Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 299 - Final Battle 3 

Chapter 299: Final Battle 3

Baili Han’s expression became even more solemn. He didn’t expect that Ling Chuxi had figured out the mystery of the realm of Great Fulfilment so quickly. It took him a year to figure it out, and it was thanks to the guidance of an expert that he managed to barely touch the surface. As for Ling Chuxi, how long has it been since she broke through to the present? What was more frightening was that Ling Chuxi managed to learn it just by watching him use his Battle Qi! What a terrifying potential this was!

“Again!” thinking about this, Baili Han did not feel the least bit fear and instead got excited about fighting.

A surge of strong might suddenly exploded from his body. Even the floor beneath his feet seemed to be trembling under this might.

“This, is this the true cultivation abilities of the realm of Great Fulfilment?” everyone looked at Baili Han in shock.

“Very well!” the moment Ling Chuxi finished speaking, she once again attacked Baili Han.

The light rays covered over the whole earth. On the fighting ring, two figures suddenly moved and they were so fast that they looked like illusions.

In the midst of the sound of swords, the arena made of huge rock was actually cracked by the tyrannical Battle Qi. A strong wind swept through like a tornado, sending sand and rocks flying atop the fighting ring.

Below the stage, everyone looked at the two figures in fascination, with excitement and terror in their hearts.

It was only at this moment that everyone finally knew how strong Ling Chuxi’s cultivation was. Seeing this situation, she was actually not weaker than Baili Han and could even be said to be stronger than him. Lan Xinyu looked at this scene in astonishment. This was the difference, the gap between her and Ling Chuxi. It was the gap that she was unable to catch up to forever! Ling Yichen looked at this scene with calmness as he made calculations in his heart. If the person who fighting Baili Han was him, he was not necessarily able to be able to do things to such an extent.

The two people on stage fought faster and faster as the Battle Qi that enveloped the fighting ring also became more and more intense.

Suddenly, a figure rushed toward the sky and seeing that slender figure, it was Ling Chuxi.

“Take this attack!” Ling Chuxi yelled as she lunged her sword.

“Alright!” Baili Han welcomed this attack with a slash of his own sword without hesitation.

Luo Chen Sword was good and a white light flashed past like a meteor. All the Battle Qi was concentrated at this point. Even Luo Chen Sword seemed to be almost unable to withstand the strong Battle Qi that was so concentrated as its sword body emitted trembling cries.

The two swords clashed and it was as if a thunderbolt was ringing on a clear day. Under the huge fighting ring, everyone’s ears were ringing. There was a blazing white patch in front of them, and even their minds fell into a blank.

The whole world seemed to tremble under this blow.

“Be careful, retreat!” the bald dean suddenly yelped in surprise as he shouted at the crowd below the fighting ring. However, at this moment, who could hear his roar?

In desperation, the dean rushed down in an instant, and the surrounding experts could only release their Battle Qi desperately to envelope the area around the fighting ring.

Atop the viewing platform, all expressions of the royal guards changed drastically as they went to the front of the watching platform to stand guard.

Boom! Amidst the loud noise, a cloud of dust suddenly rose, covering the sky and the sun.

A deathly silence encompassed the entire surroundings.

After a long time, the cloud of dust above their heads slowly dispersed and the sunlight once again shone through.

Everyone felt their minds regain a trace of clarity as the white light that was dazzling slowly dispersed. Everyone looked toward the fighting ring, but they were so shocked that no one could say a word.

The fighting ring built of huge stones had long ceased to exist and only pieces of rubble remained scattered all around. In the smoke and dust, only the figures of Ling Chuxi and Baili Han standing on the ground could be vaguely seen.

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