The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1196 - 1196 Randall's Rage!

1196 Randall’s Rage!

Park Sora smiled happily and said, “Alright! I’ll go get the champagne now!”

Park Sora walked out of the private room. However, there was no smile on Jordan’s face.

Jordan was very cautious when he heard the heavy news.

“Who told you that Randall isn’t a golden mutant?”

Rong Bingshao replied, “My goddess, the female guardian of the Immortal Lake! Didn’t she ask me to come and work for you? I knew that you would have to fight Randall sooner or later, so I wanted to know what Randall’s golden superpower is in advance.

“So I asked the female guardian of the Immortal Lake, but she said that Randall was not a golden mutant at all. Golden mutants were rare in the world. She knew all the golden mutants that had appeared, and Randall is not one of them. You don’t think a goddess who can pluck lightning with her bare hands would lie to me, do you? Are you so certain your uncle wouldn’t lie?”

Jordan sighed. He had never seen the so-called female guardian of the Immortal Lake. As such, he could not even guarantee that there was such a powerful woman.

However, he had long suspected that Randall was not a golden mutant.

Jordan said, “Actually, I’ve always had doubts about my uncle’s mutant powers. Not only did he not reveal his golden superpower, but he never used it even in important battles. It doesn’t make sense. Previously, when we worked together to kill Shaun, the way he dealt with him was just an ordinary human attack. He didn’t use any offensive ability.

“In such an important battle, he didn’t even reveal his strength. It’s really suspicious.

“However, I personally saw him jump down from a building dozens of stories high with Victoria in his arms. The two of them were not injured at all. This is definitely not something an ordinary person can do. Even I, who was injected with the Mirakuru serum, might not be able to do this while carrying a person.”

Rong Bingshao thought for a moment and said, “That means that he’s not a complete liar. He did enter the Immortal Lake to obtain talent, but it’s definitely not at the golden level. The female guardian of the Immortal Lake won’t lie to me. Perhaps Randall is at the purple level?

“Purple is useless. Victoria is purple. Women like men they can look up to and not men on the same level as them. You are golden while he is purple. Victoria will definitely choose you!”

However, Jordan was still thinking about this problem on his face. He said, “Victoria is not a fool.”

Puzzled, Rong Bingshao asked, “What do you mean?”

Jordan looked out of the window and said, “Victoria has been working hard in society for so many years. She interacts with many top-notch men every day. She has very good observation and judgment when it comes to men. She can definitely tell if a man has money, strength, or background.

“If Randall didn’t show his true strength, Victoria wouldn’t be attached to him like a little girl. Besides, do you think those from the Mutant Tribe are all fools?”

Rong Bingshao also frowned and thought carefully about this matter. “That’s true. The people of the Mutant Tribe are all arrogant and smart. They won’t submit to someone weaker than them. It seems like Randall is quite capable. He has the ability to make these people believe that he’s a golden mutant.

“But now that we know that he has a fake golden talent, we can expose him. You are a golden mutant. In this way, the Mutant Tribe will collapse on its own. You can easily replace your uncle and become the leader of the Mutant Tribe! At that time, not only will Victoria return to your side, but those Mutants might also listen to your orders!”

Rong Bingshao’s idea was indeed not bad.

However, Jordan could not take the initiative to expose Randall and take him down from his high and mighty position as the chief. He could not snatch everything he had now.

Seeing that Jordan did not appear to be excited at all, Rong Bingshao said, “Don’t tell me you don’t like Victoria anymore and don’t want her to return to your side? That’s understandable. She’s already with your uncle. Why do you want her back? I know some of you men are very traditional and don’t like second-hand goods.

“However, for me, if I really like someone, I wouldn’t care about these things, especially since the two of you have such a deep history together. It’s such a romantic and great love. Victoria is now a purple mutant. Even if she doesn’t fall in love, staying by your side will be very helpful.”

At this moment, Park Sora had already walked in with three champagne glasses.

Jordan took one and said, “Rong Bingshao, no matter what, this information of yours is very important to me. Welcome. Cheers.”


At the same time, Randall, who had been looking forward to Lincoln’s situation, received very bad news.

Seeing that Lincoln and Park Sora had not returned for a long time and that he could not contact them, he asked Yumi to quietly go over and inquire about their situation.

Yumi had just told Randall that Lincoln was dead while Park Sora had betrayed Jordan.

“Ah! Why is this happening!”

Randall, who had just finished the call, suddenly flew into a rage and overturned everything on the table. On the other side of the room, Victoria was wearing a slim-fitting gown and practicing calligraphy.

Victoria put down her pen and slowly walked over. “Randall, what’s wrong?”

Knuckles white, Randall pressed his hands on the table and was furious. “Jordan killed Lincoln and almost killed Park Sora. Park Sora is now part of Jordan’s team.”

Victoria was shocked. “What? Lincoln is dead? How could that be… Didn’t they bring gifts? If they only asked him about the mutants, even if Jordan was angry, he wouldn’t have asked someone to kill them.”

Randall punched a hole in the table angrily as well. “I knew it long ago. Ever since you became my woman, Jordan has always been resentful. He’s always blamed me for snatching his woman! But, Victoria, we both know that we’re innocent and didn’t do anything to let him down! The time we spent together was clearly after you broke up with her. He didn’t want you, so we got together.

“However, in the eyes of Jordan and his subordinates, we’ve become a b*stard who snatched his nephew’s woman and a shameless woman who slept with both uncle and nephew! Do you think that’s fair?”

Randall’s callous words instantly made Victoria angry because his words were very powerful, causing everything in the room to faintly shake!

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