Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 295 - Such Worship

Chapter 295: Such Worship

“There’s no need to investigate. Who else would hope that I die besides the gambling house? And who else would have the ability to hire an assassin with Battle Qi Level 9 Pinnacle Stage abilities?” said Ling Chuxi coldly. This question was one that she had already thought about earlier on. Besides the gambling house, there was no one else who would be willing to pay such a huge price to kill her.

Ling Yichen also comprehended this at once and instantly a murderous look appeared on his face.

“Wait, don’t attack them yet. Let’s wait till we’ve gotten all the winnings from our bets, then we can slowly clean them up,” instructed Ling Chuxi. This vengeance needed to be exacted. But before that, they should earn the money that was theirs. Attacking the gambling house now was going too easy on them.

Fu Chengyu’s expression also as dark as deep waters. He had never thought that the gambling house would use such methods just to change the outcome of their bets, and that they would actually hire an assassin to kill Ling Chuxi.

The assassination attempt did not affect Ling Chuxi much. Early the next morning, Ling Chuxi woke up, practiced all her moves and adjusted her condition to its peak. She knew that today’s battle would definitely be the most exciting and also the most difficult one she’d fight in the entire competition. She had witnessed Baili Han’s cultivation last night. It was definitely not something she could look down upon.

On this day, the streets of the capital were swarmed with people. Everyone was moving in a single direction. All of them were going to watch the final match today.

The position on the highest watching platform of the training arena was designated for people with special statuses. For example, the bald dean of Wind Cloud Academy, people from the Deity Temple, the Prime Minister and members of the royal family. The atmosphere in the whole training arena was very lively. The discussions of others around them filled everyone’s eardrums, as people talked about who they thought would be the final winner of the competition. The hawkers were also making full use of the bustling atmosphere to sell their wares.

At this moment, Ling Chuxi was eating a kind of glutinous rice ball skewered on a bamboo stick and scrunching her eyes up as she savored the taste of it comfortably. This particular kind of glutinous rice ball was coated with a layer of caramelized sugar, which made it taste particularly delicious. In the eyes of outsiders, she was not facing any pressure at all.

Just at this moment, the crowd became flustered.

“The Lord Divine Messenger from the Deity Temple is coming through.”

“Are you kidding me? Where? Where?”

“Over there!”

“Why can’t I see his face? Oh, because he’s wearing a hat.”

“The Lord Divine Messenger actually has silver hair. Wow!”

“I really want to take a look at the Lord Divine Messenger’s face.”

Ling Chuxi was slightly stunned by these words and she raised her head to look up at the highest watching platform. When she did, she saw Huangfu Qingjue’s familiar figure. He was currently wearing a wide, lavish robe that made him look very otherworldly. He was also wearing a veiled hat which made it impossible for people to properly see his face. However, the moment Ling Chuxi looked up at him, he turned to face her. Ling Chuxi could clearly feel Huangfu Qingjue’s gaze through the veil, and indeed behind the obscurity of the veil, Huangfu Qingjue was looking at Ling Chuxi steadily at the moment.

Ling Chuxi smiled at Huangfu Qingjue and Huangfu Qingjue nodded slightly before sitting down.

“Wow, the Lord Divine Messenger nodded at me!”

“Get lost, you are dreaming. The Lord Divine Messenger was nodding at me!”

Huangfu Qingjue’s single nod had caused the people watching below to start arguing amongst themselves.

Ling Chuxi took another bite of her glutinous rice ball as she secretly felt speechless. She secretly lamented that the people gushing over “the Lord Divine Messenger” were so worshipful of the Deity Temple that they had reached a point of blindly believing anything about it was great.

The list of the four semi-finalists had long since been released to the public. In addition to Ling Chuxi and Baili Han, there was another person who had qualified to be in the semi-finals because of Ling Yichen’s forfeiture, and another who earned a spot by defeating Xia Zhuoyi—Chu Jianyi. Xia Zhuoyi’s strength was not very strong in the first place, and throughout the competition, it was not easy for Chu Jianyi to get as far as he did. So, he was not surprised at his defeat to Baili Han. After all, he had previously lost to Baili Han as well. As for the match between Ling Chuxi and the contender who had only come this far due to Ling Yichen forfeiting, it was no surprise that Ling Chuxi won. This meant that the final two in the competition were none other than Ling Chuxi and Baili Han.

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