Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 300 - Gaining Fame Through a Single Battle!

Chapter 300: Gaining Fame Through a Single Battle!

Gosh, was this the abilities of the realm of Great Fulfilment? Even the huge fighting ring was flattened. Thinking back to the scene that had happened just now, everyone felt a lingering sense of fear.

What was more shocking was that the experts who were protectively standing around the fighting ring remained unscathed. It was just that every one of their faces was blank and horrified.

It took a while before the people reacted. Ling Chuxi and Baili Han had completely controlled the destruction of their Battle Qi within the scope of the ring in their last blow. Such tyrannical Battle Qi and control which were more terrifying than tyrannical Battle Qi itself had exceeded the people’s imagination.

What was a strong cultivator? This was the real strong cultivator!

However, everyone remained without an answer as to who had won and who had lost.

The gentle breeze blew past and the last cloud of dust slowly dispersed. In the position where the fighting stage originally was, everyone could see Ling Chuxi’s upright figure as her clothes fluttered in the wind.

Opposite her, Baili Han’s body was bent and his face was pale. A trace of blood slowly flowed out from the corner of his lips.

“I, lost.” After saying this, Baili Han crumbled to the ground as his legs went soft.

Lost, Baili Han actually lost. Baili Han who was listed as the favorite to emerge champion by Feng Yan Union had actually lost.

If it were not for hearing Baili Han saying these two words, it was almost as if no one would dare to believe this fact. However, seeing everything that was before them, who could remain doubtful?

Baili Han lost! Ling Chuxi won!!!

After a long while, thunderous cheers broke out around the ruined fighting ring, but this time, all the cheers sounded for Ling Chuxi.

Gaining fame through a single battle!!!

This battle was witnessed by tens of thousands and just like this, Ling Chuxi became famous!

“Ling Chuxi had actually already experienced the heavenly lightning striking the body!”

“Heavens! Before the competition she was only at Battle Qi Level-8!”

“How did she improve so fast? Really a genius amongst geniuses.”

Sounds of exclamation and envy rang one after another. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the slender girl.

At the highest point of the viewing stage, the corner of Huangfu Qingjue’s lips curled up into a gentle smile. He knew that his Chuxi was one of a kind and his Chuxi definitely could win!

The emperor looked at Ling Chuxi appreciatively, amazed by the growth of this girl. Fortunately, the relationship between Ling Chuxi and the fifth princess was not that ordinary. If such an expert stood on the opposite side of him, he would really have a headache. Not only would he have a headache because of how strong Ling Chuxi was now, but the part that would cause the most headache was Ling Chuxi’s shocking growth rate. At only sixteen years old, she had already experienced the heavenly lightning striking the body. And if she continues to develop like this, what achievements would Ling Chuxi obtain? No one dared to say.

Ling Yichen looked at Ling Chuxi who was standing at her original spot, and at the confident smile on her face. All he felt was that it was so dazzling, so much so that one could not avert one’s gaze. Chuxi, Chuxi, you are always the best!

Lan Xinyu saw the proud and happy Ling Chuxi and sincerely felt happy for her. However, she turned her head and saw Baili Han who was a little pale and felt a little upset. She rushed over to seek Baili Han.

“Baili, are you alright?” Lan Xinyu hesitated for a moment when she approached him, but still stretched out her hand to support Baili Han.

“I’m fine.” Baili Han looked at Lan Xinyu whose worry was written in her brows. He felt warmth inside his heart and a smile appeared on his pale face.

The bald dean who was standing nearby was so angry that he gritted his teeth and muttered. “You idiot. You should say that ‘my chest hurts very badly. I can’t move, why don’t you support me?’”

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