Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 284 - He Succeeded! 

Chapter 284: He Succeeded!

Ling Chuxi and the rest held their breaths, waiting for the final moment to pass.

Soon, the shocking lightning disappeared, and the smoke dissipated… gradually revealing Ling Yichen’s upright figure. At this moment, a confident smile hung on his handsome face, and his entire being seemed to be very different from before. There seemed to be a terrifying aura all around him.

He succeeded!

Ling Yichen successfully underwent Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body and had truly stepped into the main door of cultivators!

“Yichen, congratulations!” exclaimed Fu Chengyu with eyes full of gratification and delight. Yichen had finally succeeded!

“Senior Brother, I thank you,” said Ling Yichen as he held the sword in his hand tightly, suppressing the excitement and delight in his heart. He then calmly kept the sword back in its sheath hanging at his waist. Only he and Fu Chengyu understood what he was thankful for.

“Yichen,” said Ling Chuxi as she also approached with a smile, “Congratulations.”

“Chuxi,” replied Ling Yichen in acknowledgement as he looked at Ling Chuxi, a hint of a gentle smile in his eyes. Finally, he could once again stay by Ling Chuxi’s side and protect her!

“Ah! You two are total freaks!” howled Lan Xinyu from beside them. “You guys really don’t allow other people to live!”

“Exactly,” chimed in the fifth princess jealously from the side. “Hmph. So, you have also experienced Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body at such a fast rate. Aiya! How are the rest of us supposed to live?!”

“Yichen, truly, congratulations,” wished Xia Zhuoyi sincerely from the side. Then he said in tone that implied it was a bit of a pity, “However, it is too late for you to compete. The referee had already made the verdict that you have forfeited the match.”

“That doesn’t matter. Yichen has already broken through, which means, I think he will come to face much greater troubles other than this in the future,” said Fu Chengyu with a smile. The reason why many people had participated in the competition in the first place was to gain fame. Even if Ling Yichen had not done so, everyone would come to know who he was very quickly. Today’s events were so great that many people had taken notice. To investigate who was undergoing Heavenly Lightning Striking The body was not that difficult. Therefore, Yichen would definitely be troubled in the future as there would be quite a few forces trying to win him over.

“That’s true too,” said Ling Chuxi in understanding of what Fu Chengyu meant and she nodded in agreement.

“How about you guys? How were all your matches?” asked Ling Yichen.

“There weren’t any problems on my side. If nothing pops up unexpectedly, I should be meeting with Baili Han in the finals,” replied Ling Chuxi.

“I lost. lost to Chu Jianyi,” answered Xia Zhuoyi with a helpless smile. Although his cultivation had been raised quite substantially, there was still a gap he had yet to overcome when he met with a true expert in battle.

“Well, Lan Xinyu and I have already been eliminated,” said the fifth princess with a sigh.

“Hold on. You were eliminated in the large-scale fight in the first round. I am different from you,” retorted Lan Xinyu in disdain.

“How is it not the same thing? Either way, we were both eliminated!” snapped the fifth princess.

“Speaking of this matter, this afternoon’s match is between Baili Han and E Shulan, right? We can’t miss it,” said Ling Chuxi as she raised her brows and smiled at Lan Xinyu.

“Why is this related to me? What are you looking at me like that for, huh?” barked Lan Xinyu disconcertedly at Ling Chuxi upon seeing Ling Chuxi’s teasing smile directed at her.

“If you didn’t look at me, how did you know that I was looking at you?” replied Ling Chuxi with a wicked smile. “All right, let’s go to the fighting ring. I seem to have another match coming up.”

“What? You still have another match?! Then what are you doing here looking all relaxed?! If you don’t make it in time and the referee announces that you forfeit then that would be very bad!” Lan Xinyu felt anxious the moment she heard Ling Chuxi say she had another match. The competition was already at a critical juncture, yet Ling Chuxi was not the least bit anxious.

The group of them immediately returned to the competition venue in a hurry and just managed to make it in time for Ling Chuxi’s match. The crowd all commented in surprise, “Oh, how dangerous, how dangerous it is for her to only arrive now”. Only Ling Chuxi had a calm expression on her face as she made her way through the crowd and stepped into the fighting ring with ease.

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