The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1197 - 1197 Jordan Is Here!

1197 Jordan Is Here!

Sensing her emotional fluctuations, Randall didn’t try to calm her down. Instead, he continued.

“He must have killed Lincoln because he hated you for being with me. Lincoln died because of us! Victoria, we can’t pretend this never happened. We owe Lincoln!”

In fact, ever since joining the Mutant Tribe, Lincoln had always been very respectful to Victoria. There were some small matters that he was willing to do for her.

As such, it was no surprise that Victoria had a good impression of Lincoln. She was sad when she found out about his death. Randall’s words implied that Lincoln’s death happened because Jordan hated Victoria. Victoria felt even more guilty.

At the same time, the anger in her heart intensified.

Victoria was curious. “Lincoln is a black-level mutant. It’s impossible for Jordan can’t kill him alone. How did he die?”

Randall said, “Jordan has so many subordinates and mutants. He must have swarmed forward and killed Lincoln with high-tech weapons!”

Victoria snorted. “So many people bullying one, how infuriating!”

Randall sighed as well. “Sigh, I didn’t expect Jordan to be so ruthless. I clearly asked Lincoln to bring a gift, but Jordan… This kid is really getting more and more outrageous. He no longer has me as his uncle in his heart. He’s already completely provoking me and the Mutant Tribe!

“Victoria, now that things have come to this, I can’t care about the uncle and nephew relationship anymore. I have to have a good talk with him! Are you willing to go with me to find Jordan?”

Victoria could tell that Randall was heartbroken about losing Lincoln. It was obvious that he wanted to seek an explanation from Jordan for this incident.

In fact, the uncle and nephew might even start a war in the end!

Victoria asked, “You mean… you want me to attack Jordan?”

After all, Victoria and Jordan had sworn an oath to each other. Although the two of them had some misunderstandings and emotional entanglements, Victoria could not really do anything to each other.

Randall knew Victoria’s feelings for Jordan as well. He said, “Victoria, you can control other people’s thoughts. This ability doesn’t have to hurt people. It can also help others. Jordan is becoming more and more extreme in his behavior since he lost you. I think you can change his mind and make him recognize his mistake instead of continuing to be wrong. Don’t worry. Jordan is my nephew. I won’t really fight him no matter what.”

Victoria thought about it and said, “Alright, Lincoln died because of me. I can’t pretend that nothing happened. I’ll go with you to see Jordan, hoping that he’ll realize his mistake.”

Randall revealed a smug smile. “Alright, let’s set off immediately!”


As soon as Jordan returned to his villa, he realized that Lionel was already waiting in front of a car.

As soon as Jordan got out of the car, Lionel ran over immediately, “Mr. Steele, you’re finally back! Something happened. Victoria and Randall are coming to the capital!

“As you know, Victoria was restricted from entering the capital, but this time, she violated the agreement between us. We have used many methods to stop them, but the effect is not very good. Their desire to come to the capital this time seems very strong! I’m afraid that Victoria came to the capital to use her special ability to control the people in the capital. If that’s the case, then it would be terrible!”

Jordan was shocked too, “Victoria is in the capital?”

However, after being surprised, it was easy to understand after thinking about it carefully.

He had killed Lincoln and Park Sora had joined him. Randall would definitely not sit still this time. It was reasonable for him to drag Victoria to settle scores with him.

Jordan said, “Don’t panic. They’re here for me, not to cause trouble.”

Lionel anxiously said, “Even so, we can’t withstand Victoria’s heaven-defying ability!”

Jordan knew what Lionel was worried about. After all, this was his job. “Team Leader Lionel, you don’t have to be so flustered. What’s important is not the capital city, but the people in the city. While the city cannot be moved, people can move. Do you know what I mean?”

Lionel nodded. “Alright, then we’ll leave the capital immediately. However, Randall and Victoria suddenly violated the agreement and charged into the capital so aggressively to seek trouble with you. I’m afraid they’re going to harm you, Mr. Steele! You must not be captured by them. If you fall into their hands, it will be a huge loss for us!”

Jordan smiled. “Don’t worry. They’re no match for us. Leave in peace. I’ll inform you personally when the matter here is resolved.”

Lionel took a step forward and said, “Alright, then Mr. Steele, please take care. If you need any weapons or manpower, please contact me at any time!”

After Lionel left, Park Sora went forward and said, “It didn’t take much effort to come here. We were just about to look for them and expose Randall’s true colors! Now, they came knocking on our door.”

Rong Bingshao also appeared in a flash and said, “Are Randall and Victoria coming? That’s a good thing. Let’s deal with them in the capital. This way, I can report to the female guardian of the Immortal Lake.”

Jordan knew that since Rong Bingshao had just joined him, he must have wanted to do something to show off. If there was a chance, he would kill Randall without hesitation and even attack Victoria.

Jordan said, “Rong Bingshao, leave first. Don’t come out unless I call you.”

“Roger that!”

In an instant, Rong Bingshao slipped into the villa and rushed to Lauren’s room.


Lauren shouted in shock.

Seeing Rong Bingshao again, Lauren retreated in fear. Just as she was about to shout, Rong Bingshao suddenly knelt down in front of Lauren.


“Mrs. Steele! I’m sorry! I’ve disturbed you!”

Rong Bingshao knelt and apologized.

Lauren was puzzled. “Mr. Rong, you…”

Rong Bingshao raised his head and said with a smile, “I’ve already submitted to Deity Jordan. I’ll be Mrs. Steele’s subordinate in the future. If there’s anything you need, you can tell me.”

Lauren heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh my god, really? That’s great. It’s great that you two can reconcile. Now, the world will be at peace. Get up quickly. Your status is so noble. I don’t dare to let you kneel to me.”

With that, Lauren personally helped Rong Bingshao up.

Actually, Lauren was a well-mannered young lady with an excellent temperament. In addition, she was polite to others. Rong Bingshao liked her very much and had never thought of hurting her. Otherwise, he would have attacked her when he caught her.

After Rong Bingshao stood up, he smiled and said, “Mrs. Steele, you’re wrong. The world is going to be in chaos soon.”

“What do you mean?” Lauren asked in confusion.

Rong Bingshao smirked. “Randall brought Victoria to the capital. Even missiles couldn’t stop them. Do you think they’re here to have tea with Mr. Jordan?”

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