Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 907 Cannon Fodders

Tang Xiu himself was very concerned about the life and death Boss Huang. After all, Li Qiang would follow him soon. Yet, an idea suddenly popped up inside his mind after he found this man wanted to retaliate against him. It was a good idea and it would kill two birds with one stone.

“Nothing will be affected.”

Tang Xiu lit up a cigarette and looked out the window. Then he spoke again, “That Huang guy won’t die, just taught a lesson at most. However, those gangsters under him won’t be as lucky as him.”

Quickly, the Mercedes-Benz was just a few kilometers away from Green Lake Agricola. Jin Shi, who was driving, noticed Mo Awu in the front on the roadside, so he immediately stopped the car on the side of the road.

“Boss, the Green Lake Agricola is now temporarily closed,” respectfully reported Mo Awu to Tang Xiu while standing outside the window.

“How’s the situation in there?” asked Tang Xiu.

“Hidden killing intent, no less,” answered Mo Awu. “Song Donglai, Ao Wei, Gong Quang and 64 experts trained by them are all concealing themselves. While there’s also another kung fu master surnamed Han who came yesterday. This man, added with the Song Donglai trio, adds up to a total of 68 people there. The entirety of the Agricola is in a battle formation. It’s now easy to enter but difficult to come out.”

“Get in the car!” Tang Xiu lightly nodded and said, “Let’s go inside.”

Mo Awu complied and, after he sat shotgun, the Mercedes-Benz Suv drove toward Green Lake Agricola. As they entered the wide road, the entrance of the venue soon came into view, but there was no usual lively scene this time. Even those security guards who were responsible for guard duty were all gone.

Tang Xiu unleashed his spiritual sense right as he got out from the car and covered the surrounding area of 200-plus meters. Within his observation range, he saw tens of stalwart men armed with weapons hiding in hidden corners, including some of them who had noticed their arrival.

‘They carry guns?!’

Tang Xiu didn’t expect that Song Donglai’s men would have guns and some may have sniper rifles. Inside the range of his spiritual sense coverage, there were a total of four snipers hidden in every direction, each with their guns aimed towards the gate.

“Someone is coming, Boss.”

Jin Shi, who followed behind Tang Xiu, suddenly spoke.

Tang Xiu nodded and looked at Song Donglai who came from a nearby location towards his position. He only came alone without his two friends. Not even his men were seen.

“Mr. Tang!” shouted Song Donglai respectfully as he came before Tang Xiu with a smile.

“You have a good arrangement here.” Tang Xiu smiled and said, “This battle array formation is quite interesting.”

“You’re kidding me, Mr. Tang,” said Song Donglai with a forced smile. “It’s all we can do while we know nothing about how many people from the Lian Family will come. If too many of them come here or the ancestor of Lian Family is the one who comes, I’m afraid that we’ll fall into a dire strait. If Mr. Tang is able to, would you…”

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt him and shook his head, “I have no enmity with the Lians; neither do I have any reason to get rid of them. The enmity between you and them are yours to resolve. I only came here to be a witness and will not participate in the fight.”

“Mr. Tang, you…” said Song Donglai said bitterly.

Tang Xiu interrupted him once again and calmly said, “Actually, there will be no advantages for you guys if I act and help you. You guys want to chance upon that opportunity—that is, to be genuine Daoist cultivators—which is something you must rely on yourselves for. If you rely on me and have the Lians dealt with easily, you will lack this sense of tempering. It will lead to problems in your mind’s state later. Your battle with the Lians now is yours to take on.”

State of mind? A battle and struggle with oneself?

Song Donglai faintly realized the notion of what Tang Xiu wanted to express. After being silent for a while, he said, “If so, could you please comply with one request of ours, Mr. Tang? It’s a very simple issue. If we brothers are all killed here today, could send our bones back to our families? Fallen leaves eventually return to their roots, and our families are the final resting place for us to sleep.”

“I give you my word!” Tang Xiu nodded.

Song Donglai gratefully looked at Tang Xiu and suddenly said, “Mr. Tang, if we brothers are all killed in this battle, we’d like you to have this Green Lake Agricola! It’s a token of our gratitude for your word.”

“I can’t.” Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “A man may love riches, but he must obtain them in a proper and just way. If we are enemies, I can kill you and take possession of your property. But I can’t accept your offer. If you guys all die in battle, the Green Lake Agricola will be your Song Family’s industry, no less. Nevertheless, I wish for you to survive. I hope you can snatch that slim chance of survival to enter the Dao through martial arts and become a true cultivator.”

“Donglai will always bear Mr. Tang’s instructions in mind,” said Song Donglai respectfully.

“Although I will not intervene in the issues between both you and them, I don’t mind to have a deal with you on the premise that you can survive and successfully break through the Qi Refining Stage,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“What transaction?” asked Song Donglai, confused.

“I’ll sell you a cultivation technique for cultivators,” said Tang Xiu smilingly.

Song Donglai’s body trembled violently and an ecstatic look filled in his eyes. He then hurriedly asked, “Mr. Tang, so long as we can break through the Qi Refining Stage as you told me, we will buy that cultivation art regardless of the price.”

“Alright. You can continue your preparation!” Tang Xiu said with a smile, “It’s improper for us to stay here since this place is about to become a battlefield. But keep my words in mind—I won’t intervene in the battle between your side and the Lians, but neither of you can affect ordinary people. Else, I won’t hesitate to eliminate anyone who becomes a threat to public safety.”

“Understood,” replied Song Donglai with a serious expression.

Tang Xiu put his hand around Xue Yu’s shoulder and embraced her as he walked towards the depth of the Agricola. With Xue Sha and Hei Xiong following him, the group of six crossed the venue and came to the edge of a hill. The Blood Python Array may be powerful to others, but it was full of flaws and loopholes in Tang Xiu’s eyes. He brought his people outside of the array easily and they quickly came to halfway up the hillside several hundreds of meters away.

“This place is quite good.”

As they came to a relatively flat spot halfway up the hill, Tang Xiu’s gaze swept over the few large bluestones. He immediately jumped to one of them and looked down towards the Green Lake Agricola at the foot of the hill with his hands behind his back.

“Those people who have been tailing us should have arrived outside Green Lake Agricola. What are you going to do next?” asked Xue Yu.

“Then I surely must find a savior for Boss Huang,” said Tang Xiu smilingly.

Having said that, he took his handset out and dialed Li Qiang’s cell number. After the latter picked up his call, he said, “Contact the owner of Green Lake Agricola, Song Donglai, now. Tell him that some people just arrived at his farming venue and to not stop him. Take them to some spacious hall and provide them with dishes and liquor. Consider it as the cannon fodder I gift them. Do remember, your first priority after you come here is to protect the safety of Boss Huang and gain his trust.”

“I must go there now?” asked Li Qiang.

“Yup. Get here now,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

At the gate of Green Lake Agricola, two black SUVs were been parked outside. In the passenger seat of the car in front was a stalwart middle-aged man with a terrifying scar on his left cheek. He was now frowning and took his mobile phone out. After dialing a cell number and getting his call got picked up, he said, “These people just entered Green Lake Agricola, Boss.”

“Don’t alert them and wait for me there!” Boss Huang’s deep voice came replying from the phone.

After more than half an hour, a black Audi and two gold-colored vans arrived. Boss Huan then came out of the Audi and asked, “Where are those bastards now?”

“They are inside and have yet to come out, Boss,” answered the scarred face big man.

Boss Huang sneered, “I’ve visited this Green Lake Agricola a few times and this road is the only path to come in and out of this place. Since they are still inside, I’ll kill them today. Wait and be ready to move. But keep my order. Trash the men to death but don’t ever touch the woman. I’m gonna fuck her unless she does 108 poses for me.”

The scar-faced stalwart man grinned, “If you get tired with your playing, can you give her to us to play? I saw that woman myself, and damn… she’s the best beauty I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Boss Huang shot him a glance before he took a cigarette and lit it up. After taking two puffs, he nodded and said, “Wait till I get done and am tired of her, then you can have your wish.”

Several minutes later, Boss Huan entered the Agricola with more than 20 gangsters armed with clubs. But something puzzled him. It was almost noon now, and the business should be bustling here. So how come there were no guests right now?

“Something’s wrong here.”

When he walked past the corridor and came to the spacious hall inside, his pace abruptly came to a halt and he shouted in a deep tone.

“Something’s wrong? What is it, Boss?” asked the scar-faced big man, confused.

Boss Huan carefully observed the situation in the surroundings and said in a heavy voice, “Don’t you see? We’ve been inside for a few minutes, yet we haven’t seen anyone’s shadows whatsoever? I told you that I’ve been here a couple of times. This place has good business with a lot of guests, security guards at the gate, and many staffers. But now, there’s nobody here.”

The scar-faced stocky man’s heart suddenly thumped upon hearing it. He then immediately asked, “Could it be that we entered their trap, Boss?”

Boss Huang took a deep breath and immediately replied with a cautious face, “Let’s get the hell out of here first and head outside.”

At this moment, Song Donglai came with the middle-aged Manager Wang. After seeing Boss Huang and his men, he smiled and called out with a crisp voice, “Aren’t you Boss Huang? What brings you here today? But… what kind of song are you singing today? I don’t think I’ve offended you, and yet, how can you bring so many men here? Do you want to smash my Agricola or something?”

Boss Huang himself knew who Song Donglai was. He was well aware that this man also had some abilities and influence in Chang City, so he let out a dry smile and said, “You misunderstood me, Boss Song. How could I take my men to smash your turf? It’s because some punks were running to your place and we came to pursue them.”

Song Donglai intentionally showed a sudden understanding look and said, “Ah! I know who you are talking about. I only have a group of guests today. It’s just that they seemed to have some unexpected accident all of a sudden and then left!”

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