Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 309 - Mystical Ancient Sword

Chapter 309: Mystical Ancient Sword

“What’s wrong?” Ling Yichen stopped and looked at Ling Chuxi questioningly.

“The Luo Chen Sword, seems to be… cheering,” Ling Chuxi murmured in disbelief. To her surprise, it really was. At that very moment, Luo Chen Sword was cheering. She did not know why she could suddenly understand Luo Chen Sword’s feelings, but it just came naturally. It was as if Luo Chen Sword was alive and could think.

Ling Chuxi paced the entrance of the seven paths and finally stopped in front of the third right path.

“Take this path,” Ling Chuxi said, walking forward. Luo Chen Sword’s cheer had intensified in front of this path, like a child who could not wait to play with a toy.

Ling Chuxi didn’t understand it, but her intuition was telling her that the treasure they sought was on this path. Perhaps it was related to Luo Chen Sword.

Ling Yichen hesitated briefly, surprised, then quickly walked up to Ling Chuxi. Luo Chen Sword actually had such a strong reaction? What exactly was Chuxi’s weapon?

As they went down the path, they started to feel a great pressure around them, which increased as they moved forward. Even though they were at the realm of the Great Fulfilment, they could not stop their breathing from quickening under the immense pressure.

The two of them circulated their Battle Qi as best as they could to try to lessen the pressure as they continued on. Their emotions were also affected and they could feel their agitation growing. The treasure was definitely ahead – they would not be experiencing this otherwise.

Finally, the surroundings brightened as sunlight flooded through a hole, illuminating a square stone hall. In the middle of the hall was a stone platform, and atop it was an ancient sword that pointed to the sky. The pressure seemed to be coming from the slim sword.

It was merely a sword but it was releasing such a strong pressure – what kind of weapon was this?

The duo felt odd seeing the ancient sword before them. The sword was right there and they could even see its patterns clearly, but it gave off a surreal feeling, almost as if it was just an illusion.

Ling Chuxi could clearly feel Luo Chen Sword howling and trembling from where it hung by her waist. It seemed excited, as if it would leap out of its sheath at any second.

The two of them were on their highest level of guard as they cautiously approached the sword.

Suddenly, a wave of murderous intent exploded from the ancient sword. Dazzling white light and a strong qi erupted from the weapon, spreading out in all directions.

“Be careful!” Ling Yichen yelled and jumped in front of Ling Chuxi. He had long gathered strong Battle Qi in his sword and slashed out a light ray.

There was a muffled thud, and Ling Yichen was sent flying by the qi flow. He crashed into the stone wall but immediately leapt to his feet, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Ling Chuxi pulled out Luo Chen Sword and quickly slashed at the incoming qi flow. A force reminiscent of a tsunami swept over her, numbing her arm. Ling Chuxi was forced backwards until her back hit a wall and she could steady herself. If not for Ling Yichen helping her block some of the qi, she would definitely be in pain like him right now.

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