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Chapter 218 - : All Dead

Chapter 218: All Dead

It was too late to say anything. At that instant, a silver, triangular blade appeared from that young man’s sleeve, and with a twist of his wrist, he drove it right toward his sect uncle’s heart.

Phantom had told Xia Fei earlier to protect his sixth sect brother’s life, so Xia Fei did not hesitate and immediately made his move.

Celestial Moon fanned out and whizzed away.

Xia Fei could not care too much about details in that split second. Celestial Moon left a silvery afterimage as it flew straight toward that young man’s head.

Practically at the same time, the three-pronged blade penetrated through Phantom’s sixth sect brother’s combat suit, and right into his heart. Meanwhile, Xia Fei’s Celestial Moon happened to have buried itself into the young man’s head at this point, so the two men died in each other’s arms.

Xia Fei furrowed his brows. It was not that he did not want to save Phantom’s sect brother, but on top of the two men being too close to each other, the situation had taken him by surprise.

He had already done his best, yet he was still unable to stop the young man from succeeding in landing that fatal blow.

Fresh blood mixed with brain juices flowed to the ground, while that young woman let out an ear-splitting scream.

Xia Fei was originally somewhat saddened that he had failed to save Phantom’s sixth sect brother, but upon hearing the woman’s screech, this emotion only turned into vexation. With a flick of his wrist, Celestial Moon went flying toward that still half-dressed woman. Since the two died already, he might as well clean the scene properly.

“Hold it!” Phantom suddenly said.

Xia Fei abruptly manipulated Celestial Moon, causing his weapon to veer to the left, instead.

The silver disk blades brushed past that woman’s nose, hovering in the air, frightening the vixen until she forgot to even make a sound, her face ghastly pale.

“Ask her what exactly is going on,” said Phantom anxiously.

It had been years since he last saw his fellow sect brothers, yet this chance meeting had become a farewell. Anyone else would have been devastated at the outcome, but he did not blame Xia Fei for what had happened. Even a god would find it very difficult to save his sixth sect brother’s life at such a close range.

Xia Fei glanced at that vixen, who was still baring parts of her body, with the corner of his eye. “What’s there to ask? We ought to just kill garbage like this.”

Phantom shook his head. “I wish to ask and learn about what’s happening with the discipleship. It’s not too late to finish her off after we get some answers.”

Xia Fei considered this and thought it would be a good chance to learn more information regarding these Assassins. After all, he had always been very interested in Phantom’s discipleship, so this was a good chance to do so.

That young man was still kneeling down on the ground, his forehead split open right in the middle. Xia Fei went over and kicked that body, sending it flying several dozen meters away.

His head crashed right into the rock wall, his brain juices splattering all over. That young woman instantly whimpered, shivering as she turned to face Xia Fei helplessly, giving him a pitiful look.

With Phantom’s sixth sect brother as a role model, there was no way she could try and attempt to move Xia Fei no matter what tricks she had up her sleeve.


Without a word, Xia Fei delivered two, heavy slaps across the woman’s face. Though he was a speed ability user, his strength was substantial, and though he did not feel that he had been heavy-handed enough with those slaps, the frail woman thought otherwise, feeling as if she had been smacked by two, heavy hammers.

Her ivory-white cheeks turned red and swollen almost immediately. Several teeth fragments had also been spat along with a mouthful of blood when she was struck. This vixen had spontaneously been turned into a pig, so forget seducing men, she might even have trouble getting a second glance from livestock.

“Ask her what’s her status in the Assassins’ sect, and why does she have such a close relationship with sixth sect brother?” Phantom relayed this to Xia Fei.

Xia Fei asked the woman word for word, and her eyebrow raised slightly. It was evident that she had not expected to meet Xia Fei on this hidden planet, much less for him to recognize that they were from the Assassins’ sect at one glance.

After all, they, Assassins, had been leading very secretive lives within the Alliance, taking care to appear insignificant. Few knew of their existence, and Xia Fei was very young yet showed knowledge of them. She could not help secretly being shocked.

This woman was no match for Xia Fei in terms of combat capabilities, and even her bottomline was easily seen through. She realized that she had no means by which to struggle against this interrogation, so she could only answer in according to what Xia Fei was asking.

After interrogating her for some time, Xia Fei finally learned the truth.

It turned out that Phantom’s sixth sect brother was already over a hundred years old, and because he was slow-witted, women did not like him. Coupled with how there were few females in the sect to begin with, he had been a bachelor this whole time.

It was the Assassins’ custom to look for abandoned orphan children all across the universe to be raised every handful of years, and those who had the talent could learn martial arts, while those who did not have the talent could help keep the discipleship by performing basic chores like cleaning, washing clothes, et cetera.

This woman happened to have been assigned to serve Phantom’s sixth sect brother, and while she failed to show any special abilities, she did become prettier and prettier as she grew older.

Since Phantom’s sixth sect brother had never touched a woman in his life, it was of course easy for this young woman to seduce him. Though plenty in the discipleship did not approve of this sl*t, they eventually gave their consent after considering all the contributions of Phantom’s sixth sect brother so far and let him marry the vixen.

Several years after, this vixen became older and started to feel the barriers coming between her and Phantom’s sixth sect brother, who was unable to keep up with her needs. Thus, she began to hook up with the second sect brother’s son, and the two began their affair.

One was suave while the other was a natural enchantress; as time went by, they got bolder and bolder, to the point where they did not even shy away from others around them.

‘The walls had ears’ as the saying went, so this matter very quickly spread among the discipleship. Those with kind intentions tried to hint to Phantom’s sixth sect brother slyly and openly, yet the man was simple and honest, refusing to believe them.

These few days happened to be when the Assassins’ sect would be training on this planet; the two had held themselves back for so long until they could no longer suppress their urges. As such, they sneaked to this uninhabited mountain and hooked up, accidentally letting Phantom’s sixth sect brother realize the truth, resulting in the scene Xia Fei had just witnessed.

After Phantom heard everything, the veins on his forehead throbbed visibly. His only gripe was being unable to choke this temptress to death with his bare hands.

Shaking his head and sighing, he finally spoke, “Ask her how elder Moonshadow is doing.”

Xia Fei was quite taken aback, quickly realizing that Moonshadow must be Phantom’s master’s name. Having always been referring to him as master, this was actually the first time Xia Fei had heard Phantom refer to his master by his real name.

The woman was left confused when she heard that question. Xia Fei got that few knew of the Assassins’ existence, so now that he was even mentioning the name of their venerable elder, the woman must be wondering if he was also an Assassin. If that was the case, why had she not seen his face before?

With plenty of questions floating in her mind, she began to describe the recent happenings regarding Elder Moonshadow.

Because she was not under the same designation as the elder, she would only occasionally hear news pertaining to him or would only greet him in passing when they encountered each other.

Phantom could not hold back his tears when he learned that his venerable master was still alive and that the latter was still hale and hearty, nearly collapsing to the ground on his knees to give praise and worship.

Xia Fei frowned with pressed lips. There was truly no limit to the amount of respect Phantom had for his master. Looking at his dedication, even if his master asked him to kill himself, he would likely follow the order to a T.

Since the woman could no longer provide any useful information, and in order to ensure that she could stay alive longer, she did not hesitate to go hysterical, offering her service to cook or provide sexual favors and other such silly propositions.

Xia Fei gazed over at Phantom and asked if he could just end this woman’s life. Phantom gave a slight nod, and Xia Fei dealt the killing blow, severing her head off without a hint of remorse.

How this mess ended up with three bodies, perhaps there would be no way for anyone out there to guess what had actually happened.

Xia Fei got up and searched the corpses. Phantom frowned as he asked, “What are you doing?”

Xia Fei chuckled. “Since they’re already dead, I’m gonna see if they have anything good on them. It’s not like they have any use for those.”

Phantom originally wanted to stop Xia Fei, since they were all people from his discipleship at the end of the days, but after carefully considering Xia Fei’s words, he saw the pointlessness in leaving what they had in this cave as burial props, so he decided to just let Xia Fei off this time.

The young man’s three-pronged blade was fairly well-made, and its ability to so easily pierce someone’s combat suit right into their heart was a testament to just how sharp the blades were.

Xia Fei picked up the blade and inspected it in his hand. Looking at the silvery shine, he could vaguely feel a creeping chill from it.

The shape of the blade was very weird. The triangular blade had blood grooves on each side, it looked quite foolish yet was extremely sharp. Furthermore, these grooves allowed copious amounts of blood to flow out upon stabbing someone with it, leaving behind a triangular wound that was very hard to heal.

“This is the unique Lifeseeker Tri-dagger. It’s a weapon that is hard to obtain in my discipleship. Getting stabbed by this will quickly make one lose a death-inducing amount of blood. I never thought a vile scoundrel would get hold of such a weapon. Why was sixth brother’s life so tough?” Phantom lamented.

Xia Fei nodded. “Indeed, this dagger is very vicious. To think the Assassins’ sect would possess such a cruel weapon.”

Phantom coldly harrumphed. “We’re killers. We’ll do everything we can to kill our targets. This isn’t even anything; you haven’t seen what’s really ‘cruel’ yet.”

Xia Fei was speechless. A killer’s profession of course revolved around taking lives, and just this Lifeseeker Tri-dagger had opened his eyes to the vastness of the universe. To think that even a small dagger could be so ruthless, he could not help but wonder just how many sales would he be getting if he were to mass-produce it.

Xia Fei pouted. He knew just how protective Phantom was toward his discipleship; he would even likely throw a fit if Xia Fei took such a handy weapon they often carried around to sell for money.

He continued to rifle through their pockets. Since they were out for a training, the weapon they carried would most definitely be worth something.

Getting up and moving next to Phantom, Xia Fei moved to retrieve some things for Phantom to look over.

“What are these?” Xia Fei asked.

Phantom glanced at them once before casually responding, “These three plates are the ID that everyone holds. They’re required to show it when trying to enter some of the important areas in the sect, so it’s useless to you. Those black pills are used for healing the body and spirit in case of accidental injuries. The rest are just weapons, most of them hidden. All of them put together are hardly worth that Heartseeker Tri-dagger you’re holding.”

Xia Fei nodded, keeping everything for later, unconcerned about their inherent value. This was especially the case for the exquisite hidden weapons Xia Fei collected, which had greatly piqued his interest. There was a metal cylinder that had thirty-six metal needles hidden within; a light push of the mechanism would cause them all to shoot out in every direction.

Such hidden weapons were useless for a speed user like Xia Fei who could achieve a speed of 4000m/s. He was completely able to get rid of them without breaking a sweat, but any ordinary human would lose their life facing such a weapon.

Xia Fei squatted down and dragged the three corpses with his hands, causing Phantom to frown and ask once more, “What are you doing now? Just let their bodies waste away in peace here.”

Xia Fei softly said, “There’s an old saying on Earth: ‘Peace can only be attained when the body returns to soil.’ Since this man is your sect brother, I ought to give him a proper burial.”

Phantom was stunned, so moved that he could not find the right words to say. He thought that Xia Fei was only doing this because he had much respect for his discipleship; as a result, his view of Xia Fei instantly improved by quite a bit.

However, what Phantom did not know was that Xia Fei felt that there were still plenty of Assassins out there, and these three had left plenty of their tracks during this entire incident; he, thus, needed to hide their bodies as quickly as possible in order to prevent others from misunderstanding that he was the one who had taken the lives of these three here. He merely wanted to cover his tracks by burying any evidence and was definitely not doing so out of any noble intentions like what Phantom had been led to believe.

Suddenly, Xia Fei keenly heard a series of footsteps coming from the cave entrance, sounding as if there were at least five people heading his way.

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