Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 281 - Accident? 

Chapter 281: Accident?

The spectators surrounding the fighting ring were thoroughly stupefied. Was this truly the Zhang Dongzhi who was ranked second in the Feng Yan Union book? The person who was being beaten till he was rolling all over the floor and wailing was really an expert who was at Battle Qi Level 9?

Was there was an error in information in the book? It was just not right! Just now when Zhang Dongzhi made a move, everyone could see that his cultivation was indeed very strong! The horrifying strength he displayed was definitely proof the information in the book on him was not wrong! Then, could it be that Ling Chuxi’s cultivation was even stronger than his?!

How was it possible that Ling Chuxi was even stronger than Zhang Dongzhi who had already reached Battle Qi Level 9?! Then, which level exactly had Ling Chuxi’s cultivation reached? The crowd looked at Ling Chuxi in astonishment. Their gazes were full of shock and surprise.

“Don’t you think the match should be officially ended? Why isn’t the referee announcing that the match is over?” questioned a commentator. He could not help but issue this comment as he looked at the tragic scene before him.

“Stop. Stop. Don’t hit my face. I need to rely on this face to make a living,” pleaded Zhang Dongzhi who was in great pain and shielded his face as he called out loudly.

Ah! Hearing this, Ling Chuxi almost twisted her foot into his face even more. Truly wishing not to see this person anymore, Ling Chuxi sent him flying off with a single kick.

That commentator also felt that he should not have spoken up so soon and let Ling Chuxi beat Zhang Dongzhi up for a bit more.

“Stop. Stop. I announce that Ling Chuxi wins this match.” The referee finally regained his senses and called an end to the match.

A short distance away from the fighting ring, Zhang Dongzhi crawled back up. “My face, my face,” he moaned as he touched his own face in fear and then said in a tone that implied he felt lucky, “Ah, good thing. It’s a good thing my face is still okay. Without this handsome face, what would I do in the future?”

The referee was secretly speechless. Suddenly, he also had the same thought as the commentator. He should not have appeared so soon to announce the official verdict. Letting Ling Chuxi beat Zhang up for a little while longer would actually be quite good.

Thus, this match ended in a dramatic way.

After the match ended, Ling Chuxi went to exchange her gambling ticket. She had won a large sum of money from this match. As many people had bet that Zhang Dongzhi would win, they were incredibly regretful. But what was the use of regret? On the other hand, the fifth princess and her group of people were happily counting the gold notes that they had won. Naturally, they had bet that Ling Chuxi would win.

“Let’s go. We’ll go and watch Yichen compete first,” announced Ling Chuxi with her brows raised as she took the stack of heavy gold notes and packed them away.

“Master, you’ve gotten rich! You need to give us a treat,” teased the fifth princess with a smile as she swung Ling Chuxi’s arm around.

“Please step aside, person who was eliminated in the first round,” snarked back Ling Chuxi as she glanced at the fifth princess from the corner of her eye. She gave the fifth princess such a blow that fifth princess immediately lowered her head and kept quiet, feeling down.

Ling Yichen’s opponent was ranked fifth in the Feng Yan Union book. This person’s cultivation was not weak thought Ling Chuxi to herself as she looked at the person who was standing in the fighting ring. This person’s cultivation should also be at Battle Qi Level 8, either at the Intermediate or Pinnacle stage.

Ling Chuxi and the rest stood around the fighting ring, waiting for Ling Yichen to go onstage and enter the ring. Ling Yichen’s opponent was also already quietly standing in the fighting ring, waiting for Ling Yichen to appear.

However, after a long while, Ling Yichen still did not appear. Ling Chuxi frowned slightly. What was going on?

After a long while, discussions started to be murmured across the audience.

“Could it be that Ling Yichen was afraid and decided to run away the last minute?”

“I don’t think so! He is a student from Wind Cloud Academy, right? I don’t think he would do that. He wouldn’t possibly taint the reputation of his academy so thoughtlessly.”

“Could it be that something happened to this Ling Yichen?”

Ling Chuxi looked again and saw that there was still only one person standing in the fighting ring and she frowned even harder. Where was Ling Yichen? Why had he not appeared yet even till now?

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