Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 310 - Invasion  

Chapter 310: Invasion

Such terrifying strength! Ling Chuxi finally understood how even a strong cultivator with Battle Qi Level-9 could meet her end here. They were struggling even though both of them had the cultivation of the Great Fulfilment after the heavenly lightning struck them; how could a Level-9 cultivator have survived? Wen Qing’s mother had the cultivation level of Battle Qi Level-9, but she had brought along Wen Qing’s father and naturally it was even more dangerous.

“Yichen!” Ling Chuxi worriedly called out.

“I’m fine. Be careful,” Ling Yichen replied, but his expression was grim. He realized that this ancient sword was not going to be subdued so easily.

The second he finished speaking, white light once again erupted from the sword. It flew towards Ling Yichen suddenly, as if controlled by an invisible force. A murderous aura was radiating from the sword, turning their surroundings ice cold. The suppressing aura was almost suffocating.

Ling Yichen yelled and raised his cultivation to the maximum as he slashed at the ancient sword. Under the concentration of the abundant Battle Qi, one could only see a small stream of light surging towards the sword.

Ling Chuxi immediately realized the danger and rushed towards Ling Yichen. She knew the quality of Ling Yichen’s sword, and that it would be difficult for it to handle all that Battle Qi.

As predicted, the two swords clashed and Ling Yichen’s sword cracked, slowly breaking into pieces. The ancient sword surged towards his heart, brimming with malice and giving off a terrifying aura.

If this attack hit its target, even if one was at the realm of the Great Fulfilment, there was no doubt that the only outcome was death.

Ling Chuxi made it just in time and Luo Chen Sword pierced the ancient sword with all its might.

Luo Chen Sword shook vigorously and cheered, while the ancient sword let out a trembling cry and started to fade.

The sharp blade of Luo Chen Sword pierced the illusory ancient sword easily, and it disappeared in a flash of light.

“What is going on?” The duo were stunned.

This treasured sword which had caused so many deaths and harmed entire families had disappeared just like that?

Ling Chuxi’s arm trembled slightly as she held on to Luo Chen Sword. It seemed like there was something else in the sword. There was a joyous shout and a murderous roar that sounded in the sword at the same time, reflecting in Ling Chuxi’s mind.

“What is this?” Ling Chuxi was shocked. There were legends of ancient treasured swords that had their own spirits – could it be that Luo Chen Sword and the ancient sword were such swords?

Just as she was trying to figure it out, Luo Chen Sword started to quiver. It was as if the two sword spirits were fighting to the death as the sword glowed fiercely.

In her mind, the cheers of Luo Chen Sword became stronger and stronger, while the murderous roars became weaker and weaker. It seemed like the sword spirit was being absorbed by Luo Chen Sword, and the two spirits were fusing together.

Suddenly, a furious roar rang in her mind and an ice cold chill flowed through Luo Chen Sword and into Ling Chuxi’s body, piercing the depths of her mind.

Had the sword spirit invaded her own mind? Before she could think about it, Ling Chuxi felt a piercing pain in her head, and her mind fell into chaos.

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