Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 298 - Final Battle 2 

Chapter 298: Final Battle 2

A wave of qi which centered from the fighting ring spread to the surroundings, rolling up all the dust. The experts guarding around the fighting ring were startled, and quickly blocked this qi.

The light instantly disappeared and everyone could clearly see that the fighting ring which was made of huge rock was actually shaking furiously.

The two figures on stage split up. Baili Han stood at his original spot, but Ling Chuxi took quite a few steps back.

“How is it possible?” Ling Chuxi looked at Baili Han in surprise. Just now her attack contained the strong Battle Qi that surpassed the Level-9 Pinnacle stage and her control over her own Battle Qi was very strong. She could totally feel that her own Battle Qi was actually stronger than Baili Han’s, but when meeting with his attack, Baili Han’s figure did not even sway and even his breathing was as calm and steady as it was. How did he do it?

Baili Han did not say a word as he struck once again. Just like before, it was as gentle and ordinary as it looked previously, but it made one unable to see even the least bit weakness.

Ling Chuxi concentrated to feel this attack and felt that Baili Han’s entire person, entire concentration seemed to have integrated together into one with his sword in this attack.

A flash of light lit up in Ling Chuxi’s brain as she finally understood the reason behind it.

At this time, Baili Han’s mind was not only integrated with the sword, but also integrated with the Battle Qi. He could evenly distribute the battle qi to the sword and everywhere in his body, making people unable to find any weaknesses. At the same time, he could also instantly concentrate the Battle Qi at a single point and thus easily resist her stronger Battle Qi attack.

Although Ling Chuxi could also concentrate her Battle Qi on Luo Chen Sword, she was unable to concentrate it highly at a single point. Thinking about it, how could Battle Qi which was concentrated on an entire sword be stronger than a highly concentrated Battle Qi at a single point, no matter how strong it was? This was the reason why she was at a disadvantage when they exchanged blows even though she herself had stronger Battle Qi.

It seems like the realm of the Great Fulfilment was not as simple as merely having stronger Battle Qi, but it also encompassed the multiple layers of usage of Battle Qi. After all, the duration in which Ling Chuxi had been promoted to this level was still short and her understanding of this realm was still a bit weaker than Baili Han.

However, understanding this, Ling Chuxi’s emotions also eased up. Since Baili Han could do it, then she could do it too.

Holding Luo Chen Sword tightly, Ling Chuxi’s gaze concentrated on the attack Baili Han was using. Her concentration and mind were also integrated into Luo Chen Sword.

The surging Battle Qi gushed out of the sword body, flashed with a dazzling brilliance, and then quickly condensed towards the tip of the sword.

With a light exclamation, Ling Chuxi pierced again with her sword. This attack was also as slow and solemn as Baili Han’s, but the faint sharpness made all the expressions of the experts around the fighting ring change slightly. Although they could not grasp the mystery of this attack, they could feel how horrifying this attack was.

As the two swords clashed, a muffled sound rang and a wave of qi rushed out again with ripples visible to the naked eye.

The experts by the sides of the fighting ring immediately used their Battle Qi to forcefully resist this wave of qi. A few cultivators with slightly weaker abilities turned pale and were almost shaken till they fell on the ground.

Looking at the fighting ring again, the whole flat stone ground was shaken into a pit as gravel scattered all over the surface and both Ling Chuxi and Baili Han were shaken into taking two steps back respectively.

The crowd below the stage subconsciously retreated. Seeing this, one could easily imagine how strong the Battle Qi was when the two of them exchanged blows. It was a good thing that there were experts standing guard by the fighting ring. Otherwise, the consequences would have been disastrous.

The audience below the fighting ring was agitated as the whole venue went into an uproar. The showdown between experts was like this!

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