Xianxia novel?

Li Qiang then ended the call with a confused expression. He quickly turned on the computer and searched with keywords “cultivators” and “Xianxia novels” on the Internet. Soon after, tons of search results popped up.

Li Qiang spent two full hours reading. He looked at the countless information he had found by searching the keywords, yet his heart was shivering at the moment. The revelation of Tang Xiu’s identity made him shocked to an unprecedented height. Never did he expect that this world really had entities such as those celestial immortals in myths and legends. He even unexpectedly had just encountered one.

He might not believe it had the news came from someone else, but since it came from Liu Pinxin, the Patriarch of Liu Family, he had to believe it. This man had too high a status, making it impossible for this man to deceive him. Moreover, he just realized that looking at all the events that unfolded today, Tang Xiu’s identity as a cultivator was probably the truth.

A true supernatural-like person!

Li Qiang shut the computer down. He then looked up to see his wife who had fallen into a deep sleep on the sofa. After checking her breathing and measuring her body temperature with a thermometer, he found that his wife seemed to be biologically stable. It caused his restlessness to slowly dissipate.

The next day came.

Li Qiang hadn’t stepped out of his home even half a step. Although his wife had woken up at noon, he still stayed at her side to protect her. He already asked a good friend of his to buy all the herbs needed in the prescription in the Medicine Market.

“How are you feeling, wife?” asked Li Qiang immediately with a concerned face. He had brewed the medicinal herbs and now looked at his wife who was taking a bowl of the herbal medicine.

Luo Yu let out a light smile and said, “I feel great. I’ve never had a very comfortable feeling like this for so many years. I used to feel dreary and depressed like being pressed by a boulder. But that boulder suddenly disappeared and I feel very relaxed now. Also, after I took this bowl of herbal medicine, I felt warm and nice, definitely more energetic than before.”

After hearing her explanation, Li Qiang finally confirmed that Tang Xiu’s treatment was really effective. It was much better than the effect of the surgery in a hospital. Excitement filled his face and he said, “Oh, you gotta wait a bit more, though. Divine Doctor Tang said that the silver needles on your body can only be pulled out at night. I’ll call him later to ask whether he’ll come in person.”

“Alrighty!” nodded Luo Yu with a smile.


Chang City Hotel.

After Tang Xiu and Xue Yu came to the dining hall on the second floor, they saw the beaten and bruised Boss Huang. He was now hiding in the corner and making a phone call. The dishes in front of him were steaming hot, wafting out their strong fragrance, yet he didn’t seem to have the appetite in the slightest.

“He seems to have gotten beaten very miserably, Tang Xiu.” Xue Yu pulled Tang Xiu’s arm and spoke softly with a smile.

“He’s a lascivious man and lustful in nature. And this time, he got blinded by lard and wanted to scheme you,” replied Tang Xiu with a smile. “Besides, for such a man, it is hard for them to be taught a lesson unless they pay a price. I’ll tell you a secret, though. He’ll completely lose his manhood ability in half a year.”

“Damn, you’re really rotten,” said Xue Yu with a chuckle.

“Not really.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “It’s got little to do with me. It was the work of Xue Sha and Hei Xiong. Alright, let’s not talk about this guy and just dine first. We’ll go out this afternoon and visit Li Qiang’s home again. Although I already cured his wife’s heart disease, she still must undergo rehabilitation for a period of time later. I need to explain it to them when I take out the silver needles.”

Xue Yu nodded in response and glanced around the dining hall before she suddenly asked, “As far as I know, Awu is usually with you. But I haven’t seen him ever since you came back. Where did he go?”

“I ordered him to monitor some people,” answered Tang Xiu with a smile. “Wait for some time, and I’ll take you to see a good show tomorrow.”

“What good show?” asked Xue Yu curiously.

“A struggle,” said Tang Xiu briefly.

“A struggle?” asked Xue Yu, puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Yeah. The struggle to survive, the fight to go against the world, and the struggle for the opportunity to chance upon the Great Dao,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle. “Well, I won’t spoil you the details for now, though. You’ll know everything by tomorrow evening.”

“Then don’t continue,” said Xue Yu with a smile. “Anyway, ancestress sent someone to call me last night to ask me when you are going to Nine Dragons Island. She seems a bit anxious.”

Tang Xiu ruminated for a moment before replying, “We’ll set off to Nine Dragons Island after we come back from Kanas. The reconstruction project over there should be in the final stage and it would require me for the final touch. Otherwise, it won’t become the ideal blessed land in my vision, a heavenly paradise.”

At the corner of the dining hall.

Boss Huang’s face looked a bit angry after he hung up the call. He was played and tricked by a woman and two punks that thrashed him last night. It made him furious and flipped out. Therefore, he called his henchmen to catch up with him. They must find those assholes who pummeled him and the slut who tricked him last night.

“You motherfuckers. Don’t let me find you all, or I’ll definitely kill you.”

Boss Huang threw the handset on the table before grabbing the chopsticks and taking a bite from each dish. But the wound on the corner of his mouth was affected every time he opened his mouth, causing him to gasp and writhe in pain.

‘I swear I’m not a human if I don’t have my revenge on this shit!’ vowed Boss Huang inwardly while suppressing the pain. After losing the thought to dine, he then glanced up, his vision falling on Tang Xiu and Xu Yu nearby.

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