Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 308 - Where Luo Chen Sword was Out of the Ordinary

Chapter 308: Where Luo Chen Sword was Out of the Ordinary

Ling Chuxi knew that he was worried that there would be danger in the cave and thus had went in first. She naturally was also unwilling for Ling Yichen to face danger alone, so she also immediately followed after him and entered.

The moment the entered the cave, all they saw was a windy, deep path that led to the depths of the cliff.

The two of them rested for a moment before walking into the path. The path was quiet and only the sounds of the two people’s soft footsteps could be heard. Pieces of shiny rocks were arranged neatly, inlaid on the stone wall. They emitted a faint light, illuminating the road under their feet. Such an amazing view made one amazed. As to whether these shining rocks were naturally formed or if they were pieced together by man, it was not known.

Ling Yichen held his sword as he stood protectively in front of Ling Chuxi, keeping a high level of alertness. The both of them knew that this cave seemed to be peaceful, but the dangers within were definitely beyond a normal person’s imagination. Otherwise, it would not have been possible that even a strong cultivator with Battle Qi Level-9 was unable to return.

What was more surprising was that there was not a single danger throughout the whole journey. However, the two of them did not dare to be careless. The quieter it was, usually the more terrifying the dangers that were hidden behind it.

Not knowing how long after they had followed the path, the two people stopped at the same time. In front of them was a spacious stone hall and there were seven paths leading to different directions.

“It seems that the treasure we seek is definitely in one of the seven paths here.” Ling Yichen said as he looked at the treasure map in his hand. There was no indicator here. They definitely needed to rely on themselves to find the road that came this. It was a little problematic since it was seven paths. They also did not know which path would lead them to the treasure. Where there hidden mechanisms in other paths or was every path equally perilous?

Such choices really left one feeling a headache. Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen looked at the seven paths before them and their hearts were hesitating as to which path they should take first. This was indeed a difficult choice.

“Chuxi, why don’t we do it like this? You stay here and wait for my news.” Ling Yichen said and then walked toward one of the paths. This was the only method he could think of. There were no indicators on the treasure map and therefore the only way was to test out each path one by one. Rather than the two of them taking the risk, why not he alone take the risk.

“How can we do that?! If you want to go, let’s go together!” Ling Chuxi naturally was not willing for Ling Yichen to take the risk alone and instantly rejected his idea.

“Chuxi, don’t go. Just stay here and wait for me. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Ling Yichen said seriously and entered a path he chose after he finished speaking.

Ling Chuxi was about to speak up and stop Ling Yichen when just at this moment, Luo Chen Sword which was hanging by Ling Chuxi’s waist emitted a tiny hum. And in this hum, there was an obvious feeling of strong delight and familiarity.

“Wait.” Ling Chuxi frowned and stopped Ling Yichen.

After the heavenly lightning striking the body, she felt that there were some changes within the Luo Chen Sword. Every time she cultivated and when she entered into a state of calmness and fell into a void, she seemed to feel the summoning from the depths of the sword, as if there was a spirituality that has awakened from the sword.

And at this moment, this feeling was further intensified.

Ling Chuxi touched Luo Chen Sword hanging by her waist in surprise as her heart felt a little doubtful. Why did she feel like Luo Chen Sword wanted to express something? Thinking about the situation where she had seen the first seen the sword, Ling Chuxi felt a little overwhelmed. This sword was originally meant to be sent back to the furnace for recasting, but Little White had chosen this sword and she too, had taken a fancy to it.

Luo Chen Sword was indeed not an ordinary weapon? Could this be just a coincidence?

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