Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 293 - Top-Notch Assassin

Chapter 293: Top-Notch Assassin

The day of the final slowly drew near. Everything went well during this period of time and nothing happened.

Finally, it was the day before the final match.

That day soon turned into a dark night with only a few stars twinkling dimly in the gloomy sky. In the dark, the whole city was quiet and peaceful as everyone slept deeply.

Ling Chuxi suddenly opened her eyes as she awoke from her dreams. There was a faint sense of fear in her heart.

Ever since she experienced Heavenly Lightning Striking The Body, she did not just feel that her body and meridians had been changed, it was more as if they were reborn. Even her mind became much calmer and more determined than it was before. Her sixth sense had also become much sharper than it was before. With all these enhanced senses, she could feel things more acutely and she had never felt her heart beat so fast out of fear before as it did now.

She concentrated and listened to the sounds coming from outside. Besides the wind that was gently blowing and the rustle of the leaves that the wind sent tumbling, the courtyard was peaceful.

However, Ling Chuxi did not dare to be careless. This kind of heart-racing fear was definitely not without cause. Her intuition could detect a strong sense of danger around her.

After she quietly put on more layers of clothing properly, Ling Chuxi silently got out of her bed and grabbed the Luo Chen Sword.

Everything was silent and her surroundings were eerily quiet, so Ling Chuxi once again quietly lay down on her bed. Then, she saw the window to her quarters slowly and silent crack opened.

Upon seeing this, Ling Chuxi sat up abruptly and when she turned her head, she saw a pair of eyes hiding in the darkness. It was just a glance, but the cold, emotionless gaze that stared back at her left a lasting impression in her mind.

After that, a long and dark blade came piercing over to her like a poisonous snake, as fast as a flash of black lightning, but without a single glint of light.

Although she was prepared for this, Ling Chuxi was still shocked. Who was this person, that even she who had broken through past Level 9 Pinnacle Stage was not able to notice with her sixth sense? It was such a quick attack and at such an odd angle, that it was definitely not something any ordinary person could achieve. For someone to be able to silently enter Fu Chengyu’s residence without anyone noticing, one could imagine that this person’s level of cultivation was not low.

With an instinctive flash, Ling Chuxi leapt off her bed. The figure that had suddenly appeared chased after her closely as the sword in its hand pierced towards her over ten times in quick succession towards her vital points.

A thick, murderous intent enveloped Ling Chuxi, causing a chill to run through her body.

‘Battle Qi Level 9 Pinnacle stage!’ Ling Chuxi could immediately detect the other party’s cultivation level. No matter where, with such a cultivation level, one could be considered an expert and an outstanding leader at that. However, this was not the scariest thing about whoever this person was. The scariest thing was that this person wielded their sword in moves that clearly meant to kill and the murderous intent they emitted.

The sword moves were not fancy and were just simple, direct stabs. However, each stab was explosive and launched with full force, the fastest speed and accompanied by an extremely murderous intent.

Ling Chuxi retreated in a hurry, and her opponent shadowed her, silently attacking and stabbing in the direction of her throat.

If Ling Chuxi still did not understand what the other party was by now, it would be weird. This was an assassin and definitely a top-notch one at that.

With the cultivation of Level 9 Pinnacle Stage, the assassin had directly launched a sneak attack at her. From beginning to end, there was no unnecessary nonsense, no unnecessary action. Every step and every attack was executed in the fastest and most effective method of killing the intended target. Besides a top-notched assassin, who else could do this?

Ling Chuxi believed that if one was at the same level of cultivation as this assassin, they would not be able to survive being caught off guard like this. They would not be able to avoid the purely murderous attacks coming her way. Even she found them hard to fend off. However, since she was not at Level 9 Pinnacle Stage, but had already reached the realm of Great Fulfilment, she actually stood a chance.

With a quick shift of her feet, Ling Chuxi finally managed to properly dodge the assassin’s dense attacks that were as plentiful and constant as raindrops and drew the Luo Chen Sword. In an instant, the sword’s blade gleamed with a flash of bright brilliance as Ling Chuxi’s Battle Qi that had already surpassed Level 9 Pinnacle Stage emitted from it.

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