Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 291 - The So-Called Number One Master 

Chapter 291: The So-Called Number One Master

“Sir, you’re being so mean. You were just complimenting me a moment ago,” chastised the fat sister reluctantly as she tightly held onto the cologne-smelling man’s hand.

“It was me who mistook you for someone else. So, let me go, you!” insisted the cologne-smelling man, feeling as though he wanted to cry without tears. Just now, he had asked others where Ling Chuxi was, and they pointed him towards this place where she was eating tofu pudding.

According to the rumors he heard, he knew Ling Chuxi was strong and was the biggest dark horse in the competition, therefore he assumed that she was bound to look very strong and buff. Which was why he subconsciously thought that this big sister was Ling Chuxi. But he never thought that the beautiful young maiden sitting at the table was the real Ling Chuxi!

“You got the wrong person? How is that possible? You were so gentle to me just now,” insisted the big sister as she held on tighter, unwilling to let go of the cologne-smelling man’s hand so easily.

“Get lost!” roared the cologne-smelling man, not bothering to act pleasantly anymore. “Do you even know who I am? I am the number one master in the capital, Liu Feiyu!”

“What! You are that number one gigolo?!” gasped the big sister in disdain the moment she heard his name, immediately letting go of his hand. “Cheh, and I was wondering who you were. It turns out that you’re a gigolo! Pretending to be all handsome and talented!” snapped the big sister. Once she finished speaking, she immediately paid and left.

Liu Feiyu stood rooted to the spot and stomped his feet. How frustrating! He had failed this time! Originally, someone had paid him a lot of money to come and seduce Ling Chuxi. After that, he was to hold Ling Chuxi back by finding some way to give her a laxative or something so that she would not be able to participate in the finals. In the end, everything had turned out like this. Just now, Ling Chuxi had also witnessed his tactics in “seducing” another. Therefore, trying to seduce Ling Chuxi was practically no longer possible now.

At this moment, Ling Chuxi remained unaware of this. She was telling Lan Xinyu about encountering that extreme, cologne-smelling man at the tofu pudding stall. Lan Xinyu was stunned upon hearing the story.

“Are you sure? There is such a man with such odd taste?” asked Lan Xinyu, absolutely unable to comprehend what she had heard.

“I also feel that the man obviously hated that woman, but yet he held in his disgust and tried to use the handsome man scheme on her. It was really odd.” Ling Chuxi also could not figure it out.

“Could it be that he got the target on whom he was supposed to use the handsome man scheme on wrong?” guessed Lan Xinyu casually.

The moment Lan Xinyu finished speaking, the two of them realized something and looked at each other in shock.

“That person, could it be, could it be that his target was actually you?” asked Lan Xinyu as the corner of her lips twitched. “You are now an influential person and the biggest dark horse in the competition. So perhaps that person admires your status and originally thought of seducing you but ended up getting the wrong person.”

Ling Chuxi shuddered as she suddenly realized that Lan Xinyu’s words were not entirely nonsensical. Perhaps that person really was targeting her. However, to have that kind of cologne-smell on a man, it was really icky to her.

“If it’s true, then it was a good thing that he got the wrong person after all,” said Ling Chuxi with a relieved expression.

“Oi, Little Chuxi.” Suddenly, a white and slender hand reached over, straight into the oil paper bag in Ling Chuxi’s hands and withdrew with a snack in its clutches.

Ling Chuxi turned and immediately saw the charm-people-to-death-without-repaying-with-life bewitching eyes of Mu Liufeng.

“Mu Liufeng, if you want to eat something, go and buy it by yourself,” chastised Ling Chuxi unhappily as she immediately protected her food in her hands.

“Tsk. How petty,” replied Mu Liufeng with a shrug as he turned around. Suddenly, he seemed to have remembered something as he turned back to face Ling Chuxi again with a smile. “That’s right, Little Chuxi, you should be more careful these few days. Since only the few of you have placed such large bets on you, the owners of the gambling house seem to have gotten anxious. That attempted handsome man scheme earlier was really too hilarious in that he actually got the wrong person.” After Mu Liufeng finished speaking, he turned around once more and left without looking back.

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