Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 908 Invisible Infiltrating Attack

Boss Huang was dumbfounded. He watched Song Donglai, but his expression and tone didn’t seem to show that he was lying. He hesitated and turned to look at the scar-faced big man.

The latter hastily said, “I dare swear that those people have never left this place, Boss. We stayed outside the gate ever since they entered. If what you said is true—that the Agricola only has one entrance—then they must be still here.”

“Those guests left as early as half an hour ago.” Song Donglai shook his head and said, “They left their cars here and hurried back behind the hill. They looked very flustered though.”

They just ran?

Boss Huang was stunned yet again, as well as the scar-faced man, both at a loss of what to do.

After a long period of time, Boss Huang then looked around before he asked, “Boss Song, this place of yours is kinda different from its usual vibe today. There used to be a good business here, as it was full of patrons at lunch if I recall correctly? How come it looks deserted today? Not only are there no patrons, but also none of the service people.”

Song Donglai happily said with a smile, “Boss Huang, you truly are a very informed man! Don’t you know that I have suspended my business for three days? I’m going all out on prepping the next big plan of mine.”

“You have a big plan? What is it?” asked Boss Huang with a puzzled expression, “I’ve been occupied by many issues, so I didn’t have the time to visit and dine here.”

Song Donglai clapped and smilingly said, “Arriving early isn’t as good as arriving at the most opportune moment. It’s a truly good fortune of mine to have you come here today, Boss Huang. My big plan is that our chef here has been studying new recipes, resulting in quite the achievements recently. I believe that once the new menu is introduced to our patrons, everyone will greatly welcome it!”

Boss Huang smiled and said, “Ah… then why would my visit today be your great fortune? It is indeed a happy event to have a new menu, though.”

“Well, everyone knows who you are, don’t they, Boss Huang?” Dong Songlai said, “You’re a bigshot who literally has tasted all kinds of delicacies. We have just researched this new product successfully, and then you happened to come here. Isn’t this good fortune for me? I was worrying that nobody would be eager to taste it, yet you finally came. So be it then. Please stay and try our new dishes along with these brothers you brought today. You can’t rest your worry about the expense, it’s all on the house. Just taste the dishes and tell us your opinion.”


Boss Huang looked at Song Donglai with a dumbstruck expression. Never did it occur to him that he would run into a situation like this. He came to Green Lake Agricola this time to enact revenge, yet he ended up unable to find his enemy at all, instead getting to freely dine and drink here?

He turned his head to look at the more than 20 men behind him whose faces looked enthusiastic. He hesitated for a while before he nodded and said, “Boss Song, we can’t refuse your kindness for inviting us. Since that punk and prostitute have already run away, then I’ll find them the next day to settle the account.”

“Alright, please follow me to the Dining Hall then,” said Song Donglai with a smile. “You can wait there first while waiting for the dishes from the kitchen. I’ll tell the staff to prepare and send them over. Ah, that’s right. Since Boss Huang has greatly helped me deal with my issue today, I also have an unopened God’s Nectar bottle here. Shall the two of us friends drink two cups of the wine later?”

“God’s Nectar?” Boss Huang’s spirit soared and he gulped down without him realizing. He nodded without hesitation and said, “Great, that’d be great! I love God’s Nectar wine.”


Chang City.

On the road dozens of kilometers away from Green Lake Agricola were six Wrangler SUVs speeding up toward the venue, only leaving the deafening sounds of their roaring engines behind.

Inside the third car, Lian Bai sat with a cigarette clamped between his lips. His eyes were gleaming with killing intent, and the bushy scenery that brushed past outside didn’t attract him enough to even spare a glance.

The enemy had killed his younger brother. This blood feud was absolutely irreconcilable.

As the Patriarch of the Lian Family, Lian Bai had gone through many hardships and difficulties in life, yet the most difficult thing to bear was to see his younger brother die at the hands of those bastards. He could’ve acted outrageously if these people were just ordinary folks, but these three enemies were not.

‘The Ao, Song, and Gong Families…’

Lian Bai threw the cigarette butt out of the window. The killing intent that already filled his heart was raging stronger.

‘I’ll first remove Ao We, Song Donglai, and Gong Quang. I’ve spent quite a lot to bring out the two ancestors who have always been in seclusion for many years, as well as many experts of the family. I swear I’m not a human if I can’t slaughter the three of you!

‘With the three of you dealt with, then your three families’ turn will come. My Lian Family isn’t afraid of any of your families. But, I can’t face the three of them at the same time. Just wait for me to build up my force. I’ll root out your three families by bloodshed one day.’

Suddenly, a blazing flame emitted out of his palm. The egg-sized flame sent out intense heat and caused the temperature inside the SUV to rise instantly.

“Patriarch,” called out Lian Peng, sitting in the passenger seat, in a low voice.

Lian Bai looked at him and immediately retracted the flame back. He then asked in a deep voice, “How far are we from our destination?”

“More than 30 kilometers,” answered Lian Peng.

Lian Bai was silent for a moment and then slowly said, “Keep in mind what I told you. Spare no attention to anyone if you’re in danger and give your all to escape as fast as possible. I’ve been feeling a bit uneasy and restless recently. It’s like there’s a trap waiting for us.”

“This is indeed a trap actually,” said Lian Peng, “However, traps also have differences in scale. If the trap is too small and feeble to deal with huge prey, then it will be useless. We’ve invited the two ancestors to come out this time. Those three will surely meet their maker even if they have the ability to fly.”

Lian Bai was silent for a moment. He then slowly said, “Yet, we can’t be careless. Xiao Ya is a new face, so just let him go to scout ahead and get some news. With his abilities, those who can catch him are far and between even if he does run into problems.”

“Xiao Ya is indeed a genius for practicing the Shadow Art.” Lian Peng said with a smile, “Even if Song Donglai’s place is ridden with crisis and dangers, it won’t be a problem for him.”

Quickly, the six cards parked a few kilometers away from Green Lake Agricola before a young man clad in a black training suit and black longsword came out from the second car. He looked around before quickly dashing towards Green Lake Agricola.

He was Xiao Ya—a genius of the Lian Family had been training since he was a child due to his special abilities. Through inhuman training, he had transformed into a man who possessed terrifying abilities in assassination, tracing, and investigation. He even had taken an assassination mission from abroad and earned the nickname of “Revenant Shadow” in just three years, propelling himself to a spot in the top 20 hitmen worldwide.

A few minutes later, Xiao Ya was closing in towards Green Lake Agricola. His figure suddenly swayed a few times and flickered before it disappeared under the sunny day, leaving only rippling fluctuations in the air which indicated that he had easily entered the venue.

‘It’s really a trap.’

Xiao Ya continued to appear in the hidden corners of the Agricola as he saw more than a dozen experts hiding there. He quickly grasped the general situation in the site as well as its interior. Right as he was about to lurk away from the place, however, his complexion suddenly changed.

‘What the fuck is this?’

An invisible energy shield blocked his way out.

Inside a hidden room in the depths of Green Lake Agricola, Ao We’s expression greatly changed and he shouted in a deep voice, “Go out and inspect the outside quickly! Go see who the other party is. Someone wants to leave the Blood Python Array.”


The four stocky big men rushed out of the room at the same time. The quartet searched for ten minutes, yet they couldn’t find the sign of anyone who was attempting to leave.

“There’s nobody here, Boss!” One of the stocky men reported using a walkie-talkie.

“Someone’s definitely attempting to leave the site!” replied Ao Wei in a heavy voice, “The Blood Python Array was touched and he’s still constantly attacking the energy shield created by the array. Do a careful search and assign more men to your team. You must find this person!”


The number of men increased to more than 20 in search now. Yet, no matter how hard they look for the infiltrator, they couldn’t even find his trace.

Gong Quan silently appeared at the Agricola’s gate with a dagger wielded backhandedly. A cold gleam flickered in his eyes as he observed the surroundings. Suddenly, there was turbulence from the rippling air a few meters away from him, causing his expression to change. Almost without hesitation, he dashed toward the rippling air as though an arrow released from a bowstring.


The dagger swept over without a specific target. But after Gong Quan waved it for several seconds, a bloody trail suddenly appeared out of thin air. In a flash moment after, Xiao Ya in a black exercise suit appeared and, at the same time, threw two darts in his hands to Gong Quan’s glabella and throat.


Gong Quan himself possessed astonishing strength. After all, he had already broken through the martial art grandmaster level. He could sense that danger approached him and he stiffly moved lightning-fast half a meter to the side, avoiding his glabella and throat getting pierced by the darts. Yet, due to the lack of a warning of an attack, the dart still scratched his cheek and left a wound.

“Who are you?” shouted Gong Quan while glaring at Xiao Ya after he flashed back more than seven meters away.

Xiao Yan frowned deeply. But he disdainfully looked at Gong Quan before his figure suddenly disappeared without a trace. His speed was very fast, and he pushed deeper into the Agricola site hastily in the absence of Gong Quan’s ability to see him.

“Invisibility? Damn! Everyone, listen! Pay attention to your surroundings. One bastard has infiltrated the place. He has the ability to stay invisible!”

In a flash, most of the people in the entire site heard his shout.

Inside the dining room, Boss Huang and his more than 20 henchmen were waiting for the dishes and wine to be delivered, yet not even one had been sent to them, causing him to be a bit displeased.

“Who’s shouting?”

The scar-faced big man heard the shout, but he couldn’t hear it clearly, so he immediately asked with a confused face.

“It seems like someone is yelling, but I can’t hear what he shouted,” replied Boss Huang curiously. “It’s really weird! This Agricola today is truly a bit… strange!”

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