Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 296 - The Arrival of the Emperor

Chapter 296: The Arrival of the Emperor

The bullhorn made a deep and melodious trumpet, and the much-anticipated final finally kicked off.

The match arena was long crowded so much so that even water would not be able to pass through. However, on the edge of the fighting ring, there were over ten people standing there, in an empty space separating the audience and the fighting ring. Upon closer inspection, they were all experts, and even some teachers from Wind Cloud Academy were amongst them.

Obviously, this was because they were too worried that Baili Han and the rest had cultivation that was too strong and might accidentally hurt the ordinary citizens when they fought.

Seeing that it was almost time for the match, Ling Chuxi and Baili Han went up the stage from two different directions. Their steps were similarly relaxed and both of them appeared equally confident.

Seeing the appearance of these two figures, deafening cheers could be heard from below the stage.

However, if one paid attention, most of the cheers were for Baili Han, asking him to do well and supporting his might. The heavenly lightning striking the body was insurmountable moat for countless strong cultivators, and there were very few who have experienced the test of heavenly lightning striking the body at this age in the whole continent. Through this martial competition and Feng Yan Union unintentionally fuel the flames, Baili Han became famous overnight and became the idol of countless young people.

Comparatively, Ling Chuxi’s fame was much weaker. Being able to enter into the finals was actually beyond the expectations of many.

In the rankings Feng Yan Union released before the competition, Ling Chuxi was someone who was ranked at number eight with Level-8 Battle Qi abilities. Nobody would have thought that she was able to defeat Zhang Dongzhi, who ranked second, in such a devastating way, entering into the semi-finals.

Nobody would suspect the accuracy of the Feng Yan Union’s information. Then, it meant that within the short period of time before the competition began, she had actually broken through at the speed of light.

Everyone was unable to make a judgment of Ling Chuxi’s current cultivation. Anyway, it was at least at Level-9 and it was definitely above Level-9 Primary stage. Otherwise, it was not possible that she so easily tortured Zhang Dongzhi into such a mess.

‘Could it be that she had also experienced the heavenly lightning striking the body and that she had broken through to the realm of Great Fulfilment?’ Some people also made such guesses, but immediately the thought that this was impossible would pop up in their heads. Before the competition began, it was such a short period of time. Being able to breakthrough was already not bad. Being able to breakthrough from Level 8 was already something that was very difficult. Breaking through the Level-9 bottle neck and experience test of the heavenly lighting striking the body that many cultivators found difficult to overcome was practically just talk that could not be achievable.

Therefore, nobody thought that Ling Chuxi had any possibility of emerging the champion.

Ling Chuxi was not bothered about what other people were thinking. She was only concerned about a matter and that was after she won this match, she could gain a lot of the shiny, sparkling real gold and white silver from the gambling house. Then, she could clean up the bunch of people from the gambling house.

Just as the two people got onto the fighting ring at the same time, under the protection of eight golden armored guards, a canopy also entered the arena and moved towards the highest place on the watching platform. It was surrounded by more than ten men with serious faces. An invisible aura radiated from them, and the crowded crowd couldn’t help open up a passage.

“His Majesty. It is His Majesty!” someone exclaimed.

“Long live His Majesty!” Everyone kneeled down immediately.

“Rise. I am the same as all of you. I am also here to watch the match.” On the platform, the emperor’s majestic voice rang out.

Only then did the people stand up tremblingly, and their hearts were extremely agitated. Even the emperor came to watch the finals in person, which showed how much importance he attached to the final.

Everyone was enviously looking at the two on stage again. Regardless of victory or defeat, it was something to be proud of as it had attracted the attention of His Majesty.

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