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Chapter 222 - White Snake Pearl

Chapter 222: White Snake Pearl

The situation turned dire, with Darkshadow from the side and the silver giant python underneath. As the two powerful foes came barreling right for Xia Fei, he roared in a hoarse yet booming voice, “Thunderfury!”

Deep creases appeared on Phantom’s forehead. He knew very well what the word ‘Thunderfury’ meant.

This was the tier-3 combat technique of psychokinesis, which was far stronger than Demon Axe.

Psychokinesis required mental energy to sustain, and using a skill well beyond his personal strength would deplete all of Xia Fei’s mental energy at once.

There was only one result following such a situation, and that was for the user to perish together with their foes.

“Either of you can forget about living if I won’t.’ Xia Fei yelled with much conviction in his head. Having already gone completely deranged, he was now disregarding the consequences of his action and what it would cost him.

The eighteen-disk blades gathered to form together in the air, and like a sun that had suddenly appeared in midair, the piercing glare shone so brightly in the cave it appeared to be midday.

Darkshadow immediately recognized that this was Xia Fei putting his life on the line. Actually, his focus was entirely on hearing just what Xia Fei had to say with regard to his ‘stolen techniques’ remark and not on attacking Xia Fei. It was simply due to Darkshadow hounding him so hurriedly, and adding to the appearance of that fearsome silver giant python in the water, that Xia Fei’s warrior spirit was evoked. Having sensed that he was in a desolate situation, ignoring everything else, Xia Fei unleashed his most powerful move.

Everything was as a result of his warrior instinct. He did not even give in to a moment’s hesitation.

Celestial Moon was akin to a bottomless pit, rapidly drawing Xia Fei’s mental energy. That ball of light was glowing brighter by the second in the air. It was so much so that a layer of mist began to drift on the surface of the lake due to the rise in temperature.

A careful observant would discover that the light Celestial Moon was giving off was a result of all the disk blades, which were presently in a single pile, rotating at an unimaginable speed that dazzling sparks formed from the vigorous friction between them.

Fortunately, Celestial Moon was a top weapon among weapons in terms of quality. Most weapons would be torn to shreds on the spot, unable to withstand such a powerful combat technique in play.

This was Thunderfury, the powerful tier-3 combat technique of psychokinesis.

It had its pros and cons; everything in the universe was about balance, and while there was no doubt just how strong Thunderfury was, it took some time to unleash the move due to how much mental energy needed to be gathered.

Before Xia Fei’s suicidal attack struck, both Darkshadow and that silver giant python made their moves.

The silver giant python intensified its attacks after experiencing a moment of shock and hesitation. It unhinged its jaws wide and sucked in plenty of lakewater into its stomach, prepared to attack Xia Fei from range with a water cannon blast.

Conversely, Darkshadow promptly sped up, dashing sideways toward that silver giant python. It was unknown when a blood-red beam of light had appeared in his hand. Raising his right arm high in the air, he seemed about to shoot the giant python with that beam of light.

Xia Fei did not miss seeing everything that transpired. “Could Darkshadow’s target not be me but that giant python?”

The two men and one beast formed a three-way fight, with each having their own tricks that could be unleashed at any time. The situation was extremely critical.

Leaving Xia Fei just ten thousandth of a second to react.

He made his decision in the shortest timeframe whether he should unleash the full force of Thunderfury and die together with Darkshadow as well as the silver giant python or use half of it on just the python.

“No—” Phantom was from the Assassins, so he was of course very familiar with his second sect senior. He could tell at a glance that Darkshadow was about to execute his most powerful move, Bloodthirsty Neon, on that silver giant python.

Thus, he hurriedly called in an attempt to stop Xia Fei from unleashing Thunderfury and bringing devastation upon himself and his enemies.

Unfortunately, Phantom only managed to get out the one word before Xia Fei’s Thunderfury was unleashed.

Xia Fei, Darkshadow, and the silver giant python all made their attacks at the same time.

The python’s water cannon was shot right at Xia Fei, while Xia Fei and Darkshadow both directed their attacks to the python.

In the sky, a single bolt of lightning crashed down like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.

Darkshadow’s move did not make any sound, and its size was incomparable to the lightning that Xia Fei had conjured, but that blood-red beam of light that was no more than two meters long very accurately plunged right into the python’s heart, inflicting a lethal stab.


This was truly a chaotic battle.

Huge waves came to be on the water surface, while the thunderbolt struck from the sky alongside that deadly blood-red glow.

Darkshadow’s Bloodthirsty Neon immediately penetrated right through that silver giant python, not just piercing its heart but directly splitting it into two halves.

Xia Fei’s Thunderfury was all the more unrestrained. The lightning struck that shot of water the python was spitting, its scalding temperature instantly vaporizing the attack.

The lightning, like a scalpel, continued its way and landed squarely on the python’s head, cutting the serpent’s over-a-hundred-meter-long body in two.

It must be mentioned that this was not the full power Thunderfury could unleash. That moment Xia Fei unleashed the move, he forcefully withdrew more than half of the energy gathered, only hurtling Thunderfury at forty percent.

Had he gone all out, even Darkshadow would have trouble surviving the attack, so what more of its sole target, the python? After all, this was a move of Xia Fei that would essentially exchange his life for the enemy’s.

Phantom’s cry reminded Xia Fei of that. Though it was only one word, it was enough for him and his quick mental reaction.

Thunderfury was not done splitting the giant python, and it continued along its path, untrammeled, right into the heart of the lake, creating a deep gash a hundred meters deep on the rockbed before it stopped.

Because Darkshadow was closer to the giant python, he received a partial impact from the blow, and the energy wave was enough to push him over a hundred meters away.

He clutched onto his chest just above his heart as pain shot through him and urgently searched for any trace of Xia Fei. The old man’s action would have left anyone speechless; to think just a few casual sentences from Xia Fei was enough for the former to put his life on the line just to capture the latter alive.

Xia Fei’s mind was blank, only feeling that his vision was somewhat blurry. The huge mental energy that he had just used left him completely spent. Even using forty percent of Thunderfury greatly exceeded the levels he could endure.

As his body slowly sank into the icy-cold water, Xia Fei wanted to swim himself to the surface, yet his four limbs were numb and not listening to himself.

“Xia Fei, are you alright? Quick, wake up! You’re going to drown if you don’t wake up,” Phantom lamented loudly. Because Xia Fei was no longer biting on that air tube, he started to drown as he sank further.

In contrast, that huge python’s body was slowly floating to the surface from under the water. Xia Fei coincidentally crossed paths with its carcass, and he used the last bit of his will to grab onto it, his final hope.

His arm reluctantly hooked on, and Xia Fei feebly hugged its head. The dazed Xia Fei noticed there seemed to be a very mesmerizing white pearl that was shining non-stop, looking very delicious.

He slightly opened his mouth at the thought and gulped down that pearl.

Unexpectedly, that pearl actually existed, and Xia Fei had swallowed it with that one gulp.

There was no taste to the pearl, and it was akin to eating a slippery jelly. Due to his half-unconscious state, Xia Fei had perceived everything like a dream, unable to differentiate between what was real and otherwise.

All of a sudden, an unmatched energy burst forth from that pearl Xia Fei had just swallowed, throwing his stomach into tumult.

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