Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 297 - Final Battle 1

Chapter 297: Final Battle 1

Due to the arrival of the emperor, the whole atmosphere became a little quieter. However, the excitement the people felt within them was hard to conceal. When the ring of the bell rang to indicate the beginning of the match, everyone’s face was flushed red.

Ling Chuxi and Baili Han each stood at a corner on the fighting ring as they calmly looked at their opponent. There was an unprecedented seriousness in Baili Han’s gaze. Beside the people who were by Ling Chuxi’s side, he was the only one who knew Ling Chuxi’s real cultivation abilities.

“Very glad to be able to fight you.” Baili Han said sincerely.

“Me too.” Ling Chuxi also said seriously.

Below the stage, the restless crowd quietened down. Everyone looked at Baili Han doubtfully. Listening to his tone, he was actually regarding Ling Chuxi as a worthy opponent, and from the tone and expression of Ling Chuxi, she also accepted it without any sense of shame.

Could it be that their guesses toward Ling Chuxi’s cultivation abilities was too conservative? She actually possessed the ability to fight with Baili Han?

Just as everyone was feeling surprised and baffled, the brass bell rang at the same time, indicating the start of the match.

Below the stage, the shrill screams of cheers once again rang out. The entire match arena was thoroughly lit.

However on stage, the two people remained unmoving as they stood at their originals spots at ease.

Everyone had an odd feeling. At this moment, the wind around them seemed to have stilled and even the clouds that were floating in the sky seemed to have stopped. Everything by their side seemed to have paused.

It was as if only the two people on stage existed under the whole heaven and earth and that it could not contain anyone else.

This feeling was very wondrous and it also made people feel an incomparable suppression and they even found it oddly difficult to breathe.

Was this the realm of Great Fulfilment? Before a single attack, everyone already felt an irresistible suppression. What was more shocking was that Ling Chuxi did not show the least bit change in her expression. She remained calm and even her gaze was serious and composed.

It turned out that she really had the ability to compete with Baili Han. That is to say, she had also experienced the heavenly lightning striking the body and reached the realm of Great Fulfilment. No wonder even His Majesty appeared in person. It turned out that this was the reason. Everyone finally understood.

Below the stage, screams that could breakthrough the clouds once again exploded. Everyone would like to see an exciting match between two parties of about the same strength.

Baili Han slowly drew his sword. In all the matches before this match, he had never used his weapon. With a sway of his figure, Baili Han attacked first. His sword slashed into a simple arc as he attacked in Ling Chuxi’s direction.

Ling Chuxi’s heart shook. This attack seemed so plain and simple. When it comes to its momentum, it did not appear as good as Lan Xinyu or E Shulan’s Level-8 Battle Qi, but it gave people a kind of irresistible feeling.

That slow sword skill was like that calm ocean and like a dormant volcano, carrying a hidden, endless strength.

Ling Chuxi gave her full concentration as she wanted to find the weakness of this attack. However, she found that she could not figure out a single weakness of this attack. With Ling Chuxi’s strong grasp of the battle situation, this was a scenario that had not appeared before.

Seeing how the sword was already appearing before her, Ling Chuxi did not dare to delay or hesitate as she used her full strength and pierced her sword toward Baili Han.

This attack was one that was beyond the Level-9 Pinnacle stage and one could easily imagine the strength of the Battle Qi. Within her meridians, Battle Qi was like an army surging toward Luo Chen Sword. The whole fighting ring was enveloped in a thick white light as a whistling sound pierced into the eardrums, causing pain.

Bop! The two swords clashed. However, there was no sounds of metal clashing. Instead, it was a muffled ring that sounded like two wooden swords clashing.

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