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Chapter 217 - Caught in the Act inside the Cave

Chapter 217: Caught in the Act inside the Cave

“How could there be someone here? Where?” Phantom, who was abruptly shocked, curiously wondered.

Xia Fei used his finger to point toward one of the caves in that cliff face. “Over there. There were at least two, and one of them was a woman.”

Phantom looked in the direction Xia Fei was pointing and saw a cave about three meters wide and roughly 150 meters away from the ground. From the outside, this hole did not look any different from the others found along that cliff face, its inside all shrouded in darkness.

“How did you know?” Phantom asked. He knew that Xia Fei’s perception was relatively keener, but it was a bit hard to believe that he could spot people in one of these caves more than two kilometers away.

“I saw two figures dive into one moments ago. One of them is shorter and slim, which I reckon must mean she’s a woman,” Xia Fei answered.

Phantom nodded. Because Xia Fei had cultivated the Beast Spirit Codex, his eyesight was far better than most people, so it was indeed possible for him to notice someone sneaking into a cave.

“That’s impossible. Aside from fellow Assassins, no one else should know of this planet’s existence. This shouldn’t be the time when a trial is held, either, so how could there be strangers here at this moment?” Phantom lowered his head and wondered out loud.

“That’s not true; I’m also considered a stranger, and I’m standing here on this planet. Besides, who’s to say that the trial held by your Assassin friends hasn’t changed? After all, you’ve not been in your discipleship for many years; you’re just likely unaware of what happened in that time,” Xia Fei analyzed.

Phantom was silent. Xia Fei was an outsider; if he really ended up coming across people from his discipleship, there was a good chance that they might harbor ill-intent toward him, but he could not ignore the possibility that these people had coincidentally discovered this planet and landed accordingly.

“Let’s go and take a look. If they are people from my discipleship, we’ll just have to leave quietly and return at a later period. Otherwise, you can kill them,” Phantom said.

Xia Fei nodded. He regulated his Breath Control technique and carefully made his way toward that cave.

Because of the presence of strangers on this planet, Xia Fei began to very carefully make his way through the forest, no longer being fanciful or fooling around with his movement. The speed he was going at was also slightly reduced.

After several minutes passed, Xia Fei was now on a tree somewhere below that cave entrance. The tree was around eighty meters tall, and with Xia Fei’s jumping capabilities, he merely needed a single jump to make it into the cave.

Just as Xia Fei was hesitating about going in, he heard a series of urgent footsteps some distance away. It sounded as if someone was running across the muddy ground. Because of the many puddles that formed on the terrain due to the constant presence of rain, Xia Fei could easily hear the faint splashes produced by rushing footsteps as they darted through the rain; this was despite the person being very careful not to make any noise.

Leaning back while clutching onto the tree branch with two hands, a light tap of his foot was all it took for Xia Fei to turn nimble like a gecko as he plastered his body behind a tree.

The newcomer stopped right under the tree that Xia Fei was hiding in. With a quick glance of the surroundings, this person easily noticed the footprints on the ground made by that man-woman pair earlier. It was apparent that this person had made his way here by tracking them down in this fashion.

With a cold harrumph, this man rapidly climbed up the tree branches. He made it to the same sturdy branch that Xia Fei had just been on, but Xia Fei was currently hiding behind the thick tree trunk, holding his breath silently.

He suddenly realized that this person was giving off a very faint aura. Had it not been because he made sounds in his movement while climbing, Xia Fei might not have sensed his presence at all.

He could not help but be intrigued by this. Xia Fei had Breath Control to protect himself from detection, blending in perfectly with his surroundings. Meanwhile, this person could also be doing the same; could he also know Breath Control?

Stopping on the tree branch, this man leaped up toward the cliff face and made it to the cave above without breaking a sweat. After inspecting the entrance of the cave for a bit, this person crept in.

Xia Fei turned around, agilely getting back on the tree branch. That was when he noticed Phantom’s ghastly expression.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Fei asked.

Phantom sighed. “That’s my sixth brother from the discipleship; his master and my master belong to the same sect.”

Xia Fei nodded. No wonder Phantom was showing such sadness. It seemed that he had met someone from his life, and that aroused much emotions in him.

“Looks like you hit the nail on the head; the discipleship must have changed the trial schedule, and we just so happened to cross paths with them.” Phantom laughed bitterly. “Best if we retreat now. We can retrieve the six-leaf rain lotus another time.”

A pointless massacre was bound to happen if Xia Fei crossed paths with the people from the Assassins’ sect. Phantom was unwilling for people from his discipleship or Xia Fei to be harmed, so he coaxed Xia Fei to head back and returned another time.

Xia Fei wrinkled his brows. “I understand the difficulty you face, but if the six-leaf rain lotus gets picked before we return at a later date, won’t all our efforts getting here be in vain? Besides, I have Breath Control to mask myself. It’s not impossible for me to move in and out without anyone realizing it.

“Since these people are also from the Assassins, I believe that you know the secret cipher they use to transmit messages to one another. If we’re really backed into a corner, we can just reveal our identity; there’s no reason for this to devolve into a bloodbath.”

Since he was already here, Xia Fei of course had no wish to end up going back empty-handed. The six-leaf rain lotus was very important toward Xia Fei’s continued growth, and he had decided that he was going to get hold of it no matter what.

Phantom was very hesitant, momentarily unable to come up with any idea when, all of a sudden, a muffled speech could be heard from the cave above them. Due to the rain’s interference, it was hard to make out what was being said, but from the tone, it seemed that the one speaking was very angrily.

“Hmm?” Xia Fei hummed as he tapped on that tree branch with his toes, propelling himself upward several dozen meters. There was a jagged rock on that cliff face, which Xia Fei tapped on to send him up even higher. Making it to the cave entrance, he hugged the wall, his eyes cautiously peering into the cave while he pricked his ears to listen intently.

There was a bit of light coming from deep within the cave, and he could make out figures far inside. Xia Fei gritted his teeth and ventured inside with soft footsteps. He hid behind a large boulder and looked ahead. Phantom was also very curious, so he did not stop Xia Fei.

He saw two naked bodies huddled together, while that sixth brother of Phantom was glaring right at the two entwined bodies across him, shuddering hard as if he was suppressing the anger inside him.

The couple was not too old. The man was approximately in his twenties, bearing a handsome, fair, and clean-shaven face. His golden blond hair was neither long nor short, wearing it tied on the back of his head to form a ponytail.

The woman was at most in her early twenties, pretty and voluptuous, her skin snowy-white and her eyes glistening bright. One look and anyone could tell that she was an enchanting maiden.

The man and woman had their wet clothes laid out on the ground, their bodies tightly holding each other. The woman had her head lowered, not daring to meet Phantom’s sect brother’s eyes, while the man was frowning, a fierce look on his face.

It appeared that this adulterous pair had been in the middle of their tryst when Phantom’s sect brother discovered them, catching the two in the act, which was why Phantom’s sect brother was so infuriated, while that young man appeared so upset.

As for that woman, though her head was lowered and she was not meet anyone’s eyes, Xia Fei keenly noted that she was still using her slim fingers to massage that young man’s virile appendage. She did not appear to be shy or embarrassed, as if she did not mind if this interruption turned this into a group activity.

Xia Fei was shocked. To still have the intention of secretly teasing despite being caught in the act, this woman was truly in her element. Even a vixen would have been ashamed, though it was unfortunate that the young man’s blood was pumping as well after this surprise,

“Oh, no. That young man has roused sixth sect brother’s killing intent,” Phantom said darkly. “Though I’m very unfamiliar with him, we still belong to the same sect. You have to act accordingly when the situation changes.”

Xia Fei nodded. The eagle-eyed Xia Fei had already sensed that the shame of the young man from getting caught had turned into rage, and Phantom’s sixth sect brother was only focusing on venting the indignation he felt, his chest heaving laboriously as his face turned ashen.

“You b*tch, you’ve actually gone behind my back to indulge in a tryst with this pretty boy! My brothers repeatedly gave me hints about this, but I ignored them all, refusing to believe that you’d be so unfaithful, because I love you deeply, yet now, I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. What have you got to say for yourself?!”

Phantom’s sixth sect brother was very plain-looking, with plenty of creases forming over his forehead, a beard on his chin that was slightly greying, and a grim expression.

Meanwhile, this young woman who was at most twenty years of age looked very fetching; the two were simply a mismatched couple.

Xia Fei shook his head. This was the result of having a young wife; a man would gradually get older with years and would never be comparable in both looks and performance to a young man. Such an older man would more likely find himself being made a cuckold of when taking such a gorgeous tart as a wife, and the only question was just how many notches on her belt there were, which was probably something even she was unclear of.

The young woman turned around, her back toward Phantom’s sixth sect brother. Quietly, she put on her undergarments, looking as if she was longing for more. Had they not have been caught with their pants down, this pair would most likely have pulled an all-nighter.

Xia Fei’s eyes noticed that this bare-bottomed woman had no grass on her playing field, and was a rare white tiger.

The books of old stated that white tigers had an insatiable appetite, and that the older they got, the more powerful and alluring they became.

Xia Fei pursed his lips as he said to Phantom, “Your sixth sect brother took in such a seductive temptress as a wife; is he not just asking to be made a cuckold of?”

Phantom’s eyebrows tightened, not commenting on the matter. It seemed he was not exactly happy learning that his sect brother had been cuckolded.

“Sixth sect senior, why don’t you let me off on account of my father this one time. You and my father get along the best among all your fellow sect brothers, after all; he’ll surely kill me if he learns about this.” The young man’s attitude did a full one-eighty, collapsing on the ground to kowtow before the man, extremely sincere in his disposition.

Xia Fei secretly found this hilarious. He had been putting out such a distinct killing intent several seconds ago, yet now he had gone the opposite end and was begging for his life. This was some top-notch acting, but by no means was it anything good.

As it turned out, this young man was the son of one of Phantom’s sect brothers, and for a junior like him to steal his sect senior’s woman, even Phantom felt greatly aggravated knowing that such a degenerate came from his discipleship.

Upon hearing the young man mentioning his father, Phantom’s sixth sect brother actually hesitated for quite a bit, snorting coldly. “I grew up together with your father; how could he end up with such an unfilial son? I’m so mad just thinking about this.”

The young man quickly ran over to hug his sixth sect senior’s leg, begging the older man to let him off.

However, a flash of killing intent glinted in his eyes.

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