Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 909 Nine Fetuses of Hundred Ghosts Streamer

Hundreds of meters away from the flat open space halfway up the hillside, Tang Xiu calmly watched the situation in Green Lake Agricola with his arms crossed behind his back. Others may not be able to see clearly, but he could very clearly see the short-lived fight between Gong Quan and Xiao Ya.

“Invisibility Art?”

He didn’t expect that there was such a sophisticated invisibility technique on Earth that even he himself was unable to notice how the youth clad in black sneaked into the Green Lake Agricola.

Behind him, Mo Awu frowned and said in a deep voice, “That’s the Revenant Shadow, Boss.”

Tang Xiu turned his head and curiously asked, “Do you know him?”

“This guy’s appearance matches with the intel report I once read.” Mo Awu nodded and said, “And his invisibility technique is identical with the Revenant Shadow’s. He can disappear and appear out of thin air. This man is ranked in the world’s top 20 assassins list—a cold-blooded beast that has left a record of inhumane massacres in Southeast Asia and some parts of Africa. He’s just any other lunatic killers. He doesn’t only kill the target of his mission, but also massacres innocent people wantonly. As far as I know, the number of innocent victims who have died under his hands has exceeded a thousand.”

Tang Xiu’s complexion turned cold and he asked, “So, he’s the Lian Family’s man as well?”

“I don’t know about that.” Mo Awu shook his head and said, “His origin is very mysterious. Even the assassin organization he once belonged to never knew the true details about him. It’s like he just appeared out of thin air, wantonly did the slaughters in various countries around the world, and then disappeared without a trace a few years later.”

Tang Xiu nodded in response and no longer spoke.

Inside Green Lake Agricola, Xiao Ya’s whole face was grim. Even though he activated his invisibility technique and hid in the hidden spot, he couldn’t help but feel restless. He used to be killing people wantonly, yet he had never been as fearful as he was now. It was because he found that this agritourism venue was too bizarre. He could smoothly come inside, but he couldn’t leave at all.

‘What the hell is that energy shield exactly?’

Xiao Ya looked at the corner of the wall a dozen meters away from him with two stalwart men with machetes vigilantly looking around, though they were particularly suppressed their aura. He didn’t attack those two stocky men, since there were six experts from the other two directions hiding, ready to ambush. Once he killed those two big men, those from the other two directions would discover him immediately.

Through his observation, he could tell that these enemies were not too strong. Yet somehow, he was restless and frightened. It was as if there was some terrifying thing was staring at him somewhere. As if it was in waiting to strike him at any time.

‘I must get out of this place and find a way to inform the Patriarch. Otherwise, any of family members who rashly rush over will probably be wiped out.’

A few kilometers away from Green Lake Agricola.

The six SUVs had parked on the roadside, and Lian Bai was now smoking. His eyes kept flashing from time to time and apparently ruminating over some issues.


Two white-haired old men came. They had a suffocating aura that exuded out of their tall bodies as they walked with very stable footsteps.

Lian Bai quickly threw the cigarette butt and reverently replied, “Ancestors.”

The Lian Family’s two ancestors were called Lian Wentian and Lian Wenxin. The former then asked, “What’s the situation? You already know where they are; why haven’t you left?”

“I’ve sent Xiao Ya to Green Lake Agricola to scout ahead,” said Lian Bai. “He should be able to easily find out the situation there given his abilities. However, he has been there for a while without returning yet.”

“All the elite forces of our family have come out this time; why are you so careful just to deal with those brats of the several families under the Occult Sect?” questioned Lian Wentian apathetically. “I tell you, just go and directly behead them in an irresistible destructive manner.”

“You also know that we must know our enemies and ourselves to be ever victorious in battle, Ancestor,” said Lian Bai quickly. “I have no doubt that we can completely neutralize these bastards. But I’m also the family’s head, so I must consider the members of our family. We can make a better operation plan after we grasp our enemy’s situation, so as to reduce the losses of some of our family members.”

Lian Wentian thought for a while before he nodded and said, “What you said makes sense. We’re all aware of Xiao Ya’s ability. Since he hasn’t yet returned, that means that Green Lake Agricola is not a simple situation either. Alright, let’s wait then! We’ll directly storm over if Xiao Ya hasn’t returned in 10 minutes.”

Lian Bai pondered about it and then said, “Then we’ll rely on you, Ancestor.”

Lian Wenxin, who kept his silence the whole time, suddenly interjected with his cold voice, “My Nine Fetuses of 100 Ghost Streamer still lacks 39 souls. If the number of enemies is less than 39, you must catch and give me some commoners. I don’t want to come out from seclusion just for the sake of dealing with some trivial things like your enmity.”

Lian Bai was shaken inwardly, but he still respectfully replied, “You can rest assured, Ancestor. I’ll definitely help to collect 39 souls for you. Each will be done as per your custom, tormenting and killing them afterward.”

Lian Wenxin nodded with satisfaction before he praised, “It’s truly a wise decision to entrust our Lian Family to be helmed by you. You have to be tough and go all out if you want our family to be the strongest one in the Occult Sect. So long as the family can become strong, even if we wantonly slaughter and turn the world upside down, what about it?”

“I understand,” replied Lian Bai respectfully.

More than 10 minutes passed by. The Lian Family’s people drove the six SUVs towards the Green Lake Agricola even though Xiao Ya hadn’t come back yet. It was because the two ancestors had spoken, so Lian Bai decided to launch the attack even if he was still a bit concerned and worried. They believed that every trick and scheme was futile in the face of absolute power. As long as they were powerful enough, even if the Green Lake Agricola had a huge trap waiting for them, it wouldn’t pose a threat to them.

At present, inside the inner hall of Green Lake Agricola, Li Qiang, who had arrived in a hurry, accompanied Boss Huang with a beaming, smiling face. The latter, however, was in a foul mood. He probably recalled how he had been beaten the day before yesterday, so he gave a cold shoulder and face to Li Qiang the whole time.

“Boss Song, when will your newly created dishes be delivered, exactly? We’ve been waiting for a long time and we can’t wait forever here, can we?” shouted Boss Huang with a dissatisfied and unhappy expression as he saw Song Donglai entered the hall.

“Soon. They will be coming soon and your wait will be over soon, Boss Huang,” replied Song Donglai with a smile. “Ah, you’re coming too, Young Qiang? Do you also know Boss Huang?”

Li Qiang himself had discussed the plan with Song Donglai on the phone, so he played his script, “Of course I know Boss Huang, Cousin. He’s my Big Boss, to begin with. Ah, that’s right. Since my Boss has come to dine here, then you have to give at least… well… 40% discount.”

Song Donglai chuckled and crisply replied, “Today is on the house, mind you.”

“You both…” interjected Boss Huang with astonishment.

“Young Qiang is my younger cousin,” replied Song Donglai with a smile.

Boss Huang suddenly understood. His expression when he looked at Li Qiang turned more at ease. He then nodded and said, “Li Qiang, take that sales contract out if you brought it. I’ll sign it.”

Li Qiang took the briefcase and took out the proposed sales contract from the inside. He then placed it in front of Boss Huang and smilingly said, “I’ve already brought it, Boss. As long as you sign it, I’ll give it my current company and resign after I receive my money. Then I’ll work for you afterward.”

For a while, however, Boss Huang hesitated. He shot a glance at Song Donglai first before he finally signed his name on the contract.

Ring, ring, ring…

Song Donglai’s mobile phone suddenly rang in his pocket. He grabbed it and picked up the call. His complexion suddenly changed and his breathing turned short as he said, “Young Qiang, quickly take Boss Huang to leave this place. Hurry up! This place is going to be full of danger soon!”

Li Qiang pretended to look puzzled and asked, “What do you mean, Cousin? How come some dangers are coming to your place? The society is governed by law nowadays. Are there some people coming here to make trouble for you?”

“Spare the chit-chat, will you?” Song Donglai pretended to be angry, “Just hurry up and leave this place with Boss Huang! Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape later.”

Boss Huang stood up and asked with knitted brows, “What exactly happened, Boss Song? We’ve been waiting here and we are yet to have our grub whatsoever!”

“I just received the news that my mortal enemies unknowingly have found that I’ve been hiding here for decades,” smiled Song Donglai with a forced, bitter smile. “I didn’t expect that they would find me either. Regardless, you gotta hurry up and leave this place. My enemy has a substantial background.”

Boss Huang still looked hesitant before he nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then we won’t disturb you any longer. We’ll come back to patron your place again some other day, Boss Song.”

Having said that, he called out his group of more than 20 men and quickly walked outside. Just as they came to the parking lot, however, they saw six SUVs come at them.

Song Donglai, who followed behind with four stalwart men, also saw the approaching SUVs, and shouted, “Young Qiang, bring Boss Huang back quickly! Dammit, how come they got here so fast?!”

Li Qiang instantly grabbed Boss Huang’s hand upon hearing it and ran towards Song Donglai. But more than twenty henchmen hooligans exchanged dismayed glances. However, there was no look of fear on their faces since they often fight in the brawl. Such an occasion was like a regular meal to them. Not to mention that the arriving people were not their enemies. Even if they had enmity with them, they were not afraid since their side’s numbers were larger.


After the SUVs stopped, Lian Bai came out of the car in strides. His eyes were full of killing intent as they fell on Song Donglai. He tightly gripped his fists instantly and ferociously shouted, “Song sonuvabitch! I’ve been looking for you for 21 years and finally found you. The blood feud of killing my younger brother, the hatred of killing my clansmen—I’ll pay you back a hundredfold today!”

Song Donglai watched more than 20 people come out of the six cars. His expression enormously changed when he saw the two ancestors of Lian Family. As more than 20 people dashed from the interior of farmhouse, he shouted in a deep voice, “You also know what happened in the past, Lian Bai. Your younger brother was at fault and in the wrong! He was guilty of doing evil deeds and slaughtering people wantonly. We, three brothers, happened to witness his evil doings, and naturally couldn’t stand idly by. He deserved his death for the crimes he had done!”

Lian Bai strode over and ferociously yelled, “Nobody has the right to criticize and order my Lian Family of how we do things, ever! In short, the blood feud between us is way too deep and must be put to an end today. But be rest assured! I won’t kill you immediately; I will torture you! Your fate will be worse than death and I’ll offer your soul to my ancestors!”

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