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Chapter 234 - Blood Crystal

Chapter 234: Blood Crystal

The two statues had a combat suit and a brutish longsword respectively, and both items possessed the violent and murderous aura that Slaughtershadow had when he was alive.

There were still two other statues that had not yet been destroyed, and who knew what was inside each?

Xia Fei destroyed the third statue with a punch. This time, it contained an exquisite dagger, about his palm’s size with two blood-red gems embedded on each side.

“Blood Crystal!” Phantom was extremely excited.

Xia Fei was slightly shocked, then hastily held it in his hand. “Do you recognize this dagger?”

Phantom nodded. “The dagger is called Blood Crystal. Legend has it that it’s made from a special type of metal and will only reach its maximum attacking power after absorbing sufficient fresh blood. As for how it does that, I can’t say.”

“Absorb fresh blood? This thing absorbs blood?” Xia Fei asked curiously. On the surface, it looked prettier than the usual dagger, but there was not anything out of the ordinary in terms of its craftsmanship. Its edge was not even as sharp as that nameless dagger in his possession. Xia Fei tried dragging it across some rock and saw that it did not even leave behind a scratch, only realizing that the blade did not have an edge after feeling it with his finger.

A blade this blunt could not even be used to kill a chicken, much less a human. What was wrong with this?

Phantom said in a deep voice, “The dagger will only reveal its true strength after absorbing sufficient fresh blood. Currently, it’s just a useless blunt dagger.”

“Can it be any blood?” asked Xia Fei.

“It must be fresh human blood.”

Xia Fei was shocked. Who would have thought that such a harmless-looking, elegant, little dagger needed to feed on human blood? He had not heard of anything so violent and murderous.

He then took a look at the metal plate that came with it, on which Slaughtershadow wrote: ‘This dagger is as evil as it gets; Blood Crystal was forged by our ancestors. It lives solely to drink blood. The stronger the person the blood belongs to, the faster it will reach full strength. Unfortunately, despite all the people I killed in my time, I wasn’t able to revive it.

‘It’s rumored that the day this dagger is revived, skies will dim and oceans will boil. It’s one of my greatest regrets to be unable to witness that happen.’

Xia Fei could not help but furrow his eyebrows after reading this. Slaughtershadow used the word ‘revive’, seemingly treating this tiny dagger as a living being. He was now quite intrigued; why would the word ‘revive’ be used on a piece of metal?

Moreover, according to Slaughtershadow, he had been unable to revive Blood Crystal with his lifelong killings. He was not skeptical about the truth of the statement, only shocked.

It was not hard to tell from Slaughtershadow’s actions that he had been a ruthless person when he was still alive. Even he could not tell how many lives he had taken in his time, yet even someone as murderous as he was could not revive this Blood Crystal, and from this, one could infer the incredible amount of blood that the dagger needed.

The term sea of blood’ suddenly popped into Xia Fei’s mind. Could it be that the dagger required blood as plentiful as the ocean to be revived?

The thought sent shivers down Xia Fei’s spine; even the usually brave him was shocked by the thought of a sea of blood.

“What else do you know about it?” asked Xia Fei.

Phantom shook his head regretfully. “A long time ago, when I was reading through some documents from the sect, I came across a description of the Blood Crystal. I think that this dagger was used by the founding sect master, which was then lost somewhere. The documents also had a picture of the dagger, which was how I recognized it. I didn’t expect for it to end up in the hands of Slaughtershadow.”

Xia Fei felt that Phantom was thinking of something else and said with a smile, “This dagger was given to me by one of your sect elders; don’t even think about asking me to return it to the sect.”

Phantom pouted. Xia Fei had always cared more about money than his life, and anything he found would be his. Unless someone were to forcefully take it away from him, they should not even expect him to hand it over voluntarily.

Deep down, Phantom was an honest man. The thought did cross his mind, but since Slaughtershadow had made it clear that whoever destroyed his statue would inherit his belongings, and Xia Fei just happened to be the brave person who dared destroy the statue, what he had found should belong to him.

Xia Fei holstered Blood Crystal on his waist. This trip to the secret chamber was incredibly rewarding. Be it the combat suit, the violent longsword, or this Blood Crystal, each was more precious than the last. Even more amazingly, all these pieces of equipment had unique characteristics to them. Although they were excessively violent, it still had to depend on who they were used on. If it was on an enemy, Xia Fei still believed that these weapons were not arrogant enough; it would be best if they could shake his enemy to their core.

There was one last statue that had not yet been broken. Xia Fei had no way of knowing what was inside, but needless to say, it should be as violent and murderous as the last three items. Because Slaughtershadow was a murderous person, everything he liked had a brutish aesthetics.

The last statue was him holding a nonexistent bow in his left hand, while he pointed toward the sky with his right hand.

Xia Fei gave the sculpture a good punch, turning it into smithereens.

At this moment something unthinkable happened.

The entire hall started shaking. The passageway outside began to collapse right after the statue fell. The sounds of rocks falling was deafening.

The entire hall was shaking from its foundation as if there was an eleven-magnitude earthquake, making it difficult to stand.

Xia Fei quickly dodged under an alloy support. The supports here were much sturdier than anywhere else and were most likely to survive the catastrophic collapse.

A few moments later, the hall became filled with dust; Xia Fei fortunately managed to survive that horrific earthquake with the help of the alloy support, but the only way out was sealed shut by rubble and he was now stuck in this chamber.

Because of the passing of time, the passageway had become quite brittle. Xia Fei reckoned that he had caused a chain reaction with his incredible punch and was quite bothered by it. He regretted not being gentler.

“Heh, great. You’ve collapsed the only way out. It seems that you have to stay in this cave that nobody knows about,” Phantom jested as there was nothing else he could do in this situation.

Xia Fei waved away the dust with his sleeve. Because this was right in the middle of the mountain, he had to dig through kilometers of rock to leave this place, and that was much easier said than done.

Because of how much of a hurry he was in, Xia Fei was completely unprepared. Forget weapons; he did not even pack food and water. Before he could dig his way out, he would die first from dehydration. It was a dire situation to say the least.

Luckily, Xia Fei was more patient than the average person. Since he was now stuck here, there was no point in sulking, and he would much rather move on from the fact.

He approached the location of the last sculpture to find out what he had trapped himself in the mountain for.

There was a thin book and another silver-metal plate within a reinforced glass.

Xia Fei took a look at the metal piece first to discover it stating: ‘Don’t think that my stuff is easy to come by; you should suffer some for destroying my statutes. You want to get out? Heh, figure that out yourself!’

Xia Fei felt a chill in his heart, ‘Turns out Slaughtershadow is still waiting here for me.’

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