Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 286 - Exactly How Strong

Chapter 286: Exactly How Strong

Facing Ling Chuxi’s gaze, Pan Songtao even narrowed his eyes at her proudly. Ling Chuxi saw this and the corner of her lips could not help but twitch as she quietly turned her head aside. Don’t try to understand a weirdo’s thinking. No matter how you hard you try, you never will.

All around the fighting ring, the audience was in an uproar. The match was over just like this? Nothing interesting happened and yet it was over just like this?! Ling Chuxi had won without having to battle. Up till now, the crowd still did not know the true extent of Ling Chuxi’s cultivation.

The two commentators were even more stupefied. Just a moment ago, they were extremely excited as they explained enthusiastically. Now, it was as if their necks were being strangled like ducks for slaughter and their voices stopped abruptly. The two craned their necks and stared at the happenings going on in and around the fighting ring blankly. The match ended just like that? It’s finished already? Pan Songtao gave up just like that?

“Cheh!” spat more than a few dissatisfied audience members. Boos started to sound from all around the fighting ring, but no one dared to throw any apples or eggs at Pan Songtao. Pan Songtao admitted defeat before Ling Chuxi because he could not defeat her. But with Pan Songtao’s cultivation level being at Battle Qi Level 9, he was only afraid of Ling Chuxi but not afraid of them!

The match thus ended anticlimactically and Ling Chuxi entered into the semifinals.

The next match though, was anticipated by everyone. It was between Baili Han and E Shulan! The winner of this match would enter into the Top 4.

When the two of them entered the fighting ring, the noise from the crowd was akin to a pot blowing its top as it went into a loud furor.

Baili Han, his name was first in the rankings by Feng Yan Union. Rumor had it that he was a cultivator who had already broken through past Battle Qi Level 9 Pinnacle stage and undergone Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body. Exactly how strong was he? Everyone was full of anticipation.

From the beginning of the competition, Baili Han had not yet exhibited any shocking cultivation skills because his opponents were truly too weak. None of them put up much of a fight before he easily defeated them. Therefore, the true level of his cultivation was still a mystery till now.

As for this match, his opponent was the Deity’s Servant Girl—E Shulan. She was more formidable than his previous opponents, but even so, she was only at Battle Qi Level 8 and could not be discussed in the same breath as Baili Han who was much further along in terms of cultivation as he had already experienced Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body, therefore having already entered into the realm of Great Fulfilment. However, seeing what happened during E Shulan’s last match, everyone knew that with the aid of the ancient scripture and the mother-son sword pair bestowed to her by the Deity Temple, E Shulan was no longer comparable to any ordinary Level 8 cultivator. Some people estimated her odds and guessed that even a cultivator at Level 9 might not necessarily win when facing off against her.

This time, since he was against such an opponent, Baili Han should be displaying his strongest abilities, right?

Along with other members of the audience, Ling Chuxi and her group also paid close attention to Baili Han who was on stage. If there were no unexpected accidents, he would definitely be Ling Chuxi’s opponent in the last round.

Onstage, E Shulan kept up with her noble and loving act as a gentle smile hung on her face. If one did not watch her previous match, anyone would have been moved by this Deity’s Servant Girl’s temperament. However, now, having seen her ruthless attacks, everyone only felt a deep chill in their hearts.

Baili Han raised his head slightly and the glance he swept at E Shulan was full of deep hatred.

E Shulan was extremely angered by Baili Han’s piercing gaze. Ever since she was young, she had never met with such a gaze. No matter who it was, they would respectfully call her Lord Deity’s Servant when they saw her, worrying that a look that was not deemed respectful enough by her would be perceived as general disrespect towards the Deity Temple.

“I hope you’re well,” greeted E Shulan. However she felt, when she thought of Baili Han’s cultivation, she still suppressed her anger and spoke to him nicely. Given that at such a young age, Baili Han was able to experience Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body and successfully reach the realm of Great Fulfilment, his future was definitely very bright. Even the Deity Temple did not dare to look down on him, what’s more her? And for strong cultivators like him, the Deity Temple usually tried their best to win them over. If it was possible, E Shulan naturally did not wish to become enemies with Baili Han.

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